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Can I use a solid state head on what would normally be a tube amp cabinet? *bass guitar*?

I'm about to buy a Sunn 2×15 cabinet, which would normally use a tube head. I own a Gallien Krueger 700RB head already, and was wondering if they would be compatible. The Sunn amp is 300 watts and 8 ohms, while the GK head is a 480 Watt bi-amp head. Info on the compatibility between the two would be great! Thanks.

Posted by Grant
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The cabinet doesn't care. As long as the impedance is correct and the power rating is adequate, then it doesn't matter if the amp is tube or solid state.

Greetings from Austin, Tx

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What are some great, budget tube and solid state guitar amp heads?

I'm planning on buying a amp head and cabinet in the near future and I want to spend somewhere between the 600 to 700 dollar range total. I've been told tube amps are better than solid state but I heard that you need to replace the tubes every so often and that's a big investment. I also heard hybrid amps are a viable option, but how do you know which one's are hybrids? I'm looking for something that's gig-worthy.

I'm so lost when it comes to amplifiers! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Posted by Connorclr
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Everyone has their opinions about solid state and tube, I personally only buy tube amps but to each his own. The Blackstar HT-40 would probably be one of my fist choices, but the VOX AC15 is a good choice and there are a few Fender tube amps in that price range also. I think you would really like the Blackstar, great amp.


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Can i use a tube amp head with a solid state regular guitar amp?

I was wondering if i were to buy a tube amp head could i plug it into a regular guitar amp like one with its own knobs and stuff (i think its called combo? I dont know all the technical stuff) instead of buying a cabinet?

Posted by Sid Vicious
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Only if the combo has a 'speaker in' socket. Some do some dont. My Fender combo has a cable that can be unplugged to 'free up' the 'speaker in' socket for this purpose. Have a look at youre combo to see if u have one. Make sure you match the impedance the new head will probably have a switch for 4 or 8 ohms.

You could modify an amp without this socket fairly easily.

If there is something u dont like about your combo then beware, as the speaker itself affects your tone more than people think.



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