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What is are some good electric guitar brands. What are good amps.?

Preferably the guitar should be under $50

Posted by Courtney
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Hello there,

First off, I suggest to everyone that there first guitar should be a used guitar. You can get a better quality guitar for the same money you will spend on an inexpensive new lower quality guitar. The same goes for the amp. You can get a really good amp for the price of a new small practice amp.

In general there are two major lines of guitars common in rock. The Les Paul and the Stratocaster. There are many variations on the Les Paul. Some have a slightly different body shape. But they all have the 24 3/4 inch Gibson scale length neck and 2 humbucking pickups. Most have a fixed bridge. The other line is the Strat clones and there are even more variations of Strat than the Les Paul. Those have the Fender 25 1/2 inch scale neck and a double cut away body. Most have a tremolo bridge. Pickup arrangements vary greatly.

Les Paul style guitars. The best are Gibson and then Epiphone (by Gibson) are less expensive. There are various others. Strat style. Of course there is the Fender and the Squier (by Fender), a less expensive line. Yamaha, Peavey, Washburn and Ibanez also make Strat style guitars in the beginner price range. My advice is if you like the Les Paul, look for a good used Epiphone Les Paul. Preferably the Standard or Studio, and not the Special. If you like the Strat, look for a used Fender made in Mexico, or a Squier Standard. The Squier Bullet and Affinity are too cheaply made for my tastes. Also the older Peaveys were made in the USA and are very good. If you can find an 80s vintage Squier, those are great. They were made in Japan and Korea. Those 80s Squiers are so much better than the ones being made in China and Indonesia currently. Ibanez makes some great guitars, but I am not a fan of their lower end guitars. The RG series is very good, but costs a little more.

Amps are important. Plan of making this a significant part of your budget. Most beginners underestimate the importance of the amp and speakers in their sound. A great guitar played through a lousy amp or lousy speakers sounds lousy. A mediocre guitar played through a good amp and good speakers sounds decent. I suggest you stay away from the starter packages. The small practice amps, no matter what brand, have lousy speakers that make you sound thin and tinny. Look for a good deal of a used 1×12 from Peavey, Crate, Vox, Fender, Marshall or Line 6. I have never seen a bad speaker in a 1×12 combo from any of those brands. Also they are all commonly available. A combo amp means the speaker and the amplifier are in the same cabinet. 1×12 means there is one 12 inch speaker. You may see a used 2×12 in your price range. I see them sell used sometimes cheaper than new practice amps. They are so much better. No matter whether you are playing in a band or just playing in your room for your own enjoyment, you want to sound good. You will sound better on a good amp.

Also, get an electronic tuner. They make life so much easier.


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Are all electric guitars compatible with all amps?

I kneed to know because my mom is getting me an electric guitar for my birthday. The guitar doen't come with an amp and my mom thinks that the guitar will only work with a specific amp. I know there is a difference with bass and acoustic amps, so don't answer saying that. Please help!
Edit, need not kneed
Oh, and it's a First Act guitar, and I don't have it yet.
But I need an affordable amp, $40 is about maximum.

Posted by VML
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Any guitar will work with any guitar amp, to a certain extent.

Bass guitars will not work with guitar amps – they'll blow em. Guitars can plug into bass amps and will not damage them under any circumstances. The only reason why you may not want to get a bass amp is that bass amps aren't designed to provide the proper voicing or gain for a normal guitar's frequencies… Not saying that's necessarily a bad thing, but in general a guitar will sound better through a guitar amp than a bass amp.

The only times I can think of a guitar not working with a guitar amp is if the guitar has an output that isn't compatible with the input of a guitar amp… Most guitar amps won't like a full-spectrum signal, line level signal, or … Well, anyways, things that you probably won't need to worry about any time soon. You'd know about it if you had the guitar.

I will say that 40$ won't get you much of an amp. There are a few battery-powered amps you might be able to get for that much. I won't say that Line 6 is underrated – it's incredibly overrated and if you had any kind of an ear you'd agree – but it is moderately affordable and can do a lot of different things for a decent price.


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What electric guitar/amp should i buy?

I'm planing to buy an electric guitar buy I have no idea on what brand I should get. I want to play songs by bands like : The Fall of Troy, Saosin etc.

What guitar do you recommend? And also what amp or effects should I get? I'm not looking for something super expensive because i just play for fun and i dont really play in gigs. But im not looking for something that's really cheap either.
By the way. I already have an acoustic and i know how to play it. And i can already play some of the songs i want on my friends electric (stratocaster). So im playing to buy my own :)

Posted by Carlo T
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Be careful while buying a electric guitar.

First,you are a beginner,no one will teach you electric guitar.You should learn acoustic first.If you are so desperate about electric guitar,then ask your teacher.He will so NO obviously because you cant start off with electric guitar.

And the amplifier,if you want to play songs you will be needing an amplifier with distortion feature.With out distortion you wont get a sound of the guitar which rocks.Just buy an amp,which has distortion.it is best but it is costly though.

So,its not really easy to play songs as a beginner.it takes 2 months depending on your penetration into the music.

All the best.

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