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Peavey Vypyr Clinic Tour 2011 im September – feat. Benny Young

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Questions and Answers

Are Peavey Vypyr amps as bad as they say?

I'm buying a Peavey Vypyr 75 Watt amp for practice(getting over drums)/gigging and I tried it out in stores and went through a lot of the amp and it seems weel worth it to me, but, why do people hate them so much? For $300 it's the best you can get unless you go for soem million dollar tube amp. And PLEASE, do not tell me to get a tube amp. I really don't want one(okay I lied, I do, but Im not saving EVERYTHING I HAVE, Im 14 for gods sake lol).

Posted by Guitar Player Forever
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The Vyper is a great amp! Especially for a beginner. It has plenty of great features and very usable tone. For the price it can't be beat. There are a lot of snobs out there that will tell you that tube amps are just better than solid state amps. While there is some truth to this I can tell you from experience that there are plenty of great sounding solid state amps out there too. It really depends on the user. By taking some time and experimenting with the controls you can easily conjure up some cool sounds. This is a great amp for your situation. It is loud enough to compete with an acoustic drum set, is very reliable, and has good enough tone for gigging in garages or small stages and backyards. It has some very cool effects built in so you do not have to blow a bunch of cash on pedals. I definitely recommend getting the full size footswitch that enables you to fully utilize all of the amps capabilities.
Eventually you may decide to get an expensive tube amp, but this amp will serve you well until then.

Peavey 300 combo Bass Amp…Buzzing, pots scratchy. Help!?

I just got a Peavey 300 bass combo amp and boy is this thing HUGE! Now theres is a few problems. First, the amp has a tendency to buzz while im playing. If i let a note ring, it buzzes a bit then makes some strange sounds then note ceases to ring out. It is really strange. Im thinking the amp is not grounded correctly?

Also, how do i fix scratchy pots?

And third, my bass seems to have a buzzing problem as well (only wen not touching any metal, of course). It is a brand new Fender vintage mod jazz bass, so it should be grounded well, so whats the problem?


Posted by mike
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The weird overtone while playing is probablyPower Supply Filter Capacitors–they go bad with age.

That also can account for hum/buzz while not playing.

The sypmtoms You're describing are stereotypical of "ALL" amps.
Especially on BASS NOTES (even including Low Notes on Guitar Amps)
Ghost Notes,,bizarre overtones,odd-order harmonics,,Weak,Soggy,Fuzzy Bass.
Just Bad Capacitors.

That's a Very Nice amp,,Peavey is Great Stuff.
They introduced it in '77,,I think?

Caps only are SOLID for maybe 5~6 years,,,some go as far as 10yrs but are VERY marginal at that age.
To resolve the issues—
It's NOT something the "average person" would want to try doing theirself.

Anyone who Does have any skills/experience with repairing Electronics CAN do it,,,it's not a bad job to perform.
But Fooling with Electrolytic Capacitors that Size on Mains power is like fooling with Live Wires.
And the Caps need to be "Formed" —a special electrical treatment/procedure–before installing them.
It's a DANGEROUS do-it-yourself deal.

Being a SolidState Amp—getting them serviced is TRICKY.

The problem is NOT with being Repairable/Serviceable,,,
it's with finding somebody Qualified to do it RIGHT.

My best suggestion is to Contact Peavey directly,,,and ASK for a Refferal to qualified Individual or Shop.

They're Great Folks,,and usually always glad to help.

You Might even be able to send it to Peavey,,I dunno.

Or at least get direct recommendations from somebody for a Local shop.

Just cuz a place has a sign that sez,,"We Fix Amps" dont mean SQUAT.
And a "SHOP" is only as good as the Particular,Individual Repairman at the bench.
Those guys often come & go and move around.

So,,,it's Possible that "A GREAT SHOP" last year or 2 years ago when they fixed Your Buddie's Amp,,,,
Dont even have anybody real sure how to plug the things in TODAY.

Sounds STUPID,,I know…
But thats the reality of how it goes.

One other "dilema" is the expense—-the Amps can currently be bought pretty cheap(Stoopid Cheap for as good of an Amp as they are).
Repairs,,,even just "service" & Re-Cap,,can cost as much as the Amp itself did.

Which is often the reason Amps get sold/replaced.
MANY amps are built with marginal Size/Rating/Quality components.
The idea is that they are sorta "Disposable"—by the time 1 or 2 items wear out,,,it's the start of a chain-reaction where everything is wore out & waiting to fail.

In my opinion,,,Your Peavey is worth the $$ to get it fixed right.
The amps have a ton of features and are very high quality,,,and should last you many years of trouble free service.

Regardless of my opinion on that,,,
YOU still are gonna have to take it somewhere & get an estimate on what it'll take to make it right.
Then decide for yourself if it's worth the expense.

Not my place to even say this,,,,and frankly I have no idea of current prices on Amp Servicing….
But,,I'd say it's worth spending $100~150 to get it fixed right.
IF the speakers are good and dont need attention,,
You probably can get it fixed for that much or Less.

And end up with a heckuva nice amp

Good Luck with it.

Photos of cats and the amps they love … to sit on

Local band the Glorious Rebellion reminds us all of the undeniable affection cats feel for amps. The post Photos of cats and the amps they love … to sit on appeared first on Orlando Weekly Blogs .

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Peavey Bandit 112 Guitar Amp

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Questions and Answers

What guitar amps can you recommend?

I was going to get the peavey vypyr 70 but looks like they're discontinued now, I might get the peavey vypyr 30, but is there any other amp with a similar price that you could recommend? I play rock/metal.

Posted by Generic White Male
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Look into a used Peavey Bandit 112. It is not a modeling amp. It is a real pro amp that sounds amazing, and has a great overdrive channel that can be manipulated to sound very good. And the clean channel is really good too.
It has plenty of power. 80 watts.
I used it during my last pro band or a few years. So did the band leader.

Unless you need the amp to have effects on it. Then you might look into Line 6 amps as well as the Vyper.
Also the Fender Mustang amps look like they have possibilities.

But with modeling amps, on the distortion effects, you cannot turn the guitar down and lose some distortion. It is distorted all the way down to 0 on your guitar volume. Which can be a pain.
I really like the Bandit 112. They are less than $200 used. $350 new.

That is a reason tube amps are good. You can turn your guitar down and it will be clean, but when you turn it up, the more you turn it up, the more it distorts.

Best guitar amp under $300?

I play mainly indie rock/classic rock.

Posted by
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I really liked the Peavey Bandit 112. New they are about $3-$350. You could get one used for less than $300

I used it when playing as a pro in club venues. Awesome tone. Perfect for classic rock (which is what we played)

(actually every time I have played in pro bands, I have always used Peaveys)

Joe Satriani's 'Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir' (US, 2014): Book Excerpt

In his new book "Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir", due out in May 6th, 2014, Joe Satriani recounts his musical journey from a 1970's Long Island, N.Y. Kid, through his multi-platinum record selling surge, to where he is today.

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Peavey Guitar Amplifiers For-Sale

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Questions and Answers

What kind of amplifier do I need?

Looking to set up a speaker system for my house at school we have 3 sets of 2 outdoor speakers ( Http://… ) and also a subwoofer that i do not know what it is called and possibly some other speakers.

Not to sure how to connect it all up but looking for a way to do so and of course the cheapest is the best not looking quality looking for loudness
if anyone can just point me in the direction of what i might need
Looking for some quality obviously most of came off differently but could you show me what you mean by the first solution. It sounds like the best/easiest solution.

Posted by Brendan
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All loud and no quality isn't worth having. Wd dnnjinzshh go t the shhhtli re eee for the nsst rashhh.
Fat lot of good,
Would danny Jones go to the start line ready for the next race will get Danny's attention.
If it's for loud thump thump disco music, OK, who cares what the words are?

The link is to low senstivity 50 watt speakers. 87dB is low. 100-20k is OK.
You will be better with 95dB or above speakers for outdoors but 87db is OK indoors but not loud loud as in loud.
Also the impedance is not showm, 8 ohms is good, normal for hifi good stuff.
4 ohms is OK for going loud with less quality. The amp will have a lower damping factor at 4 0hms. Yurgh!

Three ways
A 50 watts mono or stereo PA or stage amplifier from a good maker like Peavey having six or eight outputs for speakers.
Connect a speaker to each output.
Tape Out or Pre-Out are signal outputs from an amp. Connect either into the signal input of a powered subwoofer. Some amps have a Sub Out output so use that instead.
All done.Proper jiob.

A surround sound home hifi amp used in mono if you wish, which has loads of speaker outputs plus a sub output. Connect as before.
The satellite speaker connections on those are sometimes of low power since they only handle mid and high notes so it isn't a great option.
How to connect them is always shown in the instruction book, should you be lucky enough to get a new one.

Third way, even worse but cheap.
A 50 watt mono or stereo amp with one or two sets of speaker connections.
Make up a series/parallel chain of the speakers to keep the impedance reasonable but that gives lower quality and decreases the frequency response of the speakers.
Two 8-ohm speakers in parallel give 4 ohms resultant impedance,
Three lots of those in series gives 12 ohms load to the amp for the six speakers.
An amp having 50 watts at 8 ohms will drop to around 30 watts at 12 ohms.
To get 50 watts use a 70 watts at 8 ohms mono PA amp
Advantages are cheaper amp and much less cabling required., saving cable costs.
It'll sound like a railway station speaker at high volumes. Rough…..
Adding a sub will give a caacophanous jumble of Cor!! Hear that bass!!
Decently educated ears will not be happy. Party kids won't long as it's loud.
Speeches will be a disaster in a resonant room.

You can find Peavey and similar amps in music shops selling guitars etc. Marshall and Fender are other top brands. Look in the window notices first for amps for sale second hand and ask the shop guy if he knows of any.
Typical one looks like this
This kind is OK if it has outputs for enough other speakers but the first kind is best. All amp and no speaker built in.
Hook up the speakers and get a lead to connect a sound source like a CD player or a turntable, and get a reasonable quality microphone from the music shop for $50 -$70. A good make and easy to find is Shure.Pioneer do good ones at budget prices too.
Speaker cable can be ordinary 5 amp or 10 amp or similar 2-core lighting cable bought on a 300 foot drum or whatever you need. That's the cheapest way to buy it.
Plugs are bought from the music shop and are easy to fix onto the cable.
Just push the bared wire ends into the two holes and screw down the retaining screws or get the solder type and somebody around will have soldering knowledge.
All set then. Run a party with it, disco, speech days, sports days, all sorts.

What is the best electric guitar amplifier money can buy?

Hypothetically lets say money is not an option, whats the best guitar amp? Im just curious.

Posted by Swk0726
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"Best" at what? Tone? Man, that's really subjective.

There's an amp called a Trainwreck that was designed by a guy named Ken Fischer that's almost legendary. Supposedly while he was designed it, he would move tubes and components around a mm at a time and then place them where he though they sounded the best.

Brad Paisley, David Lindley, and other have said this was the holy grail of amps.

Sadly, Ken passed away in 2006. There are several companies building clones now but the people who have played the originals say nothing comes close. If you can find one for sale now they're going for between $30-40,000!

Another legendary amp is the Dumble, made by Howard Dumble. They've been described as a really great Fender on steroids. These amps were played by David Lindley (again, what an amp ho!), Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer, Santana, and Eric Johnson. And again, Howard was very much into component placement and signal path routing. Each amp was literally custom built for a customer. But, his business model wasn't the greatest. You sent him $10-15,000 for the amp, and then waited 6 months to 1 year. If someone with a bigger name than you came along and wanted one, he would sell your amp to them. If you called him and bugged him, he would just send your money back (kind of like the soup nazi on Seinfield). But, if you got one, it was an amazing experience. I got to play on a Dumble Overdrive Special, and it was like the guitar was playing itself.

Supposedly, there are fewer than 300 of them in existance now. Since the 80's, Howard has been covering the circuits in epoxy to keep people from ripping off his design. However, some have been "de-gooped" and copied. The most famous Dumble clones are made by Fuchs amps, and are available for about 1/10th the cost (Joe Bonamassa is a big Fuchs amp user).

These amps are in the clean to mid-gain class, so if you're a blues or pop or rock player you'll probably love 'em. If you're a metal guy, then they ain't gonna do it for you. You'd probably want to try to seek out a Lee Jackson modified Marshall from the 80's. Lee was one of the original amp hot-rodders, and eventually started selling his own line of amps (Perfect Connection, Metaltronix, and he designed for Ampeg for a while). Lee's in Austin now, supposedly working on the ultimate digital/tube hybrid amp.

If you can find on of his modded Marshalls, you'll pay $5-8000 for one.

FInally, I've gotta give props to Kendrick Amplifiers. Gerald Weber is the owner and head amp guru there (and a fan of my band The Rhythm Dawgs even though I play a digital amp). Gerald probably knows more about vintage Fender amps than anyone else out there, and is now building his own signature model for around $5000 that's one of the sweetest amps I've ever heard. Being a technical guy, I usually hate the artsy-fartsy descriptions people use when describing tone, but that amp truely has what I consider a 3-d sound that just envelops you.

My ultimate amp that I've owned? Believe it or not, it was a Peavey Ultra 60 1-12 combo from the late 80's. There was just something about the little amp that really let me play well. I'm still kicking myself in the head for selling that thing.

I supposed that if I was going to buy another amp right now, and had a few thousand to throw down on it, I'd be looking at a Mesa Boogie Roadster or a Marshall JVM. Just my opinions.

Greetings from Austin, Tx


Joe Satriani's 'Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir' (US, 2014): Book Excerpt

In his new book "Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir", due out in May 6th, 2014, Joe Satriani recounts his musical journey from a 1970's Long Island, N.Y. Kid, through his multi-platinum record selling surge, to where he is today.

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Peavey Acoustic Amp

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Questions and Answers

Is a Keyboard Amp usable with an acoustic guitar?

I want an amp for my Takamine acoustic/electric guitar and for my keyboard. Are there amps that will work with both? If so, could you name a few brands(and/or models) of amps?

Posted by SNSDfann2
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Yes, a good keyboard amp will work well for an acoustic guitar with a built in pre-amp. Keyboard amps work much better that a guitar amp for acoustic guitar because they are "full range" and usually have a tweeter and a woofer.

Pretty much any good keyboard amp will work well:


Roland, Behringer or Peavey. Behringer will give you the best bang for the buck.

Mini guitar amp good choice?

I have a epi les paul junior, and im new to playing electric (im used to play acoustic extensively). Is a mini guitar amp a good idea (like this one for 20 dollars)
or should i just save up and get a regular amp, keeping in mind it will probably take me until december to save up?

Also, does a mini guitar amp require a cable? If it does, ill probably just save up to get a fender 15r.

Posted by skater
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No u shouldnt get that mini amp…those are used for when u travel and cant take the big amp everywhere and yes all amps require a cable which i recomend you get the brand monster, they are about $15-$20 depending on the length you want…also if you go to guitar center you should find small 15 watt amps that are a little bigger than a shoebox for like $50, and for the brand marshall, peavey, or line six should do the job…good luck!!

Joe Satriani's 'Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir' (US, 2014): Book Excerpt

In his new book "Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir", due out in May 6th, 2014, Joe Satriani recounts his musical journey from a 1970's Long Island, N.Y. Kid, through his multi-platinum record selling surge, to where he is today.

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Peavey Guitar Amp Reviews

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Questions and Answers

Who has this guitar Amp?

The Peavey Vypyr? I would like to know if anyone out here has it, because I kinda need someone to review it for me, or give me a really good site that I could find honest reviews about it at? Thanks for your help!!

Posted by
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Ultimate Guitar is where I go for guitar gear reviews:


Which guitar amp should I buy?

Hi, I'm buying a Gibson Les Paul Junior, and am looking to buy an amp with it.
I'm looking for an amp that can be played in the bedroom/rehearsals/small gigs.
I play rock, blues, pop, jazz .

So far, I liked these amps, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Crate FlexWave Series FW65 65W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp $299
Kustom Quad 65DFX 65W 1×12" 2-Channel Guitar Combo with Digital Effects $299
Marshall MG4 Series MG50FX 50W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp $379
Fender Frontman 212R 100W 2×12 Guitar Combo Amp $299
Fender Frontman 65R 65W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp $199
Peavey Vypyr 75 75W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp $299

thanks a lot.

Posted by polandspring05
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Hello there,

Here is a link to Harmony Central. You can read the reviews of those amps by folks who have actually used them.


My favorite amps have always been Fenders. I also like some of the Vox amps. Not in that price range, but I am quite fond of Fender tube amps. Bandmaster and Deluxe. Also, the Vox AC 30 is a great amp. For the size you need, not sure which Vox would fit that need. There are some all right smaller Vox good practices amps, but in that size range, I just am not sure. You might consider looking at some of the reviews. In the Fender line, the Frontman is about as good as you will get within that size without popping out the bucks for an older tube amp.

Line 6 is a popular amp with the younger generation because of the built in effects. You may want to look at some of the reviews on it.

Of those few amps you have listed, my own preference would be the Fender Frontman 212R. Nice spring reverb. For solid state, it sounds good. I have always had good luck with Fender amps. I go back with them to 1968.


Joe Satriani's 'Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir' (US, 2014): Book Excerpt

In his new book "Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir", due out in May 6th, 2014, Joe Satriani recounts his musical journey from a 1970's Long Island, N.Y. Kid, through his multi-platinum record selling surge, to where he is today.

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Peavey Steel Guitar Amps

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Questions and Answers

Guitarists: whats your guitar(s) and rig?

All i have is Schecter C-1 Artist (main guitar obviously) and a knockoff strat

and for the rest i have

peavey vypyr tube 60 watt with the sanpera II footswitch

i have only been playing for a little over a year so its good for me until i can afford better
post links to pics if you have them

i would but my camera is giving me problems and i didn't take pics when i got them.

Posted by Damian
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Jimmy Vaughan Strat
Squire Vintage Modified H-S Tele
60's Pan Trini Lopez Copy
Parker P-44
Http://… (Parker is the natural mahogany, Hamer is the jazz box lying down. I no longer own the purple Ibanez or the blue strat copy)
DeArmond M-75
Gibson Explorer
70's Mosrite Copy (Univox Hi-Flier?) Http://…
Hamer Echotone
80's Suzuki Acoustic
70's Applause Acoustic
Garrison Acoustic/Electric
Fender MIM Deluxe Jazz Bass 5 String
Unknown Brand Lap Steel
Unknown Brand Soprano Ukelele


Fender Blues Jr.
60's Traynor YBA-2
Peavey Vypyr 15


Boss Space Echo
Boss Tremelo
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah
Snarling Dogs Whine-O Wah
Digitech Hyperphase
Digitech Digiverb
Digitech Multi Voice Chorus
Boss Metal Zone
Boss Super Overdrive
Digitech Sreamin' Blues
Digitech Digidelay
Boss Digital Delay

Joe – Glad you like it. That old Univox or whatever it is is the most awesome sounding guitar… Only cost me $150… Those old P90s just snarl, and I'd probably give up my Gibson if I had to choose just one of them. Finding that one was just sheer luck. The other real find is my most recent, the DeArmond… Some of the best pickups I've ever heard. I could have sold that guitar 3 times before I left the store with it… I literally had people begging me for it.

Which amp and cable would be good for my Rogue Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar?

1. Peavey Vypyr 15 15W 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp
link: Http://…

2.Crate FlexWave FW15R 15W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amp

3.Crate FlexWave Series FW15 15W 1×8 Guitar Combo Amp

4.Crate Profiler 5 Guitar Combo Amp

Posted by jamessknockout
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The cable part is easy:
As a long time musician, I can confidently say an Belden cable would serve you well. Especially if you can get one with gold-plated plugs. These are the industry standard and are found in most studios, including television studios.
Keep the length to no more than 2', since you will suffer signal loss with longer lengths.
Try to avoid stepping on the cables: this can break the tiny wires inside and that will result in a noisy signal, or none at all.

It is my understanding Monster cables are also quite good.

As for amps, your choice will depend on what kind of sound you're striving for. The selections you listed seem to all be tube-amp emulators, and not all that powerful: I used to have a 200 watt Peavy Reno amp for my acoustic-electric ( it had a 15" speaker…) but it appears that is no longer being made.
I was quite happy with it, although it got to be a chore packing it around- it was getting heavy as I..I mean, it…. Got older.
Sometimes I would play my Guild acoustic at 10…. I sometimes called my group "the loudest Bluegrass band on earth…"

If you were trying for a nice acoustic sound, I'd recommend one of the Peavy keyboard amp, such as the 60 W KB 3:

Another great choice would be the Peavy Nashville, which is actually meant for steel guitars.


If these amps are more than our budget allows, I like the specs and features on the Peavy you listed, but it has 8" speakers. I would rather choose an amp with the larger 12" speakers. This allows for a better reproduction of the lower frequency sound waves. It's pretty near impossible to accurately reproduce a 10" long sound wave with an 8" speaker cone.

I should qualify that last bit by explaining my points of reference and opinions about this are from the 1980s. Things may have changed….

As a generalization, Peavy amps are pretty much bullet proof (not literally, of course) and quite dependable. Which is why so many touring artists use them. But in this case the Crate FlexWave 1×12 (#2) has the slight edge.

It just doesn't seem to have the range of tube amp emulation profiles the Peavy does.

Maybe you should start a collection…they're not that expensive, so buy one of each as income from gigs allows….. :-)

Any of these would be okay for gigs in the smaller venues available these days, and since they have record out lines, you can run the signal into the sound system's main mixing board.

Joe Satriani's 'Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir' (US, 2014): Book Excerpt

In his new book "Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir", due out in May 6th, 2014, Joe Satriani recounts his musical journey from a 1970's Long Island, N.Y. Kid, through his multi-platinum record selling surge, to where he is today.

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Used Peavey Guitar Amps

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Questions and Answers

Peavey guitar amps?

Is this a good amp or a rip off? Is it fake or is it a good tube amp? I don't want a bad one.

I play metal, rock, blues, everything but country
I play metal, rock, blues, everything but country.

Posted by Jon
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Thats a good amp for the money…at that retailer.

You could get a used marshall for that same money at a momandpop retailer I bet.

Now playing:prison sex – tool.

Upgrading guitar amps?

I've been using an old Peavey TNT 100 for about the last 4 years and I bought it used to begin with, and I'm looking to upgrade.

Brands, and size would be great recommendations, it needs to be reasonably mobile, but not small 10 amps. :)

Posted by Name
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Marshall mg series dfx50 50 watt

fucking brilliant amp in my opinion can play any type of music

always reliable not that heavy to move around

and as its got marshall on it you are guaranteed quality.

Joe Satriani's 'Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir' (US, 2014): Book Excerpt

In his new book "Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir", due out in May 6th, 2014, Joe Satriani recounts his musical journey from a 1970's Long Island, N.Y. Kid, through his multi-platinum record selling surge, to where he is today.

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Peavey Guitars For-Sale

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Questions and Answers

Is this guitar brand good for me? And is the price good?

I am looking at a fender star-caster electric guitar. I am a beginner but have played my friends electric guitars before and I was pretty good. I am 14 and I am going to get lessons too.

This set comes with the guitar, an amp, a case, a stand, extra strings, picks, straps, stand, a tuner, and an instructional dvd for $165(new)it use to be $199 but I assume the price is going down because today is christmas. (also free shipping)

Is this a good price? Is this a good guitar if I become more than just a beginner or even if I am a beginner? Also do you think the price will go down a few days after Christmas or do you think that $160 is the lowest it is going to get?
(it comes with an amplifier)

Posted by Alex
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Hello there,

The Fender Starcaster is a Strat type guitar Fender has made for sale through certain big box stores like department stores. It is a low end low quality guitar. It is roughly equivalent to the lowest end of the Squier line, the SE. I see them sell new for anywhere from $120 to $189. I have seen flea market guitar dealers sell new ones for $89. A used Starcaster will sell for maybe $50.

I would never recommend a starter pack from any brand. The amps in those are an absolute waste of money. They are lousy no matter what brand. Get your guitar and amp separately so you can get a decent amp. Most beginners under estimate the importance of the amp and speakers in how they will sound. You only sound as good as your speakers no matter what guitar you are playing. A decent amp will cost you more than $100 new. More like $200.

Frankly, you would be better off getting a Squier Strat. Even the cheaper models like the Bullet and Affinity are much better than the Starcaster. Also look for a used guitar for your first guitar. Used guitars sell for about half the new price.

I started playing in 1957. So I have played Fender guitars for over 50 years. The Starcaster is not a very good guitar. When I got first guitars for my 5 nephews and 2 neices a few years back, I got them Peavey and Squier. I did not think a Starcaster was adequate to learn on. You may not yet have the experience to tell a decent quality beginner guitar from a poor quality beginner guitar. You may see nothing wrong with it. When I pick up a Starcaster to play it, I think this guitar need some fret work to make it feel better. I think the bridge is sloppy and probably will not stay in tune. I think the tuning pegs may slip and the guitar go out of tune as I play. I realize the pots are extremely cheap and make the tone poor on it. These are all things that you can fix, if you have the experience of working on guitars. Those cost too much to pay to have done. There are some better guitars in the same price range, like the Squierr Bullet. Do a little more looking around before you buy.



Okay so I've always had a love for music and for years people kept telling me "You should really learn the guitar blah blah blah" So I finally talked it over with my parents and i'm going to be buying my first acoustic guitar! I looked on Kijiji for guitars in my area and i've found the Fender CD-69 black acoustic guitar for sale for 150$ It's like new (he's never really played it) and I don't know if i should get it or not..
I have never played guitar before although I am able to read notes and when i took violin lessons at like age 6 I was able to play by ear. I'd still be taking lessons and i just wanted to know if this would be a good guitar for me? I wouldn't be playing shows or anything, Id'e just be fooling around in my spare time. Also I don't know if this really matters but I would be playing Punk rock alternative songs, I am totally not into country so yeah? I am totally open for other suggestions as long as there not too expensive because i am on a budget (: thank you all!!

Posted by Sarah
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Two thoughts.

"I would be playing Punk rock alternative songs"

That tells me you should consider an electric instead of an acoustic. A cheap Ibanez, Epiphone, or Squier would probably fit the bill for a nice starter guitar. You'd also need an amp. Once again, a cheap Fender, Peavey, etc… Some guys will tell you that an acoustic is the best way to start because it's a little harder to develop basic skills on and builds finger strength. And they're probably right. But I think it's really important to keep yourself motivated too. You'll sound a lot more like the guitarists you like with an electric. Not that there aren't uses for acoustics in punk or alternative. It's just that most of the sound is electrics.

If you do decide to go with an acoustic, I'd look at Yamaha, Takamine, or Epiphone. Fender is known for its electric guitars. Fender acoustics are not that great and you can get much better deals in the same price range.

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