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Questions and Answers

1970's Fender Twin Reverb guitar amplifier with excessice static!!!?

Alright…so maybe its not excessive, but i wanted to draw you in anyway. So for those of you who know anything about amplifiers, i have a 1970s Fender Twin Reverb which i just got not too long ago. Its a great amp, however when i plug my guitar into it, and turn the volume up past 2, the static gets very annoying. I mean i can still play over it, but especially when im trying to play somethign clean, the static just interfers with the enjoyment of the piece. When i press or hold any metal part of my guitar or the amp the static stops, and i know this is common, im just wondering to what extent i can call normal. I figured that since its plugged into a grounded socket that the static would be reduced but apparently im wrong. So do you think somethigns wrong, or am i just expecting too much?

Posted by egobarren
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It's one of three most likely problems. I'll start with the most obvious:
1) Have you tried a new guitar cord? If the current one has a short in it, this is what it may sound like sometimes.
2) Is the jack on your guitar tight? If it is moving around any it may have began to short the wiring to the pickups and you are hearing the static from the contact of the wires moving around.
3) Check the wiring to the pickups because what you describe sounds as though that at some point the grounding inside the guitar have came undone.

The first two are quick and easy to check but if they aren't the problem, take the guitar to a qualified tech and explain the problem and he will know what to do. Good luck and hope that it's a quick fix for you.

Can i use esp electric guitar with fender amplifier?

I am going to buy esp brand electric guitar and for that i am planning to buy fender mustang amplifier..
Is it good using this amp for esp…?? I mean i am very new to electric guitar though i play well with acoustic guitar… So plz kindly help me… Thank u in advance…

Posted by Radhika
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Of course you can.

It wouldn't be in ANYBODY's interest if a certain brand of guitar only worked with a certain brand of amp.

That would also mean you would need special cables, you couldn't use any pedals or anything like that, you couldn't record the same way… It would be outright stupid.

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