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Questions and Answers

I have some questions on electric guitars…….plz help me….!!!?

I m totally new to guitars…..
Plz help me out in some of the questions……
1)is it really necessary to join some coaching class to
learn guitar(electric) or it can be learnt through video tutorials on internet
2)what items are necessary to be bought to play an electric guitar
3)is it possible that we can play on an electric guitar without amplifier…(i m talkin about the guitar having tremolo bar)
4)what is the price range for buying an electric guitar having tremolo bar( min-max for bigginer)
5)can we join a tremolo bar to an electric guitar separately.
6) if you have a electric guitar plz tell me the cost of it…

If you answer these questions i will be very grateful to you all…
May the light of music fall on you….

Posted by cyn0d
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1) L essons -yes you could learn online
if you don't want to pay to get them
depends on how talented you are
My Nephew taught himself 'he is awesome
2) & 3) up to you ,,you can check the ads in your paper
& get a cheap amp for sale you will need cords also
4) Look online @ www.musiciansfriends.com
you will get ideas there
5) idk
6) I got my nephew one for $400.
Check out the link I said ,good luck.

BEGINNER!!! I want to learn to play the guitar? HELP?

I still need to buy the guitar. I dont know where to buy a good guitar from! My mom kind of dissapproves of me playing it, so i need a really cheap one. Then when she gets used to it ill get a more expensive one. I am 14 am I too old to learn now? I dont know the difference between acoustic,classical and others? Are walmart guitars cheap?? I want to learn so bad, I love it! Help??:) Thank You!

Posted by AngelBoo
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Guitars found at Walmart or Target are only good for planters or to decorate a wall. At best, they could serve as toys for infants. They are cheap for a real reason: they have no value to a serious guitarist.

Your best option is to visit a music store and see if they have some used guitars for sale. I recommend you start out on a plain acoustic steel-string flat top guitar. If you can develop the needful calluses through daily practice, and develop some expertise within two years, then you might opt for an electric guitar and amplifier with all the bells and whistles. Right now you don't need to be distracted by the special effects of an amplifier so get an acoustic flat top.

You're not too old at age 14 to learn how to play guitar. But you must be dedicated and motivated to learn once you get your first guitar. Your fingertips will hurt until the calluses develop. Can you ignore temporary pain? If so, then you could learn how to play the guitar.

A kind of dumb question about guitars?

If I buy my kid a electric guitar, does he also need amplifiers, or can he learn to play without them, and how much do I need to spend for the outfit, are there used guitars for sale, and how good are they.

Posted by scrooge
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My parents got me a guitar for xmas last year. Its a fender squire ($100) plus a small fender amp which couldnt cost much. Its a good guitar, and yes your son needs an amp. Dont get him a used one either. Go to guitarcenter.com and search squire.

Littleton music store still playing the right notes

Happiness is doing what you love and wanting what you have. By those standards, Dan and Moocho Salomon are very happy, living and breathing guitars as the owners of Northern Lights Music.

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