Small Amplifiers for Electric Guitars

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Questions and Answers

Acoustic electric guitars?


Posted by Prokopis
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A simple trip to any music website like Musicians Friend would show you, and the first three folks that answered, that there are indeed different amps for electric and acoustic. If you plug your acoustic-electric into an electric guitar amp it won't hurt a thing and sound will come out. It will not sound terrible or anything, but will sound far better through an acoustic amp. Some smaller practice amps like my Yamaha THR-10 have a setting for acoustic, but it is still a compromise. A real acoustic amp like the Fishman Loudbox will sound far better than plugging into an electric guitar amp.

Small, quality electric guitar amp?

I have a MIM Fender Standard Stratocaster. I am looking for a smaller amp that will not be a pain to take places. I will not be doing any gigs, just practicing with it. I would like it to be smaller and sort of portable, but still give me a good sound. I would like to stay under $500. Any suggestions?

Posted by Kristin
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Depends mainly on the type of music you play. The Blues Jr. Is a great little amp, but isn't a very high gain amp. It will cover a lot of classic rock and blues territory, but you need a pedal to get heavier distortion.

One of the first decisions you need to make is tube versus solid state. Tube amps generally sound a lot better, but are more expensive and you have to buy effects if you want them. In a tube amp the Blues Jr. Is a good choice, but if you play heavier stuff it may not fit the bill. For $499 new you can get a Blackstar HT-5R. It is one of he best deals on a small tube amp. It is plenty loud even for jamming with a drummer.

If you want a solid state modeling amp they will have all of the built in effects and you can get lots of different tones out of them The downside being they just don't sound as good. To me only part of this has to do with it being solid state. The other reason is that most solid state amps just aren't as expensive, so the tone is affected by lower quality parts, not just that it is solid state.

A 5 watt Blackstar tube amp is $500, a 20 watt solid state amp is $99…so you see my point. So if you decide on a tube amp I'd consider a new HT-5R, a used Peavey Classic 30 or a used Blues Jr. If you go solid state I'd probably go with the Fender Mustang II for $199.


For an electric guitar, what kind of Amplifier will I need?

I will be just playing around a house, practicing, etc.
What are all the differences ?
Could you tell me bit about amp (how does work, what it does, etc), I am so new to these things.

I will have Les Paul style of Guitar.
It is a Les Paul Studio by Epiphone.

Posted by
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Is it a Les Paul or only a Les Paul looking guitar? Amplifiers take the signal from an amp cord that is generated by the pick-ups, converts it into sound waves and pop goes the weasel. For a new player, look cheap…but not too cheap. Try to find a cheap Marshall 15 watt or a Crate amp. I find both amps to be good quality, and Crates are cheaper. If you are joining a band, you may want at least a 120 watt half stack. These can get expensive. Get a small amp, get good, save money, get a big amp. Ta da.

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