Electric Guitar Amplifiers

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Questions and Answers

Electric Guitar?

I love the look of electric guitars, but i dont want a blaring amp. So is it possible to play an electric gutair like an acousitc [ so its loud and you can hear it good] and if so what brands are good but not overly expensive?

Posted by Er.
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You can't really play an electric guitar without an amplifier. Solid body electrics, like Fender Stratocasters, and Telecasters for example, make almost no sound unless they're plugged into an amp. Even semi-hollow body electrics like the Gibson ES-335's or the Gretsch archtops don't really sound very loud or very good without an amp. Of course just because you're playing through an amplifier doesn't mean you have to crank the volume control up to 11 — if you keep the volume turned down low you shouldn't have a problem.

But if you really don't want an amp at all you should consider getting an acoustic guitar instead.

Acoustic-Electric Guitar ….?

I wanted to buy an acoustic guitar, im a beginner SO I DON'T KNOW MUCH . But then i saw Acoustic-Electric guitars online and i want to know how they work, like will it sound just like a regular one without being hooked up to an amp? Are they a good idea for a beginner?
(: ?
It is for a band

Posted by callmesky
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Acoustic-electric guitars are cool, and very, very common in the music industry

its just a regular acoustic guitar, but it has a microphone built inside of it that can be transmitted to an amplifier

so yes, it will play just like an acoustic guitar. And when you do hook up to an amp, it will project the acoustic sound. It WILL NOT sound like an electric guitar, if thats what you are thinking

yes, they are very good for beginners.

Electric guitar?

I would like to purchase an electric guitar any hints? Or helpful sites?? What brand is good? The usual price for it? What i should except?
I would like to learn how to play metal on it [what brand is good for that type of guitar?]
and im new to all this music stuff so any hints appreciated
thanks :)

Posted by nick
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A good brand of guitar for playing metal on would be a Jackson. The usual price for one of these is around £200-£500/$398-$995. They are quite expensive but they are well worth it. They have a great sound, especially if you find the right amplifier. Another brand that is good is a Gibson. They too are quite expensive around £500 for a good one but not intended for metal although you can get ones designed for it.

If you want a good guitar to start on which is good for any type of music, a Fender Stratocaster is an excellent one to get. These are around £400/$750 depending on what type of finish/colour you get.

If you don't get an amplifier with the guitar, choose one that isn't too big but isn't a starter amp because the quality of sound isn't as good as some of the better ones, but you can always get a bigger one or a different brand later on. Find a good amplifier for you and the guitar and make sure it gives you a good sound. I don't know too much about choosing amplifiers, but the guitar dealer should be able to help with that one.

A helpful site to make sure you pick the right one for you is this:


It has lots of different points you need to consider and offers some advice too. My hint is also to buy some replacement strings with your guitar too. Ask the dealer what type of guitar strings the guitar you have bought comes with, and buy some of them. This means that if one of the strings breaks, snaps, or loses its quality sound then you won't have to go to the store and buy some. To help you fit new guitar strings look at this website guide:


Finally, experiment with different strings. The thicker the string, the deeper and more metal sounding sound you will get. A different brand of guitar strings might work better for you or you might prefer to the current ones. (Make sure you buy a guitar pick too for playing metal. These are very cheap and have different thicknesses, so find the right one for your playing style.

Hope this 'guide' has helped!

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