Fender Mustang V

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Questions and Answers

Fender Mustang V vs. Marshall MA5oH?

I'm considering buying a fender Mustang V over the Marshall because it's like 250 € cheaper, but I've enjoyed marshall's sound way more. I'm writing to know if fender's sound is much worse than marshall or if the difference is not that big.

Posted by John
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The Mustang V isn't a bad amp at all for the price, but the biggest difference between the two is the fact that the Mustang V is a computer-chip solid-state amp and effect modeler where the Marshall is a valve amp. You can go anywhere on the internet to read about what sounds the best, but the truth is it depends on what you want. If you want a wide-range of amp modeling and built-in effects I would go with the Fender Mustang. If you want the warmth of a tube amp and plan on doing any effects processing externally with mostly stomp-boxes, go with the Marshall. In the end you're going to be spending more money with a valve amp because it's old technology and you'll have to buy more gear to add effects, so if money is the real issue the Fender Mustang V is your most economical choice for what is offered.

Should I get a Fender Mustang I ?

Is this a good amp for a beginner? Heres the link:

Posted by Earl
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Any amp is a good beginner amp – in a year or two, you'll realize how bloody appalling it is and sell it for a better amp anyway, but yes, a Fender Mustang is an excellent starter amp. Fender, Marshall, or Vox make the best starter amps.

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