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Fender Blues Deluxe Amp demo – Damon Chivers @ Nevada Music UK

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Questions and Answers

What do i need to record (music) at home?

What are some things i definetly need if i want to record my own songs. At home of course.

Posted by iLoveYooh! :)
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What you'll need depends largely on what you intend to do with your music. If you're just looking for a way to archive your songs for your own use, you can probably get a used 4-track cassette recorder for less than $30 on eBay. Those enable you to record guitar, bass, drum and vocal tracks (as well as any other instruments) separately, then mix them together. All you'd need, apart from that, is a set of good headphones and a decent microphone. Fostex and Tascam also make 4- and 8-track digital studios that are easy to use and offer decent sound quality, though you won't have as many mixing options as you would with a computer-based studio.

If you're getting into computer recording, there are many options. I use a Digidesign M-Box 2 Mini, which is a little box about the size of videocassette tape that enables me to record individual tracks to my computer. It came with the current edition of Pro Tools software, which means I can mix everything on my computer, as well as tweak the sounds and add effects. The final product is CD quality, which is very cool. And since Pro Tools is the music industry standard for recording, I can take my hard drive to any recording studio and upload the tracks if I decide to make changes. The M-Box 2 Mini runs about $300 at Musician's Friend ( You can use it with headphones or external monitor speakers, since the sound won't go through your computer speakers.

If you decide to go with a computer interface, you'll need at least one good microphone. I recommend a large diaphragm condenser mic, since those can be used for vocals and instruments and capture sound with more accuracy than hand-held mics. Condenser mics start at around $50.

There are unlimited numbers of accessories you can use with a computer recording studio. I run almost everything I record through a Presonus Tube Pre, which is a small tube amp simulator that sits right on top of my M-Box. It mimics the sound of old tube amplifiers, so everything sounds warmer. There are thousands of gadgets that can enhance the sound of your recordings, but you don't need them to get started.

Musician's Friend has a little informational series to introduce newcomers to computer recording, since it's hard to know which equipment to buy with so many options. Here's a link:


The hardest part of home recording is becoming familiar with the software, so if you decide to use ProTools, I also recommend the book "ProTools for Dummies." The recording screen is daunting at first, but once you start playing around with tracks, you'll find it's really very user-friendly.

You can learn a lot about products by browsing the products on Musician's Friend. The site also has customer reviews, so you can see which people have similar recording goals and learn which products are working well for them. Just don't let the volume of information freak you out, since home recording gear is actually fairly easy to use. Good luck to you!

Best Guitar Mini Amplifier?

I am learning guitar and I am a traveling ESL teacher, so my whole life must fit in 2 suitcases. I'm looking for a good mini amp, but don't know which one to choose. I'm a beginner, but there might not be enough money to upgrade later on. I'm looking at Mini Orange, Fender Mini Twin 57, Fender Mini Tone Master and some others. I like all kinds of music, but mostly alternative, classic and experimental rock, I guess. What do you guys suggest?

Posted by snowsinthedark
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The best little portable amp ever made was by a company called Pignose.
It still exists and the sound of that little baby amp is awesome.

You can even use is as a pre-amp like the guitarist of chicago Terri Kath did. He had an awesome sustaining sound and on stage, he used to have the pignose hooked up and used it as an overdrive.

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Small Guitar Amp Advice


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Questions and Answers

Heavy metal amp advice?Im looking for an amp that will give me a good metal sound like testament or megadeth, all ive got right now is an ibanez with an emg-80 active bridge pickup and a marshall kerry king edition 10 watt practice amp and it SUCKS. I need a heavier sound badly.

Posted by Jesse G
[display_name id=”1″]Marshall or Peavey could be your affordable and convenient options. You could look into more powerful amps, eg 70-80 watt or 100 watt, which should be sufficient even for small scale gig rigs. A 10 watt amp probably doesn’t sound all that great, even in your bedroom cos it’s only meant to be used as a practise amp.

Just so you’d get an idea: I had a 100 watt peavey bandit (tube simulator) and it was a monster in my 12′ x 6′ bedroom at 4-6 master, 2-3 distortion gain (with everything in the room, e.g. Bed, curtains, cupboards, framed posters on the walls). I play the bass now and I have a 350 watt hartke half stack bass amp in my 8′ x 6′ music room. It gets really crazy at about 4-5 master volume (everything around me starts rattling, rumbling… The ceiling, the glass windows, the door) so it’s always at about 2, max at 3 (If i need it to be any softer, I’ll fiddle around with the volume knob on the bass). A 350 watt bass amp is roughly about the equivalent power to a 175 watt guitar amp. It’s there mainly for gigging.

Also, it’s always a great idea to shop around second hand stores. Try out every single amp you can find. You may stumble upon that tone that you’ve been looking for which you’d may not get from Peavey or Marshall or other common amp brands. Besides just volume and power, components of amplifiers make significant differences in its sound amplication and ultimately, your tone (some research here would be advantageous to you). I became familiar with different amps and roughly know which amplication units sound good with my instrument as I practised with bands at different rehearsal studios because I got to try them in the band mix (even if different studio rooms have different acoustics). Keep in mind that different rooms (different room structure, layouts, furniture placements) will produce different amplified tone. A room with tiled flooring and glass doors will produce a different frequency response and resonant differently from a room with carpets, heavy padded walls and wooden window panes. I needed something punchy with solid mids, which was one of the reasons why I got my current bass amp rig (10″ speakers, aluminium cones). The onboard preamp of my primary bass guitar has a lot of the low frequencies that I require which is sufficient. It’s also great if you could do a little research on the amps that your favourite guitarists use most of the time (stage rigs, studio rigs, etc).

Good luck in your search!

Note: I may be playing bass now (no longer electric guitar) but I’m dealing with the issue of instrument amplication, which applies to all instruments that require electric amplification units.

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Best Small Guitar Amps


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Questions and Answers

Guitar amp situation?I’m looking to purchase a 1/2 stack amp rig for my guitar, I know the value of tubed amps like how much input of sound and volume they give out, but all of the tubed heads I’ve seen are very expensive. My budget is about $650-700 and i was going to grab the Marshall MG100HDFX half stack setup just because it seemed to fit the price, but it only puts out about 100 watts, and from what i hear, there are better options. So I’m seeing if someone could guide me in the right direction and give me some suggestions.

Posted by sean l
[display_name id=”1″]I would strongly recommend against a Marshall solid state. I would really consider investing your money in a tube amp…even if it’s a smaller combo amp. I guess my question would be, does it have to be an amp head? Are combos out of the picture? Don’t rule out a good sounding amp just because it’s a combo…I’ve got a couple combo amps that will smoke a solid state half stack. But you are right, tube heads are really expensive. Here’s some tube options though. The Fender Hot Rod Deville is a great option…amazing tone, good reverb and nice drive…and the 4×10’s are soooo loud. I really like the Fender tube amps…the blues jr., the Deluxe, the Deville’s…etc. The valve kings are cool though too. I’m sure you could find a decent used Vox AC30 or Fender Twin reissue for around $800…either of these amps would be a great investment. But ultimately, you should buy an amp that allows you to get the most out of your guitar…the way that you want it to sound. Whether that’s solid state or tube, who knows…find an amp that speaks to you. Amp shopping is probably the funnest thing an electric guitar player can do…so have fun.

Good Luck.

Best guitar practice amps?I really want to buy another guitar amp. The one I currently have is a small VOX amp. It was only like 89$ and it sucks. Doesn’t even have reverb on it. You can’t really change the tone. It’s either clean or overdrive on that thing. I want a more complex amp. One that can do a variety of tones and settings. But, it has to be under 110$. I don’t have a bunch of mney in my allowance……

Posted by Melanie
[display_name id=”1″]Hmmmmm… All i can think of is go with a major brand. Like Fender, Ibanez, etc. Etc. By a “small” amp I assume under 20 watt. What you have sounds like my sis’ original amp she got in a kit and if so yes, they suck. I would recommend a 20watt or bigger. Online I found a Fender Mustang I that seems like it’d be good, 20 watt, lots of controls. Check it out $99 Http://… Only other thing I can think of is save your money. To get a quality amp your not gonna find it on the cheap. Also buy it brand new. Never buy used amp I’ll never make that mistake agin. :(

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Best Mini Guitar Amplifier

BRAVO AUDIO Headplug guitar headphone amplifier :: Demo …

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Questions and Answers

Travel/mini acoustic guitar?

I was in a guitar shop and me and my friend played on these really small guitars, bigger than a ukulele, like a mini guitar and I thought it'd be perfect to travel with on holiday because Its quite hard traveling with my full sized acoustic, and on tv I heard a musician say they take their 'travel guitar' on tour with them, but I've been googling 'travel guitar' and 'mini guitar' and can't seem to find anywhere online to buy them? Am I calling them the wrong name?
And any suggestions of what ones are good but not too expensive would be good, Thanks.

Posted by Mrs T
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They're called travel guitars mostly. Sometimes people use a 3/4 scale child's guitar for this purpose. If it had nylon strings you might also have been looking at a guitalele. Http://…

If a working musician refers to "their" travel guitar (or "road guitar"), they might just mean one that they are willing to put through the rigors of travel while they leave their best one at home. There are also high end electric instruments that can be played through an amplifier and taken apart for travel. All but maybe the very best of the small-sized acoustic-only travel guitars that you're probably thinking of would not be the choice of most performers.

Common inexpensive brands include the Washburn Rover and the often-maligned Martin Backpacker. There are a lot of them though – just google "travel guitar reviews", "best travel guitars", or similar phrases. Tone and volume are usually quite poor compared to a regular guitar. A decent sounding one can cost as much as a high end normal guitar (over $1000).

You might also want to look into the Voyage-Air, which is an affordable normal size guitar with a folding neck. They are said to sound very decent.

Fender mini amplifier ?

I have a Fender acoustic guitar
i'm a beginner
i need a temporary amp 'till i get more money to get a big one
i saw Fender Mini '57 Twin-Amp on Amazon and i heard it's pretty good
what do you guys think?
Cause i really don't know anything =/

Posted by Noori
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Hello there,

I have one of the Fender mini amps. I think of it as a novelty to sit on my desk. I do use a mini amp by Danelectro to test electronics on my project guitars. I feel safer plugging a project guitar into a battery powered amp than an actual amp.

I have tested the little amps out to see how they sound. Clean they sound all right. Not very good low end response. But I would expect that from such a little speaker. They are not very loud. I would doubt it they are any louder than an acoustic guitar is (already without the amp). Those amps are too small to handle a heavy load of gain and distortion. For a clean sound (and probably an acoustic) they would be all right. They are cute, but they are not very loud.


Hello again,

If money is tight, look on ebay for a used small Fender or Squier practice amp. Fender has a 10 and a 15 watt amp. It only has an 8 inch speaker, but even that will give you a better tone than the little speaker in the battery powered amps. Fender puts those amps in their starter packs. The amps are not very good for an electric guitar because they do not have enough power for gain and distortion. With an acoustic that will not be an issue. I have seen those amps sell for $10 or $15. That would be a better alternative than the small battery powered amps. Those have s speaker that is about 2 inches and they have 1 or 2 watts of power.

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Best Mini Amp for Guitar


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Questions and Answers

Help with Jackson guitar and mini amp?I have a Jackson DK2M Dinky with Seymour duncan pickups and Floyd rose , I also bought a cheap mini amp made by Boston , it’s called the Boston mini 3 amp , I bought it because it’s easy to travel with , now my problem is that the amp has good cleans but when I put it on distortion so I could do heavy stuff , it’s complete bullshit , I can’t hear what I’m playing at all , its hard to hear the tone of what I’m playing , I want to know if the problems my guitar or the amp???
Please help.

Posted by Guitardude
[display_name id=”1″]Hello there,

The problem is entirely in your choice of amps. A small amp like that cannot handle the heavy load of high gain pickups and distortion. It will run out of head room. There is more to the power rating of an amp than just how loud it gets. It takes more power in an amp for gain and distortion than most beginners realize.

If you are going to play through any mini amp, resign yourself to playing clean. If you want gain and distortion, use something other than a mini amp.


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Marshall MS-2 Mini Guitar Amplifier Reviews

Pipe Cleaners Can Dance

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Questions and Answers

What is a decent mini amp for busking with an acoustic guitar?

I'm planning to perform on the streets with my acoustic guitar. I want a mini one so I can carry it around in a bag without trouble (I'm a girl with a small physique).
I know it might be louder as is than plugged into a mini amp but I'm planning to sing as well. Wouldn't plugging in my voice but not my guitar be weird?

Posted by Elleinn p
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Check out the Roland line of small battery powered amps:


They are light, compact, easy to set up and use, and have enough power for busking. You want an amp that will handle your guitar and a vocal mic. Just amplifying your voice sounds strange and limits your options as far as crowd size. You can't turn up your guitar beyond its acoustic volume if it's not plugged in. Get the biggest model you'll feel comfortable carrying.

What is the best guitar mini amplifier?

I have been looking to buy a mini amplifier to just jam out and not wake the other residents and i don't know what to choose. Any suggestions?

Posted by JJA
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I tried them all and the Orange Micro Crush was the best, but still sucks. If money is not a huge issue I have another suggestion. The VOX AC4TV is a killer practice amp that can be set to 4, 1, or 1/4 watts. It sounds 1000 times better than any of these toy 9 volt amps. I have this amp and it sounds great. The various wattage settings make it very versatile. On the 4 watt setting it would handle a basement/garage type jam at moderate levels.



Miniature Handcrafted Electric Guitar

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Mini Guitar Amp Reviews

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Questions and Answers

Blackstar HT Series HT-5H and HT-110 Guitar Mini Half Stack?

I've never heard of this brand, so I'm just wondering if it's any good?

I read the reviews at this link:


. But still want to know if it's any good…Thanks!

Posted by Fast Forward
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Ive never played them, im sure they are a decent amp, but that is a mini halfstack, and no mini halfstack is worth the money. They cost way too much for something that isnt big enough, with 400 dollars you could almost buy a 100w randall halfstack. So yeah, im sure they are good amps, but definitely not worth the price.

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