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How can I break my amp head and have waranty replace it?

Well I bought this amp head at guitar center used and I don't like it at all. It's a marshall mg100hfx andi want to know if I can damage it anyway so that they may replace it for me. I know it sounds rotten of me but if you had this amp head you would understand. I have the fixit warranty and I tried returning it but they gave me this "all sales are final" bs on used items. I would sell it on eBay but noone likes these amps that much to purchase them on eBay. Can anyone give me advice without trying to insult me?

Posted by Luis Perez
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That's a tough one man. If you damaged the amp they would probably just have it repaired since it is used. So then you would be stuck with the same amp but probably have to do without it for a few weeks. GC is a horrible place to do business. I love to window shop there but I will never, ever buy another guitar from that place. If you would have gone to a local shop they would have most likely either gave you a refund or at least gave you store credit to get a different amp. This is exactly what you get when dealing with GC…sorry. I'd try trading it at a locally owned shop and see what they will offer you. The 2 stores I deal with will give me close to what I paid for something when I trade up on something else.

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Spending too much on first guitar and amp?

Okay, so I would love to learn to play the guitar, but one problem: since I'm 16 and my parents would not like me to get a job so I can focus on school, I have a pretty tight budget. I have about $600 that I have from Christmas till now, from saving allowance, Christmas money, and cashing the money from the piggy bank that I've been filling for quite some time now.

Equipment I plan to get:
Fender FM 25 DSP Frontman Combo Amp $129.99
Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Special $179.99
& additional accessories (tuner, cable, string cleaner, capo, etc).

I have calculated this (I like to plan things out before doing anything) to be around $388 from GuitarCenter, not including tax. Is this an unreasonable amount to spend? Yes, I would like to learn more than anything, but I am hesitant to spend so much. I might get a job this summer or for senior year, but at this point, I do not know for sure, and I want to make sure I have enough for college. What do you think? I'm already set that I want to start with electric. I'm afraid acoustic will discourage me, and the genres I am interested in are strictly electric. Thanks for reading my block of text.

Posted by Girl
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I would say you are buying a lot of crap, and I know, because I have bought a lot of crap in my life.

I would buy – I have bought, the VOX DA5. Yes, it's only 5 watts, but it is loud enough for practice or playing with others. And, I think if it is on sale it is a bit cheaper. You might want to splurge and get the 15 watt model. Whereas the Fender FM is crap, the VOX is actually a decent amp that can maintain it's value.

If you want lots of effects, you might try the Peavey Vyper, at 15 watts. It is a great way to learn about all the effects, kind of sucks, better than fender, not as good as the VOX.

The guitar – that's a tough one. I am more partial to the Dean cheap guitars, like the Vendetta XM. However, you can go to Guitar center and play them and see what you like. If you like the sound of the telecaster, then get it. The Telecaster has a particular sound so it is sort of limited. But $179 seems way too much for a squire. They often go on sale, and they are not particularly good guitars. One could get any cheap guitar in that price range, like and Ibanez, which are more of a favorite of the metal heads. One thing to think about is if you are going to learn lead guitar, then the telecasters and strats have single coils, which means they will be very noisy. As to the tuner, some amps have built in tuners. You don't need a capo or string cleaner, but you will need a strap. Check out the bin at the front of the store for cheap straps.

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What is a good guitar amp head for about 400$?

I've been playing guitar for about 6 years on a mini practice amp(line 6 spider iii 15 watt) and i wanted to upgrade but i can't spend buckets of money on it. Can you name a few good heads in that price range and put a small reviews about them?


Posted by Doggy
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Personally, i would look on ebay. You will get a GREAT deal on second-hand stuff that will meet your budget. Don't think that because the prices are low, there is something wrong with the product. Most sellers need the cash for school or for whatever reason and want to lower the price to make a quick sale.

Check on ebay. Do yourself a favour. I bought tons of stuff and not once, did I get a bump deal.

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