Fender Guitar Amplifiers For-Sale

Erik Stieg playing Tone Tubbies in a Vibrolux

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Questions and Answers

How much would you expect to pay for this guitar? Am I charging too much or not enough?


selling for $199, used but in great condition. Anyone know how much one would expect to pay for this? Would just like an accurate price for selling, thankyou :)

Posted by Tilly
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Maybe 125. Cheap item that does NOT hold a tune, essential for playing.

Suggestions for a Guitar Amplifier?

I am a casual electric guitarist, and I really need help looking for a good amp. I've been watching craigslist but there aren't many amps for sale in my area. So I may want to buy it new. I am 13 years old, but I'm probably a better guitarist than what you assume 13 year old level is. I like to play with a clean "misty" sound like Stairway to Heaven and Cliffs of Dover, but I'll crank up the distortion often. I use a Boss Me-70 multi-effects pedal, so I don't need ANY effects. My price range is pretty low because I have a crappy allowance. :( So its under $150. I'll get a solid state amp, tubes are really expensive. Also I would like 30w and up. I was looking at the Fender Frontman 65r. I have a Fender Fat-Strat (Single & humbucker pick ups).


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I dont own a frontman, but i use one at my school for jazz band. It in not the best quality amp. It is ok for clean, but it doesn't have much drive – even with the boost. The Vox valvetronix is a good amp, that is not to expensive, and is a tube hybrid. Line 6 also makes some nice SS amps. If you can find a good deal on the frontman, it might be a good choice, but if not, do some research, and keep checking Craigslist… I buy guitar stuff there all the time.

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