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What are amp heads??

Can you get amps without them??

Posted by mitchattitude
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Amp Heads are the amp themselves. You can get a speaker cabinet, a amplifier or a combo. If you get a cabinet, you will need some sort of amplifier to translate the sound from the guitar pickups to the speaker cabinet. If you get a combo, that contains both a speaker and an amplifier. So, no, you can't get an amp without an amp head.

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Amp heads?

What does ohm mean and what is it? Plus if an amp head is 4 ohm could i plug it into a p.a. System without ruining anything?

Posted by Guitarplayer_t
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The ohm is the electric resistance between two points of an electrical conductor. After this, it gets into talking about electricity and current travel, and I think your eyes may glaze over in total boredom while reading it, as it becomes much more than most people (even musicians) are willing to read about.

In your situation, the only thing you need to know is what ohmage the speaker cabinet needs to be to plug into the amp without overloading the amp's output or the speaker cabinet's input.

Ask a knowledgeable salesperson at a guitar store about this…don't leave it up to your friends knowing about it (unless they actually know what they're talking about).
If you use the wrong equipment, it can do damage to it after working improperly for a long period of time. This is why equipment malfunctions.

You cannot plug an amp head straight into a P.A. I don't recommend that at all, unless you want to buy more equipment after it blows up (it just pops and smoke comes out, it's not like a bomb going off) and stops working altogether.

The most common way to get the amplifier sound through the P.A. Is by miking the speaker cabinet that the amp head sits on top of.

Often, the cabinet is miked with a Shure SM57 microphone on a small microphone stand that is close to the floor. Those are the most popular guitar cabinet mikes and are available at every music store worth walking into. The SM57 is used worldwide on most live guitar rigs.

Running the amp direct through the direct out will usually sound too "fuzzy" and not realistic, so, I don't recommend that , either.

Getting a good miked sound is a combination of amp volume ("these go to eleven…") and mic placement on the speaker.

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Amp Heads and Cabinets?????????

I play guitar and I've always had a small amp except when I play onstage and the equipment was there. I want to get a new amp but whats an amp head and cabinet? Can an amp head go on top of any amp? I want a marshall and if you could give me a link to a good marshall under 400 bucks Id really apprecitate it.

Posted by Will
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An amp head is basically an amp, however it isn't meant to be played by itself; it goes together with a cabinet. A cabinet is pretty much a speaker and acts to take the "load" off the head so you can hear your guitar. As far as any amp head going on any cabinet, yes most amp heads are compatible with most cabinets.

If you could provide a little bit more information on what you want to to do with your amp I could recommend some better choices. Do you want a Marshall for on-stage? At home? Small gigs? Also, there's two set-ups when buying an amp; a combo amp and the head-and cabinet. Combo amps are the big fat ones that you normally see people playing with.

Anyways, here's some recommendations in your price range:

Combo Marshall amp – Http://…

Marshall Head – Http://… (This will need a cabinet to go with)

If your willing to spend a few more dollars, this would a overall decent amp for gigs and shows: Http://…

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