Fender Bass Guitar Amps

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Questions and Answers

Bass guitar amps help!!?

I wanna get one.
I have 800$ budget, BUT.
It has too be good.
Dosnt matter brand or anything.

As long as its nice, loud, works, and wont die on me.

Posted by igeto1234
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I'm endorsed by fender, and i haveta say that they make great bass amps (otherwise I wouldn't have tried to get endorsed by them :p). However, I use the fender bassman300, which is a tube amp and seemingly a bit out of your price range. I do also occasionally use an ampeg V4BH (don't tell fender) which is a 100wattversion of the old SVT amp. I'm sure you can get one on ebay for way under your price range, because i got it new for 800. However, that is a head. It depends on if you're talking about amp heads or combos. The fender bassman series (the new one) make pretty good solid state bass amps. I use one for my practice amp. It's like 600 for a 250 watt amp. Any of the ampeg models sound quite good, even the solid state ones. I've heard good things about the new marshall bass amps too. Gallien kreuguer (i have no idea how to spell that) pretty much ehads up the solid state bass amp department, and theyre pretty good i guess. I've never owned one. Same with SWR.

Beginner bass guitar and amp…?

What it says on the tin folks.

What is the best bass guitar and amp for a beginner. I don't mind if you suggest packages etc. But I'm looking for the best equipment to start playing bass (preferably new).

Not looking to spend any more than £300 (UK pound sterling) max.

Posted by RedHotChiliLover
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I think that Fender, Yamaha and Ibanez make the best beginners basses.

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