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Questions and Answers

Acoustic or electric guitar?

Well im thinking about learning how to play a guitar and would like to know which is easier to learn. I would also like to know the difference like do they both have the same notes or chords or is the finger placement difference. Another question is do you need an amp or anything extra to play the electric.

Posted by B
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A guitar covers a whole family of string instruments, but in most cases you're looking for just a standard, six-stringed guitar.

Acoustic guitars can be primarily divided between steel stringed or nylon string (aka classical) guitars, where besides the main difference besides the string's material is the the width and feel of guitars.
Nylon stringed are supposed to be easier on the fingers, and a little easier to learn to play on.
On the other hand, steel strings are a little harder on the fingers to someone just picking up the instrument
Out of the two, you have to look into the type of wood or material that the guitar is made of, and the overall shape, but for a beginner that shouldn't be your main concern

Moving to electric, this is the guitar that really is shaped and manufactured for various players' likings. However, these guitars are not built for the same reason as the acoustic guitar, they are typically made of more solid and denser wood, where the pickups are transferring the vibrations of the strings to the output into whatever amplifier you have it plugged into.

Really you shouldn't be going out on a whim to buy either guitar, but you should be keeping an open mind.
Go to a local guitar store, or a friend who owns a guitar, and play a few guitars in both acoustic and electric to get a feel of what YOU LIKE, cause all in all a guitar should never be for cosmetic use or just because it's the featured guitar on the market.
WHAT YOU SHOULD BUY is a guitar that feels the best in your hands, has the best sound to your ears, and something that you could pick up over and over again.

Once you have a guitar in mind, take some time to think over the guitar and possibly do research on reviews and comparisons between guitars.

ALSO ALMOST FORGOT, a guitar's positioning of notes/chords should be dependent on how YOU TUNE THE GUITAR, using the top tuners on the head stock of the guitar.
In most cases, a guitarist tunes in his guitar in E-standard.
However you tune it determines the positioning of the notes.

An electric doesn't necessarily mean you need an amp, but it does take away from the main reason you bought an electric when you don't buy any sort of amp. Just get a practice amp.

BUT most importantly buy some sort of tuner, so you're not playing an out-of-tune, off sounding guitar.
No one wants to hear that.

Acoustic guitar vs electric guitar?

I am planning to buy a Guitar, I am not a professional guitarist but a beginner and i was wondering which one should i take?

Posted by Libni Vlvr
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The key is getting a good (not necessarily expensive guitar). Some of the answers here are not quite accurate, or are generalizations that might be misunderstood. Generally, you get more guitar for the money with an electric. There are lots of very good (and light weight despite some comments here) Strat copies out there. Generally, the action (distance between the strings and the fret-board, which determines how much pressure needed to get a clear sound) is better. When learning you don't need much of an amplifier, even one of those little battery jobs and a set of headphones will get you through until you know what direction you are going (or if you will quit).

But, the key is to carefully examine each guitar you consider. The aforementioned action, curve of the neck (there shouldn't be much), and shape of the neck (it should feel good in your hands, even if you don't know how to play). If you buy from a smaller shop (vs a big box chain), they might "set it up" for you. This can sometimes make a not-so-good guitar great.

When i buy an acoustic electric guitar?

Does it come with an amp?

Posted by thisonegirl
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An acoustic electric guitar is just an acoustic guitar which has a pickup installed in it. You can play it quite fine without plugging it in to an amplifier. It is just an acoustic guitar in that case – the sound is produced by the vibration of the strings being amplified acoustically by the hollow body of the guitar and projected out the sound hole. If you plug an acoustic electric guitar into an amplifier, then the pickup converts the vibration of the strings into electronic signals which are sent through the cable into the amplifier where they are amplified and projected through the amplifier's speaker(s).

So, to answer your question – no, acoustic electric guitars do not come with an amplifier unless, as others said, you buy it as part of a package that includes an amplifier. But you honestly don't need the amplifier. Since you're obviously a beginner, I'd advise that you don't even get an acoustic electric guitar. Put the money you'd be wasting on the electronics into getting a better quality acoustic guitar. Unless you're playing gigs and need your acoustic guitar to be loud enough to be heard, it will be plenty loud acoustically for you to play it, sing along with it, and sufficiently annoy your neighbors while you're learning to play it.

When you do decide you need to amplify your guitar, you'll probably be ready to upgrade your guitar anyway and then you can buy one with electronics and get a nice acoustic guitar amplifier. I have a really nice Crate Acoustic amp that was relatively inexpensive and sounds very nice. You really want to get an acoustic guitar amplifier rather than an electric guitar amplifier for acoustic guitar. They have higher fidelity and really make acoustic guitar sound much nicer.

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