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Looking for a classic tube bass amp?

I own a fender deville 212 and a vox ac30 for my guitar playing needs. I also have a B2R ampeg bass head and an ampeg B-410HLF. I am looking for a bass amp that has a similar look and sound to my other guitar amps. I like the way the fender 59 Bassman looks, but some have said that it doesn't have much power. Does anyone know of an amp that has the look of the bassman, and the warm tube sound I am looking for? I have played a bass guitar through a fender reverb twin and I loved the way it sounded, but I know that the reverb twin isn't geared for bass. Thoughts?

Posted by jay
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The classic tube bass amp IS the Ampeg. The SVT models are world renown for awesome tone. Although they do not really resemble the Fender bassman. If it is a bassman "style" amp you are looking for than you might want to check out the Acoustic line of bass amps. There older tube models do resemble the Fender in looks and sound. Unfortunately the newer models are predominantly solid state amps. P.S. The bassman makes a great guitar amp too! Many players really dig the sound of a cranked up bassman. Be careful running a bass through any guitar amp, that is a good way to blow out the amp.

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Electric guitar through bass amp dilemma?

Hi, I've been wondering for years about this and never really found a definitive answer.
I'm a guitarist and bassist. Playing a bass through a guitar amp would kill it.
So I'm planning to get a new bass amp to practice both guitar & bass.
Is this the best thing to do?

Posted by Zed
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A bass amp isn't ideal for the electric guitar. Electric guitar amps roll off a lot of high end and emphasize mids, while bass guitars emphasize the lows and keep a lot of that high end for the "snap" and "attack" of the strings and fret noise. Overall, a bass amp is built for headroom, ie, being able to put out a lot of clean volume, while a guitar amp is built to put out a limited frequency range, specializing in where the electric guitar sounds the best.

Some bass amps sound great with guitars…. I'm thinking of the Fender Bassman, a bass amp that many guitarists have loved to play through ever since they came out way back when. However, most modern bass amps are too clean to fit a guitar without some pedals in between.

So in my general opinion, to play an electric through most bass amps, you would either want a multifx pedal (which benefits from a lot of clean headroom) or some sort of preamp in between to kinda dirty it up a bit. EQ probably wouldn't hurt either.


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How can i make my guitar amp sound like bass amp?

I want a clean sound from my bass guitar but im using guitar amp?

I have:


please help
turn what to 11?

Posted by the dude
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Here's the thing – guitar amp tone controls are optimized for the guitar's frequencies (ie more midrange) vs the optimal frequencies for a bass guitar.

The most important thing is to recognize that guitar *speakers* are in general not beefy enough to handle a bass guitar. A good rule of thumb is that you want speakers that are rated for as many watts as possible – certainly not lower than 50 watts, and preferably higher. I wouldn't have any problem, I think, playing a bass at moderate volumes on a Marshall 1960a cab, because of the 75 watt speakers, but on something like a cab loaded with Vintage 30's, I wouldn't even try – I can overload the speakers with just turning the guitars bass up, and the bass guitar's range goes a full octave below the guitar!

You can try plugging in and keeping it at a very low volume, but listen carefully – if it starts fuzzing out turn down the bass and volume. If you turn it up too loud you risk blowing your speakers.

All that said, if I was to try and plug a bass guitar into a guitar amp, I would try to mimic how a bass guitar amp handles its signal – with as much headroom as possible.

So, one option would be to plug into an EQ pedal and go into the effects loop return. This bypasses your volume controls, etc, but the EQ pedal gives you that, plus more control over your tone. Going in through the fx loop bypasses the preamp, which is good – preamp means gain and tone-shaping, and in general you aren't going to want a lot of gain when playing bass – you want clean power to get the best, clearest bass sound possible.

If that wasn't an option (some amps don't have an fx loop, ie Line 6 Spider series, etc), I would go in through the front, but would keep the gain at or below 25% – again, for maximum headroom. You want "clean", not dirty or fuzzy. I would keep the bass at or below 50% (again, to minimize the bass presence, which the guitar speaker isn't going to handle well), mids around 40%, and treble around 60%, with volume to taste. I tend to prefer a treblier bass sound, with lots of articulation, so this is in general the direction I would go. Very similar to my guitar's tone settings.

With an EQ pedal, I would bump up the frequencies around 3-6khz a few db, would cut the lowest frequencies (ie below 100 hz), and would bump up around 400 hz probably a few db as well. Would look to cut mids, between 800 and 1 khz, I think.

Hmmm. That's a bit of guesswork – would have to tinker with it.

Then again, I wouldn't do it, personally. I have a bass amp. The Behringer cheapo practice amp ( >100$ ) is actually a pretty decent little unit even, although obviously the volume isn't going to be huge, its great for jamming solo or with acoustic guitars.

Hope that helps!


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Top-Rated Bass Guitar Amplifiers

Questions and Answers

What bass amp to buy?

Im looking at getting a new bass amp, ive only got a little 15watt practice amp cus ive only been playing a year or so, im looking to get one thats around 200 watts to keep up with the 100 watt marshall guitar amp and the new drum kit my girlfriend just got! Not sure what make though but I want to get a combo amp and dont have the biggest budget really, just not sure what to look at! Im in the UK as well by the way, so from somewhere in the UK would be ideal to buy from.

Posted by Tom
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For small gigs and to fill a small room, you will be wanting at the very least 150 watts of clean power to compete with a drummer, guitarist and a singer. For outdoors i'd use a minimum 500watts (not nearly enough for screamer music) or most prefered method would be to mic my amp to a PA. (note bass amps need more watts to produce sound than guitars amps because of the lower frequencies).
In my opinion, it's important to save as much money as you can. Once you do. Get this…even a used one.


With 200watts of power into 4ohms this has good power with little resistance. It has a 12 inch speaker + a tweeter speaker (you can switch off or on). 12's, in my opinion, are the best speaker size, 10’s can be too tight and 15’s can be too muddy and should really be stacked with 10’s… So 12’s are known to have the best of both worlds, good punch and good lows. It has a limiter, pre-amp clip, gain control, bass intensifier, aural enhancer and an effects blend on top of the wedge EQ and EQ controls to adjust and control your sound. Here’s the website


Here’s a review/demo to look at what I’m talking about


If the SWR is too pricey and can’t find a second hand one, try using this amp’s power and features as a benchmark when looking at amp’s. It will last you, because it is true 200 watts of power at low resistance (some companies e.g. Behringer claim 200 but don’t take into account impedance levels so they really only put out 180) I think it could handle a small club/pub venue as well for when you get older, and it’s not an expensive amp. Hope this has helped.

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Questions and Answers

I need the top 10 bass testers, does anyone have any?

Posted by
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Bass tester?

You should just go to a guitar store

each bass will sound differently by amp.

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Guitar Amp Buying Advice!!!?

I've been playing for about 3 months, so I know I don't deserve some sick guitar amp. Haha But I bought the basic starter kit that gives you a yamaha electric guitar and a little 15-watt amp. But it sounds awful compared to the studio where I take lessons. So what's a good guitar amp that will last me awhile? Or should I wait until I'm better at guitar? Probably a tube amp, but I hear that they have combination ones out that are pretty sweet. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars, but I want a quality amp. Thanks!

Posted by Hi
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I own and use this amp at home and i have also used it at a couple of gigs. It is a great sounding tube/electric 15 watt amp. It has quite a few different amp sounds and built in effects like phaser, delay, flanger, pitch, etc. It is a Vox Valvetronix 15 watt, here is a link to it on Guitar Center's website. If i were you, i would just order this beast without even seeing it. It will open up windows of opportunities and make you "Sound Professional Fast" Http://…

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Top 5 Bass Amplifiers

Questions and Answers

What are some good Bass Amplifiers?

I need a good, non-expensive bass amplifier for my Squire Bass.
What do you, bass masters, recommend?
I need an amp that will last long, sound good, and won't empty my wallet.

Posted by First NameAlejandro
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I second the recommendation for a Carvin. They have less expensive models too.

Ampeg, Hartke, Eden, and Markbass are the top names in bass amps.

Peavey makes okay ones, but they aren't as good as the other 5 I mentioned.

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What bass amp is the best for this price range and with this bass??

I have a schecter stilleto studio 5 5 string bass and i am looking for a good amp to get. I want one that has tons and tons of tonal control, but can also go loud enough to play at a small concert. My price range is high so just name some even if they are 10000 dollars i am just getting an idea. Thanks!

Posted by Bambamthebassist
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Nice bass man =D
There are plenty of good brands out there – just try and stay away from Behringer like the plague; bad quality, bad reliability, bad sound…
In the mid-price range, there's companies like Ashdown, Gallien-Krueger and Hartke. All three of those have fairly "transparent" tones, as far as I know, and they all make good products (though I've heard GK's lower lines aren't that great). Ashdown isn't a very well-known company, since they're from the UK, but all the things I've heard about them are incredibly positive (both from gear reviews and other bass players). They have the MAG line, which is their middle line of gear, and ABM, their top line of amps and cabs. Also, since they just came out with new EVOII amps (with a compressor added) they're selling their old ones for a lower price, so you can get their 600W MAG for $300, the same price as their 300W amp – which is great, since you can get a powerful, reliable amp without paying an arm and a leg.

In the more expensive range, there are manufacturers like Trace Elliot (for a classic British bass tone) and Ampeg (pretty expensive, but the Ampeg SVT 8×10 is the bass amp of choice of most touring bassists in rock bands; the classic "rock bass" tone).
All the brands I listed should have very good tonal control.

If you want to play loud volumes while maintaining good tone, you want "headroom", which means more Watts than you "need", necessarily. Most amps don't sound the greatest at their top volume, so that's where headroom comes in. You want enough Watts to turn out high volume without maxing your amp. As a side note, Tube amps generally sound better at high volumes than Solid State amps (though not as good at lower volumes), though they cost substantially more.
In a band, it's generally good to have at least twice the wattage of your guitarists (3 times is better) – 300+ Watts is a good region to shoot for.

Also, since you're playing a 5-string, it'll help to have a speaker cabinet that can handle the low frequencies. A 1×15 speaker cabinet would work pretty well – or, even better, a 1×18 cab (that might be a bit harder to find though, and more expensive). The downside of a 1×15 cab is that you don't have as much midrange or high-end presence; a 4×10 cabinet would give you a nice punchy tone with great mids and highs, at the expense of a bit of low end. Even better than either though would be both – if you have the money, get a 1×15 AND a 4×10 cabinet and connect them both to your amplifier. Most amps have a resistance rating of 4 ohms, and most cabs have a rating of 8 ohms, so if you use just 1 cab you'll get about half of your amps full power, but with two 8 ohm cabs connected, the amp will run at its full 4 ohm rating. (Just make sure the cabs ARE rated at 8 ohms, because you don't want to blow a fuse in your amp)

Sorry if that was REALLY long, but it should help you out a bit…as you can probably tell, I'm a little biased toward Ashdown, since I just bought their MAG 600W head and looking for a MAG 4×10 cabinet…but any of the brands I mentioned should be very reliable, and very good quality.
Hope that helps.

Cheers! =)

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Good Microphone for recording Electric bass (Guitar)?

I've been playing bass for 5 years now, and im relatively pretty good at it. I've just started to do bass covers for the bands I like, EX: Avenged Sevenfold, Falling in Reverse, Slipknot. And these bands have a lower tone sound to it. And on the bass that requires to play the E & A string quite a lot. But the standard recording device i have is not very good at picking up these sounds. It get a low clicking noise. And I was wondering if someone could recommend a good microphone for picking up the low sounds. And better yet if you know a little about amps, you could also tell me what settings on an amp would be the best to record with. Thanks!
Sincerely: Johnny Valinote.

Posted by Johnny
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Hey Johnny,

Seeing that you didn't tell us what kind of amp you have…how are we supposed to recommend any settings.

It doesn't matter anyway…you're much better off recording a bass direct. In other words…no amp. You'll want to use a decent DI (Direct Injection) box to go between your instrument and whatever interface you're using.

Better yet, invest in a Sans Amp Bass Line Driver:

This device gives you some good control over the EQ, as well as the ability to add some grit and distortion to your tone if you want too. Yeah, it's $200. But here's the deal…a good mic with decent low end response is going to run you around that much as well. And then, your amp is a limiting factor. If you've got a small bass amp with limited low frequency response, no mic is going to make up for that.

If you're plugging your bass straight into the interface and your bass is passive, then it's loading down the pickup(s) too much. The DI will take care of that problem too.

In the studio, I'll frequently mic up a bass amp, but it's ALWAYS along with a direct feed. The amp sound is added on top of the direct if we need more cut, but it's almost never the primary sound.

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Best Bass Amplifiers

Questions and Answers

How do i distort a bass amplifier?

I would like to have a distorted sound on my electric guitar but i only have a bass amp. Any tips?

Posted by Max
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Most bass amps are designed to stay clean. The easiest thing is to get a distortion pedal and use that between your guitar and amp.

There are hundreds out there. Boss makes some of the better mass production ones. But, it's all a matter of taste and budget.

Greetings from Austin, TX


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Questions and Answers

Help: Bass Amplifier?

I'm going to start learning the bass and I'm wanting to know if the Ampeg BA108 is a good starter bass amp with a decent sound..?

Posted by SpiderKing
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It seems like an ideal starter amp to me. Its 25 watts, which will provide way more than enough of power and sound for your bass to be amplified. It doesn't have distortion and reverb, but that is to be expected from a bass amp. Also make sure to remember that bass amps really shouldnt be used with a regular electric guitar, as bass amps work at their prime when operating in the lower frequencies of a bass guitar.

Questions and Answers

Can i sing through a Bass amplifier?

So the only amp i have at home is a Brand X-15B Bass amp. I play bass as you can tell but i bought a dynamic microphone and can i get all of what i can get from my vocals using this amp? Or is their any small amps i can use for practice. I sing death core LOW vocals if that help as well.

Posted by Emerica.888.Kr3w
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Your bass amp probably won't reproduce your voice very well, even though you sing "death core LOW vocals." Try looking for a small solid-state (not tubes) acoustic guitar amplifier. Sometimes people sing through these and play acoustic guitar at the same time and they sound pretty good. But these kinds of amps aren't very loud, so you'll have to keep the volume down on your bass or you'll never hear your vocals. More watts, more volume.

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Best Bass Amps for the Money

Questions and Answers

What is a good, cheap starter bass & amp combo?

I know a lot of stores have pre-set electric bass guitar & amp packs like Target, Walmart and even Guitar Center. But I honestly think I can invest in something much better for about the same price. What do you think about this:

Dean Zone XM Bass Guitar + Peavey MAX 158 Bass Practice Combo Amp {$200}

I'm open to all answers so feel free to recommend anything (under $250 that is).

Posted by Xx45xX
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You're right – buying things separately is usually the better way to go when it comes to starter packs. Basically every starter pack you'll find is really poor quality, and the stuff doesn't usually last very long.

As far as the amp goes, the Peavey MAX is actually a really good choice – Peavey makes some of the best small, cheap, reliable practice amps out there =) …if you want to buy a slightly nicer bass (see below), you could also look at the Peavey MAX 126 – it costs $30 less, and has only 3 watts less and a 2" smaller speaker. This will mean it's not as loud, but other than that, it's the same amp. Volume isn't a big deal when it comes to practice amps anyway; good sound quality is the most important.

Just a tip, if you're looking for a good instrument cable, check out Monster Cables. They're a bit pricier than most cables, but really high quality, AND they come with a lifetime warranty. So when your chord wears out, you just get another one for free =P …so you only have to buy one cable, haha.

I'd stay away from Dean; some people really like the looks of their basses, but their quality is pretty bad until you get to their high-priced instruments.

I'd also warn against getting any bass by Epiphone. Epiphone is like a cheaper version of Gibson, and the quality of Gibson's basses has really gone downhill since they discontinued the Grabber and Ripper (their two best models); all the Gibson basses out nowadays are really overpriced, poorly built, and sound bad. So, you can guess what the quality of Epihpone would be like (hint: really bad =P ). The Thunderbird is an especially notorious model; some people think they're the coolest, but they're really neck-heavy, poorly designed, bad upper-fret access, and sound really muddy.

For a good, cheap bass, I'd recommend Squier or Ibanez.

Squier: Try an Affinity (cheaper) or a Vintage Modified (higher quality) Jazz or Precision. Jazz basses are really versatile, and sound good in almost every style of music with a bit of tweaking. Precisions have a great sound for Punk/Rock, but aren't as flexible. If you want to save money, go for an Affinity. The Vintage Modified series is widely held as Squier's best line of instruments, so if you don't mind paying an extra 100, you'll get a better instrument. That's up to you though.

Ibanez: They make some really nice starter basses; check out one of their GSR series basses. They have really slim, comfortable necks, and sound good in pretty much all styles of music. There's also a version of the GSR200 with a Flamed Maple top; if you like the look better and don't mind paying a little extra, go for it =P

The most important thing, though, is to play the bass yourself before you buy it. Go to a music store with a few in mind, and play all of them. Find which one feels the best, sounds the best, and suits your needs the best – then you'll be set!

Hope you find what you're looking for =)

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Questions and Answers

Which one should i buy ? Bass or a new skateboard?

Well i have about $280

and i'm thinking about buying both?

My sister has a guitar amp
will that work on bass ?

Should i buy both?

Or spend it on something else?

I dont really want to save up for anything else than those 2 things.

Posted by Jessica L
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GUITAR AMPS DO NOT WORK WITH BASSES. Dont try it. Basses need a bass amp. Im pretty sure a bass would blow out a guitar amp.

The bass but you dont have enough money. So I guess the skateboard then. Unless if you want to save more money for a bass and a bass amp.

Questions and Answers

Whats a cheap loud bass amp?

Okay, so I am playing bass in a band. My crappy fender rumble 15 is not close to loud enough. We started a couple months ago and I am now sure I need a new amp to be louder. But I don't have too much money. So what's a good bass amp that's at least loud enough to stand up to a punk rock type band?

I would say my price range is up to 400$ absolute tops. Thanks!

Posted by grant
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Your $400 dollar limit is very restrictive, given the fact that you already have a 150W amp. You might want to consider a used amp, so you can get more power for your money.

Peavy Tour TKO 115 (1×15") 400W (new) – $449.99 (used) – $189
Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000 300W 1×15" Bass Combo – $349.99
Marshall MB4410 300W/450W 4×10" Hybrid Bass Combo (used) $357
Marshall MB4210 300W/450W 2×10" Hybrid Bass Combo Amp (used) $294
Ashdown ABM C115-500 EVO III 575W 1×15 Bass Combo (used) $441.

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Best Small Bass Guitar Amplifier

Pedal Dunlop Mini Fuzz

Questions and Answers

Does anyone know if Orange Amplifiers makes a bass guitar amp?

And do you know if Line 6 bass amps are good? My father has a line 6 guitar amp and loves it, so i'm guessing the bass amp will be pretty chill too.

Posted by Isabella:D
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Yes, Orange makes bass amps. I'm guessing they're pretty expensive though!

Line 6 bass amps aren't very good; they're modeling amps. This means you don't get much of your bass's actual tone, but the amp's internal processors trying to sound like a different amp. Sometimes they almost get it right, other times not really. There are a lot of way better brands out there for the price. If you're looking for a really small practice amp, check out a Peavey MAX 126 or 158. If you want something a bit more powerful, check out Ashdown or Acoustic.

Hope you find what you're looking for =)

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Questions and Answers

Guitar Amplifier query…?

Hey, just a quick question help if you can:D
I'm saving up money so im gunna buy a new Amplifier and i was wondering what you thought was the best. I play alternative rock/punk rock (nirvana, r.e.m, pixies etc) and i have a squire strat guitar, i also have a danelectro dan-echo pedal and a chord distortion pedal. At the minute i have a low budget amp and although it sounds ok i have been after something else for a while. The amp needs to be around 15 watt, smallish preferably with Treble, bass and middle tones and maybe other presets. I have been interested in the fender mustang series but not sure of all the pre made tones were a taking the fun out of playing around with effects? I don't wanna spend over £200 as i gunna occasionally spend on stuff ( Taking girlfriend out etc).
Please help if ya can it will be much appreciated :D.

Posted by Ryan B
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Find a good used Marshall G15 R CD which is a LOUD 15Watter, with Reverb and Overdrive on board, as well as with a headphone socket for practice and Line-Out. I got mine for just 30 pounds from a local guitar store, and it's plenty enough for small gigs and is my main practice and travel amp. I have a much larger, heavier 100Watt monster, which is a bit much to take out with me.

P.S. They also did the G30 and G50 models, more Wattage if you want it.

Marceline play axe bass

Questions and Answers

How much wattage on a bass guitar amplifier would I need to be heard in the mix with guitars and drums?

I am looking to buy a bass guitar amplifier and I want it to be able to be used for small to medium gigs in like, cafes and community centers and that sort of thing, so I am wondering how powerful would an amplifier need to be (in wattage) to be heard in the mix with two guitars and drums?
(Main playing style would be hard rock and metal)

Posted by Jirb
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300 is a pretty good benchmark. It's powerful enough for pretty much any situation, yet it's not ridiculously overpowered.

Bass amps aren't like guitar amps though… Nearly everybody agrees that tube guitar amps sound the best, and they sound best cranked. Bassists aren't as hard-up for tubes as guitarists though. Most just use solid state amps, which sound the same regardless of volume.

So grab something around 300W and you should be fine. If your guitarists are cranking a couple of 50 or 100W amps, then they aren't musicians; they're assholes. No guitarist ever needs to be that loud.

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Best Bass Amps Ever

Questions and Answers

My bass amp is only picking up low notes. Whats wrong?

I tried playing my bass earlier, and the amp wouldnt pick anything up apart from really low notes on the low E string :/ what could be wrong?
My bass is a Yamaha RBX 374, my amp is a Behringer BT108
(my bass uses a battery btw, so could it simply be flat?? :/

Posted by HJE1995
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Replace the battery in your bass. Your amp is OK. How do I know this?

Well, the amp just amplifies. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. The amp has no way to tell the difference between the frequencies of the E, A, D or G strings. It just amplifies what ever is presented to it's input.

So, the problem is with the bass, and the batterey is the most likely place to start.

When the battery goes down in an active guitar strange things happen. I had one active bass that would begin to distort when the battery got low. Another would just quit without warning.

So try the battery and I think that will fix your problem.

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Questions and Answers

What electric bass and amp to buy? ($1100 total for everything)?

I've been playing electric bass for 2 years now. I played Jazz, Blues, Latin, and some Rock, and now I'm getting into Metal and more Rock. I've only played a school bass and school amp up until now, but now I really want to have my own set. I have $1100 to spend on everything; I can go a little bit over, and certainly less. I don't want a really super complicated amp, but one thats good for lots of styles, especially jazz and rock. I want an amp that you can make sound all distorted and cool when you want to, and not so when you don't want it to. Thanks~

Posted by bassinghorsegirl
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My suggestion would be to make sure you invest in a good amp – a good amp can make even an average bass sound great, but a bad amp will make almost anything you play through it sound bad. With that being said, DON'T buy Behringer. Ever.

With your price range, I'd suggest you look in the mid-range of basses and amps.
The best manufacturers of mid-ranged bass guitars are Ibanez and Schecter – you should be able to get a very nice bass from either of those companies for $400-500. Look into the Ibanez Soundgear series (very comfortable necks and playability; the higher-end ones come with sweet Bartolini pickups) or the Schecter Stiletto basses (there's a number of models, but they're all pretty solid). The most important thing, though, is to play the bass before you buy it. For example, some of the Schecter basses have a laquer finish on their necks that some people really don't appreciate, while others are fine with it.
Go to a music store with a few basses in mind, and try to play as many as you can for a while – find which one feels the best, sounds the best, and suits your needs the best – then you'll be set!

As far as amps go, there are a few options for good quality mid-priced gear. Stay away from Behringer like the plague, and also low-end Gallien-Krueger and Ampeg (both GK and Ampeg make some great amps, but their cheaper stuff is really terrible). If you want real simplicity, go for a combo amp – then you have everything in one unit, without buying a separate head and cabinet.

What you get also depends on what settings you plan to be playing in. If you're just practicing by yourself or jamming with a friend, you won't need anything bigger than a good-quality practice amp (Acoustic AB50, Ashdown After Eight/Perfect Ten).
But if you plan to be playing any gigs, you'll need considerably more watts – like 300+. If you're going for a rig this powerful, I wouldn't plan on spending less than $600-700. Check out some stuff by Ashdown, Gallien-Krueger, Hartke (sometimes inconsistent, I've heard), Carvin…
I'd highly recommend Ashdown's MAG line – it would fit perfectly into the price range you're looking for, and they have probably the best sound, quality and reliability you'll find in any rigs less than $1000. (Another bonus is that Ashdown's have really good tonal control, so they can give you a lot of different sounds; perfect if your musical styles are really varied)

Go to Http:// and look them up; there's a lot of different things to choose from, and I can't know exactly what you're looking for without more information =P …there's 1×15", 2×10", 4×10" cabinets, heads that range from 180-600 watts…though it's funny – right now, it costs $300 for the 180W, 300W, AND 600W heads – if you go for this, get a 600W! It's a crazy good deal, if you ask me.

So, let's see…$300-500 for a bass, $200-$700 for an amp (depends on the power you want), and you're looking at $500-1200 for a pretty nice bass rig. Again, this depends how much you're willing to pay for your bass and what kind of amp you want, but that's a general idea =)

I hope you find what you're looking for.

Questions and Answers

The best 6.5 and 6×9 speakers for bass in a car?

Title is basically all I need to say.. I like (the names are in order) Rockford Fosgate ,,kicker,,polk audio,,alpine,,pioneer …. And then price comes into play so I would like help finding out what would be the best speakers that would fit my car that has some good bass and are still all around good sound quality

2002 impala //6 3/4or 6.5 both should fit in the doors /// 6×9 on the back self (aftermarket radio)

Pioneer FH-X700BT Double-DIN Car Stereo with Bluetooth that I think has 50 rms watts x4
please keep price in mind and where I would find the speakers you think is right cheapest. Trying to keep it under $150 I would like it to be atleast a 3 way but it doesn't matter I just want good bass thanks to all (((( I need the speakers not worried about getting subs just yet so please only about speaker))))))

Posted by Caleb
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The truthful answer is; Whatever you think sounds the best and that is a personal matter.

However, some want to bypass simple facts and would rather list a load of brands. If only acoustics worked on those simple basis .. But they don't!!


What most consider 'Good Bass' is in actual fact is midbass. I wish people would place less emphasis on subwoofers, and more on really good quality speakers. They'd experience a totally different and better experience ..

But here goes.

1) 2 way, 3 way, 4 way … At that price point, as with 'multiple way' speakers, it won't matter much. A simple 2 way speaker would be fine.

**Pioneer – I've owned a few Pioneers in my time, OK

**Alpine – Some of the best sounding gear I've owned. However I've had three Alpine amps, and many speakers, but i find them a bit thin on bass. In fact I bought .. Took a chance on a pair of Alpine SPR-69 speakers last week, and that gamble has not paid off! There is little to no bass what-so-ever. Great sound, just no bass. Truth is, I get more bass from my DLS Performance 125 speaker (5.25") than i do from the Alpines.

I ended up contacting Alpine, and I'm waiting on them to send me some info (T/S parameters) beyond the basic specs.

Http://… – My Alpines and prospective enclosure project

Http://… – Alpine SPR-69

**Rockford I've only had two experiences with Rockford. Not really interested in a third!
**Kicker (see above)

2) If you want bass, put everything into decent front speakers!

If you want bass, then i suggest properly sound deadening your doors and then 'Investing' in a pair of great speakers. This is what i did. After buying plenty of speakers $100 and below, i decided to put all my money into really good front speakers. I bought a pair of Morel Tempo 6 and I've never looked back. And the Morel's really kick.

Morel Tempo speakers – Http://…

You could look at a pair of Morel Maximo speakers

Morel Maximo speakers – Http://…


Why does one of the best car audio engineers, someone who had recently built for Snoop Dogg, why does he run his Hybrid Mirus directly from his Head Unit, with no amp?

PWK has done a proper door install that's why!! One commentator said; he thought PWK's speakers very amped and processed,


it was about the best sound he'd heard!!

Http:// – Hybrid Audio Miurs speakers

Http://… – Proper door install – watch it all, but for the door install watch from 5:10

Under $100

Make no mistake the best speakers I've ever, ever owned under $100 are from DLS.

DLS are renowned for constantly winning in European SQ (Sound Quality) competitions. The 5,25" Performance speakers (which i recently gave to my girlfriend for her car) hits really hard. But they are simply the best $100 below speakers I've had, period!!

Http://… – DLS

Final words

Sound proof your doors

Invest in decent front speakers

All the best :)

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Best Small Bass Amp Combo

Fender Frontman 15w mini amp

Questions and Answers

Bass Amp Question?

Would I need a speaker to go along with this amp?

Posted by Sam
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No it has a 6 inch speaker built in and that's all a 10Watt amp can power.

This is strictly for practice and very small rooms and will still sound thin.

But it allows you to practice with headphones so you won't be kicked out of the house when you get the urge to play a bit in the middle of the night. It also lets you plug in your CD player or Pod so you can play along with your tunes.

Hey it's only $70

A good set of strings is going to cost almost as much.

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Questions and Answers

What size bass amp do I need to play in a small venue?

I have a fender jazz bass a few good friends and the desire to play a gig within the next few months. Problem is I just have a practice amp. My drummer tells me i need something bigger. We have a half stack for the guitar. Do I need something similar? I heard you can play guitar through a bass amp but you shouldn't play bass through a guitar amp… True? Any suggestions/pointers?

Posted by Marlyce
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It really depends on a few things…probably most importantly, how loud is your guitar player planning on playing through that stack and how much you're looking to spend. You don't necessarily need a half stack…a combo amp will do but I personally prefer a stack. When we play small venues I use a 4X10 Carvin cabinet powered by an Eden Nemesis head (pushes about 275 watts @ 8 ohms) and I rarely have turned it up to 12 o'clock. My personal preference if I wanted to make sure I could handle small to moderate sized venues would be a 2X10 cabinet (8 ohms) and a 1X15 cabinet (8 ohms). You can get 2X10 combos and that would work just fine but I would make sure the amp is powerful enough to power another cabinet in case you need it in the future. My recommendation would be a 400-500 watt amp (@ 4 ohms, around 250-350 @ 8 ohms). I personally like the Markbass LM-III and the Eden WTX500…Carvin is very good as well for both amps and cabinets. Clear as mud?

Fender Mustang Amp Series Tutorial – Nevada Music UK

Questions and Answers

Bass amp recommendations?

Hey all, I am looking to get a new bass guitar amp.

Right now I have a Fender Rumble 25w. It was my first amp that I got about 5 years ago. It is finally to the point where I cannot deal with it anymore.

I was reading about various amps and specs but I am a bit overwhelmed by it.

I am leaning away from tube amps because of price (at least from what I have seen).

I am looking to get another combo amp, one sufficient for jamming at home but potential for small gigs.

My max I am looking to spend is $400, but of course I would prefer around 300.

Could some of you give me recommendations, advice, reviews, or anything else to help me out.

I play punk, metal, ska, reggae to give you a feel of the ranges I am lookin for.

Any help? Thanks!

Posted by bored_out_of_mind2003

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