Electric Guitar Amplifier Brands

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Electric guitars?

Im thinking about buying an electric guitar and im just wondering how much do they cost? And how much does an amp cost?

Best answer gets 10 points! XD.

Posted by N
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If you are just starting out, it's probably best not to spend too much, maybe get a cheap package deal on eBay with an amp and guitar to see if you like it or not. You can get packages like that for under £100 if you're not too picky about sound and build quality.
If you're a more experienced player, I'd reccomend getting one of the 'offshoot' brands; cheaper, budget versions of well-known brands. Fender have Squier and Gibson have Epiphone. Just make sure if you end up buying an expensive guitar, you don't waste it on a bad amplifier. If you're paying under £50, you're probably not getting all the quality. Good luck :)

Best brand for electric guitar and amplifier?

Maximum budget- $20

Posted by Human
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Good Guitar for its price range (1st link); High quality amp (2nd link). Keep on playing, wish you all the best

First Link = Good Beginners guitar

Choose the Blemished Item " * " of Line 6III spider. This is one of the best amps today, you can do U2, Metallica, Grunge, ALternative. No need to buy effects for the mean time. $86 >this is a very good investment, sound can occupy a hall or a small auditorium.

Electric guitar brand?

Hey, for many years now I've played acoustic guitar (but as in from actual Spain. Playing music from some of the master like Carcassi, Giuliani, Tarrega, and Sor). I also play the oboe and flute so I've got several years of experience. This year I would like to get an electric guitar. What guitar brand would you most recommend? I have a pretty low budget (No more than $250) and would have to buy an amplifier. I don't know anything about electric guitars but can read both regular music and tabs. (Chords I suck though…) Anyway, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
Also, where do you recommend buying them? Musician's Friend or Giardinelli or something….

Posted by musikmädchen
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I suggest going to www. Musiciansfriend.com and browsing or subscribing to a catalog. They have a large variety of guitars (and all things musical) from a wide variety of price ranges and styles. And decent prices as well.

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An Ovation guitar factory in the western Connecticut hills that has produced instruments for music legends from Paul Simon to Cat Stevens to Glen Campbell will be closing after 47 years.

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