Electric Guitar Amplifier Types

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Questions and Answers

Types of guitars?

What types of guitars are there?
And give me some brief definition of each?

And prices etc.

Posted by LISA !
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There are Acoustic Guitars and Electric Guitars

An acoustic guitar is one not dependent on an external device to be heard but uses a soundboard which is a wooden piece mounted on the front of the guitar's body. The acoustic guitar is quieter than other instruments commonly found in bands and orchestras so when playing within such groups it is often externally amplified. Many acoustic guitars available today feature a variety of pickups which enable the player to amplify and modify the raw guitar sound.

Electric guitars can have solid, semi-hollow, or hollow bodies, and produce little sound without amplification. Electromagnetic pickups convert the vibration of the steel strings into electrical signals which are fed to an amplifier through a cable or radio transmitter. The sound is frequently modified by other electronic devices or the natural distortion of valves (vacuum tubes) in the amplifier. There are two main types of pickup, single and double coil (or humbucker), each of which can be passive or active. The electric guitar is used extensively in jazz, blues, and rock and roll, and was commercialized by Gibson in collaboration with Les Paul, and independently by Leo Fender of Fender Music. The lower fretboard action (the height of the strings from the fingerboard) and its electrical amplification lend the electric guitar to some techniques which are less frequently used on acoustic guitars. These include tapping, extensive use of legato through pull-offs and hammer-ons (also known as slurs), pinch harmonics, volume swells, and use of a tremolo arm or effects pedals.

Some Manufacturers, Type, and some famous users:
Les Paul: slash, jimmy page, billie joe, and more
SG: tony iommi, angus young, billie joe, and more
Flying V: Jimi hendrix, randy rhoads, dave davies, and more
Explorer: Marty Friedman, John entwistle, and more

Stratocaster: Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, George harrison, and more
Telecaster: Bruce springsteen, Keith richards, and more

The prices depends on where do you buy it
try www.guitarcenter.com or www.sweetwater.com

cheers :)

People who play electric guitar? Help me:)?

I'm possibly getting a Guitar in a couple weeks, and I can't figure out what kind I should get. I want to get Electric because that's the sound I'm into and I know I'll have more fun with it, but I want Acoustic because I know I'll be able to write songs along with it (I'm a songwriter)
So my question is, can you write songs with Electric guitar that will sound good without other instruments? Or would I would I need some sort of pedal to make it sound like Acoustic, and if so, how much are the pedals?

Posted by –
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You can absolutely write songs on an electric guitar. Electric and acoustic guitars have the same notes and are played the same way. The only big difference is electric guitars require an amplifier while you can play an acoustic just about anywhere. For songwriting I prefer acoustic just because I can grab it off the stand next to my bed and fiddle around when I have an idea for a song, but there's really no reason you couldn't do the same with an electric guitar. It really depends what type of music you most want to play and write. If it's folky, ballady stuff then an acoustic would be great. If it's rock and pop stuff electric would be fine.

FWIW, they make hybrid guitars that are electric guitars with an acoustic piezo pickup in the bridge so they can sound like an acoustic. I have a Michael Kelly Hybrid that's quite nice for both acoustic and electric sound. They require an amplifier though to get any appreciable volume and tone, where just a nice acoustic or acoustic/electric guitar could be played anywhere without an amplifier. You should go to a guitar shop and just check out some of the options and see what you like. There are a lot of very nice acoustic guitars available these days that play very well and aren't a lot harder to play than an electric in terms of action and width of the neck. Maybe an Ovation or Stratacoustic would work for you.

How do i know what kind of amplifier BEST suits a type of electric guitar?

I have thought about getting an electric guitar.. It seems fun.. Haha.. But I don't really know what kind of amplifier will sound better with a certain type of electric guitar.. I want to have a better understanding of it.. ^^,

Posted by Nicole
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With electronics, "you get what you pay for" ALWAYS applies. The more expensive amplifier you get, the better it will sound. The more expensive the guitar, the better it will sound.

Your Ultimate Sound Goal: A Les Paul Guitar on a Marshall Stack Amplifier.

As for affordable amplifiers, the best sounding ones are those called "tube amps". Marshall, Crate and Peavey are the brand names you want to stick with.

If you buy an amplifier for cheaper than $200 bucks it will probably sound terrible. For a beginner, I would recommend something around $250-$300.


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