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Mixing guitar amp head and Cabinet question..?

I own a line 6 spider IV 150 watt head and am looking for a cabinet to go with it. I'm not in huge need of power because I'm just a hobbyist.
But i was wondering if anybody knows if a Marshall MG412a cabinet would work well with it.
Or if anybody knows if line 6 heads work well with marshall cabs in general.

Posted by Steven
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Hello there,

I am not certain of the output on the Spider IV. I don't have a Spider IV, but I have a Spider II. My guess is they have not changed that aspect. Mine is 75 watts at 8 ohms per channel. You can check your amp, it should say.

To match speaker cabs, you either need one that is wired stereo or you need two cabs (one for each channel). I know the Marshall MG412a is a 4×12 cab that is wired for 8 ohms. I don't think it is switchable to stereo (at least not stock). You can rewire any cab to fit your requirements (may need a speaker change in the cab), but I am guessing you just want a cab you can use without rewiring it. Therefore, you need a cab that is stereo that each channel can handle at least 75 watts at 8 ohms. (do not over look the ohm rating of the speakers).

You may not need a huge amount of power, but you already have it in your amp head. So you will need speakers that can handle that much power.

Some of the better Marshall cabs are have stereo switches. They are more money and the MG412a, but they are also probably better built and probably have better speakers also.

The user reviews for the MG412a at Harmony Central are not glowing. Not what I expect for Marshall products.



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Good amp head for alternative rock/metal?

I've been looking at the marshall tsl 100, and im trying to find a good amp head that would suit alternative rock, but would also be able to be used for metal. Is marshall any good for this?
I dont want a dry crunch sound, something with a good clean heavy gain sound. Also it would be preferable to have a clean channel, and two gain channels.

Posted by Zeke
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Hello there,

I suggest you read the reviews at Harmony Central. That is a good place to get user reviews.


By the way, one thing to keep in mind when you read reviews of this (or any tube amp) is that many folks do not know how to properly use and take proper care of a tube amp. A tube amp is not like a solid state amp. Solid state you just flip the switch and start playing. There is no up keep with a solid state amp either. However, I do not think you can get the same warm tone without the tubes. To me, it is worth the hassle.


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Guitar Amp Help!?

Ok here we go. I'm looking to upgrade amps but have no idea!!!! Do i go for a combo amp? Do i go for a stack or half stack? I have a ESP LTD Viper 50. I play Hard rock, rock, punk and lots of brtish rock. I have just established a band and we are looking to play small gigs ect. I have about 700-1000 AUD roughly i really need help.

Posted by Blythe D
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I'd have to disagree with going with the stack. There are several points you should look at before deciding on either but:
Ok I’ll give you that fixing a blown tube in the head is easier than lugging the entire combo amp to a shop to get it fixed, that's the only disadvantage of the combo.
•Transporting is a lot easier with a combo amp, and not at all with a stack.
•Volume is very important, and so is power, and you can find a great mix of both is some fender tube combo amps like the Hot Rod Deville and the Hot Rod Deluxe. I've played both stacks and combos, and unless you've got a $6000 Marshall. Hiwatt or Mesa Boogie stack, it really isn't worth it investing into some cheaper versions.
•If you like British Rock, then look at Vox amps. They are almost exclusively combo amps, but all tube driven and packing a lot of volume and tone.
•The next thing is price. A great combo amp will cost less than a great stack. So if you're willing to spend $1000 let's say, you'll get a lot more bang out of a good combo amp, than an ok stack for the money.

I guess my best advice is to look at each individual amp model instead of breaking them up into combo and stack categories. (You'll probably find that there is more than one great amp available as either stack or combo)
Whatever you decide, try it out in a music store before you buy it. (I’ve made the mistake of purchasing an amp based on online reviews and ads in the past; poor choice.)

I hope this helped. Good Luck!

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