Fender Guitar Amplifiers Reviews

Erik Stieg playing Tone Tubbies in a Vibrolux

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Questions and Answers

Do you about the Fender Ultra Chorus Guitar Amp?

Know anything about it?
How much did it go for brand new?

Posted by skask8ter22
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Hi there! The 65-Watt Fender Ultra Chorus Amplifier was produced from 1992 to 1994. The Suggested Retail Price was $650, but I bought mine new for $485. Featuring two channels with separate controls, mono and stereo effects loops, and a very basic but nice-sounding chorus, this seemed to be the ideal choice! It did sound decent on the clean settings, but the drive channel distortion was terrible, worse than what I had experienced on other Fender solid-state amplifiers. Even with the two 12-inch speakers it was not a real powerhouse when it came to either volume level or tone, mainly because of the 65-Watt limitation for each individual channel. I finally replaced mine with a 150-Watt Stage 112SE and an extension cabinet, which has enough volume for most venues. For some other perspectives on the Ultra Chorus, see Http://reviews.harmony-central.com/revie… . Personally, I feel the amplifier is a good choice for playing at home or recording purposes, as long as you use external effects for overdrive or distortion. The lead singer in our band uses an Ultra Chorus for his acoustic guitar at gigs, which seems to work surprisingly well in that capacity! Best regards, Dana.

Fender frontman 15 amplifier?

I have an amp that I dont use anymore since my guitar broke. Im thinking of selling or pawning it. Its in excellent shape. Does anyone know the value of it?

Fender Frontman 15 with reverb.

Posted by touchmynachos
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So your guitar broke and your selling the amp????….

Reviews of the amp

log onto ebay and do an advanced search for your amp and see what it's been going or…

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