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Good free guitar amp simulator software?

I am looking for free software that can be used as a guitar amp, I intend to use this so I can play it through my TV speakers and through my headset if I need to be quiet for any reason. What I need is a piece of software that will play my guitar through the chosen sound output, I am looking for one with as many effects and settings as possible.

Also, it doesn't need it but if the software can also record and make songs it would be that much better.

Posted by Tsmith
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Amp Simulator

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Question about Behringer UCG102 Guitar-to-USB interface?

Would it be safe to connect it to an amplifier and record the amp rather than plugging it straight into the guitar? If not, are there any good amp simulators I can install for Audacity?

Posted by AnonymousJohn
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The UCG102 was designed to be exactly what it says it is – a guitar to USB interface. The UCG102 is expecting a low level audio signal. IF you have not already done so, you need to thoroughly read and understand the User Manual – Http://…

Behringer recommends using this device with Native Instruments software for guitar and I concur that is the best sounding computer software for the guitar. Http://…

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Can You Plug Electric Guitar Directly into Audio Interface?

And use amp simulator software? Will this sound good? Good way to spend money?
The computer (obviously) is in between.

Posted by Michael
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You need a guitar-to-USB interface like this one:


Good luck.

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