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Need advice on a begginer practice guitar amp?

I am a begginer guitar player and was wondering wether I should get this amp here Http://www.humbuckermusic.com/orcrpix20l… or would I find a better deal at a pawn shop for the same price or less. If it helps im will be using an epiphone sg-310 with a seymour duncan hot rodded humbucker set, sh-2 at the neck and sh-4 at the bridge I believe. Thanks

Here is the link again: Http://www.humbuckermusic.com/orcrpix20l…

Posted by Ghost
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Hello again,

At your other question you asked about minimum power needed. The amount of power you need will depend on what your plans are for the amp. If you will be playing at home and maybe using the amp for lessons, then you do not need a lot of power. If you will be playing with friends when you get together, you need a little more, say around 30 watts. If you plan to play in a band and use this amp, you will need even more power. How much more depends on how loud your band is, the type of music you will play and the size of the venues at which you will play. Most likely, that will be around 100 watts.

Because I suggested a 12 inch speaker, you will need enough power to drive a larger speaker. Most folks know you can damage a speaker with too much power from the amp and blow the speakers. Not everyone realizes you can damage a speaker with too little power from the amp. 30 watts is about the minimum power on 1×12 combos. At least I cannot think of any lower powered 1×12 combos off hand. Maybe some out there I forgot about.

If you are just playing by yourself to learn and maybe playing with a friend ocassionally, 30 watts is just fine. If you are thinking of using this in a band that does not play metal and is not especially loud, a 50 to 75 watt 1×12 would be fine.

I played for years on a 1966 Fender Bandmaster. That is a 40 watt amp head with a 2×12 speaker cab. That was loud enough for where we played, mostly parties and dances. The old Fender tube amps seemed louder. Don't know exactly why. But that amp was all I needed for playing rock. I later picked up a second speaker cab and had an engineer wire the rig up so I could run both speaker cabs. I did not have any more power, just the 40 watts the amp kicked out, but I pushed more air. Maybe that is why it seemed so loud. By the way, back then I never played in a metal band, just rock and acid rock.


Hello again,
A while back you asked about an Marshall amp and an Orange amp. I want to add my 2 cents worth on those. Don't like either. That Marshall amp just does not have the true Marshall sound. I have a vintage Marshall Lead there is no comparison. Most of the newer MG series I do not care for at all. The little Orange amp you listed will not give you the true Orange sound either. Neither of those amps are very good. They might be sufficent for a young kid, more of a toy than a real instrument. By the way, I gave my 8 year old niece a custom built Strat with Mex Tex pickups and a Line 6 Spider 30 watt 1×12 to learn on. At 8, she is not going to do any gigging. I think you get the picture.


Which guitar amp should i get , plz i need an advice?

Im looking for guitar amplifier that has a good crunch sound ,my budget is around 300 to 600 dollars, since i looking for a guitar amp that i can play in a band to play , i want to play alternative rock like audioslave , 3 doors down , i need help on this on

i need an advice.

Posted by falcon9789
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You'll know it when you play it. Go to a store like Guitar Center and try out different amps. Maybe you can find exactly what you want, or it might also require an effects pedal. You need to do this "hands-on".

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