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Questions and Answers

Guitar Amplifier ……………?Ok I have just started my band after learning guitar for ten years..I have only used a Marshall Amp and my fender guitar for these years.
Now there is annual get together rock music show in my building and the audience will be around 200 people. So my small Marshall amp won’t work for the performance.
I am planning to buy a JBL Vertec Speakers.i simply want to know the difference between the Marshall Amps And the JBL Vertec Speakers.whats the difference.I have no idea plz tell me
and which is better.

Posted by Mickey
[display_name id=”1″]The JBL Vertec Speakers is a large PA system (line array) for big venues. At least it was last time I checked.

In other words, this type of speaker arrangement has nothing to do with a guitar amplifier or guitar amp speaker.

What you need is either a good hose PA (with good monitoring system) to mike up your amp, or you will need a larger guitar amp. Simply hooking up another cabinet to your existing amp will not do much about your volume.

A smaller combo can work very well if it is powerful enough, and/or it is mike through the PA.

If you plan on having vocals, acoustic instruments etc. In the mix, then you will definitely need a good PA system for everything to be heard. Just be warned – this can get rather expensive.

The speaker system you mentioned here is designed for PA applications, but is total overkill plus it costs a fortune. This stuff is more designed for very large stadiums and the biggest concert halls and it requires specialized training and experience to operate.

Do any bass/guitar players know where…?I can find out what the bass and guitar player from Blur use as effects? Or know what they use, or ect ect, thanks.

Posted by Kyle K
[display_name id=”1″]•Graham uses a Marshall Super Lead 100-watt amp, a basic all-valve clean amp with no reverb or distortion, which he uses with 1968 vintage cabinets. “Those are his own paintings on his Marshall head, it’s his favourite,” says Jason Cox, the guitar tech. “He’s also trying out a new Marshall head, a Dual Super Lead. They gave us one, and Jimmy Page and all the other rock ‘n’ roll-type players. It’s superb, it’s got two channels so you can have two different types of distortion. You’ve got more EQ and it’s got a spring reverb on it, which you don’t normally get on Marshall amplifiers.”
•Graham’s main guitars are a Gibson Custom Les Paul and a 1952 Fender Telecaster, both of which are reissues. He’s also got an original 1962 Gibson SG, a Telecaster Thin and a 1993 Gibson 335 that’s one of only three in “Autumn Sunburst”. A further two Strats, a spare Les Paul and spare ‘52 Telecaster lurk in their cases at the side of the stage. Jason also looks after Damon’s Guild acoustic, which makes only an occasional outing during the gig.
•The pedalboard that provides Graham with the means to do his screechy, fuzzy or just plain howly bits starts off with a noise gate and a digital delay. Then there’s Jason’s home-made wah wah which, “rather than using it as a wah wah, you can just set a frequency and turn it on and off”. Other effects include “an old Boss vibrato, which they stopped making probably five or six years ago, two Rat distortions, a new Boss tremolo, a new Boss flanger, and a Dod Punkifier, which is his favourite”.
•Indeed, Graham does his stuff impeccably throughout the gig, especially in ‘On Your Own’ and ‘Killer For Your Love’, where he seems more to just swipe at the strings than actually play them. ‘Bank Holiday’, which live has always been fairly fast, is now reaching ridiculous speeds and it’s a wonder that they all manage to keep up. These days, though, ‘Chinese Bombs’ accompanies it in the lets-see-how-fast-we-can-finish-this stakes.

•It’s another all valve system with the bass amp, as Alex James prefers the Ampeg SVT2, a 300 watt head with valve pre- and power amps, a seven-band graphic equaliser and rotary tone control. Although no longer in production, the SVT2 is a favourite with many bassists and is still quite common. Used with the Marshall Shreadmaster distortion pedal, it gives the nice deep bass sound that James prefers.
•Although previously he used a Fender Precision, according to the bass backline tech, Alex McCartan, “he changed his mind at the beginning of the year and now we’ve got two Ernie Ball Musicman StingRays. I don’t know why, I think it’s because they look more glamorous. The sound engineer hates them, he wishes we would use the Precisions, but I think they sound nice; they’re nice to play and they’re shiny as well.”
•Indeed, the black and rosewood StingRays both get a comprehensive polishing before the gig starts. With such attention to coolness, James has managed to subordinate his bass playing almost entirely. Whilst there are plenty of bassists out there with better technique, there are few that can produce sounds that swing so effortlessly between extremes of subtlety and full in-yer-face-ness and you’d have to be a real spaniel to ignore how much his bass adds to songs like ‘Beetlebum’ or ‘Girls and Boys’.

Acclaimed Drummer Gavin Harrison's recent Cambridge workshop at Ananda Studios reveals secret of a great drum take

Internationally acclaimed drummer Gavin Harrison, pictured, who has worked with a wide range of artists including Iggy Pop, Sam Brown and King Crimson, recently held a drum workshop at Ananda Studios in Cambridge, during which he revealed the secrets of creating a great drum take.

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Marshall AS100D vs Fender Acoustasonic

Marshall AS100 played by Ralf Sommerfeld

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Questions and Answers

Guitar Amplifier?

I have a Marshall MG 150 guitar amp. Every time that I turn it on, it makes a loud buzzing sound, almost like a fan turning. This sound goes on for about 2 minutes, then subsides, but the amp still has a soft hum. These 2 buzzings may be unrelated, but what is the first buzzing? Is something broken with the amp?

Posted by Jonathan F
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Most likely it is just the fan running….mine does that too. It just need to clear out the dust and any residue that is settled on the fan.

The second soft hum: check your guitar cables you might have a loose connection.

Fender or Marshall amplifier for bass guitars?

I'm a beginner, I want to play bass but I don't know which supplies are better. I really need help with these. Also, if I want to replace my string bass what brand is great, (I'm thinking Ernie Ball?) If you know any other great amplifier or strings please feel free to suggest. By the way I only have $80 in my piggy bank. ( I know it sucks having a little money & I do not get allowance. )

Please give me an accurate answer, because I don't want to waste my money.
One more thing, I have a fender bass guitar that are four strings & the type of genre music I listen to are: Rock, metal and etc…
Can you also play the bass fender to the Marshall amplifier? Because I heard someone that you can only play guitar in the Marshall amplifier, is that true?
I also wanted the amp to produce a clean sound for the bass and that sounds good for rock music.

Posted by Melissa
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You've got a lot of questions there. I'll try to be as helpful as possible.

Marshall does make amps that are made for bass, but you won't find one new for less than $200. Maybe you can find a used one on Craigslist or a pawn shop. Since you're new to this, you should bring someone with you that knows more about guitars and amps if you buy used.

For under $80, there are some decent small practice amps out there. At that price you won't find anything loud with booming bass, but any one of these amps will be sufficient for learning. I'm including links to them below in sources.

If you have a music store nearby, I strongly recommend going to one and talking to the people there. They'll let you try out the amps they have, and give you advice. Most places will allow you to bring in your bass to try it out on different amps. You might be able to find a better amp in your price range used. Don't buy anything used until you've hooked your bass up to it and played it bit to make sure it works.

As for strings, everybody has their preferences. Ernie Ball makes good strings. My favorite strings for hard rock are Rotosound Swing Bass 66. Ernie Ball Super Slinky and GHS Boomers would be my next choices. Medium gauge, 45-105 (meaning smallest string is .045in and largest string is .105in) seems to be about right. You might have to try a few string sets to see what's right for you.

Music Q&A: Trevor Shelley de Brauw of Pelican

A chat with Trevor Shelley de Brauw, 35, of Chicago, the guitarist for Pelican. This week, Paul Wood chats with Trevor Shelley de Brauw, 35, of Chicago, the guitarist for Pelican, which is back together after a hiatus of several years with a new album, "Forever." Who are the members of your band? Any new ones? Larry Herweg, Bryan Herweg and Dallas Thomas, who just joined the band prior to …

Marshall AS100D 2×8 Acoustic Combo Amp review

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Marshall Amplifiers

My 18 watt build / Tube Depot Kit

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Questions and Answers

Marshall Amplifiers? ?

I'm going to be buying a new amp for Christmas. I currently have a line 6 spider III 15w. My guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul Special II. I'm either going to buy a Marshall Micro Stack, or a MG30DFX, but the thing is it says about the micro stack, is that it's only 15 watts, and I'm worried that'll make it only as loud as my spider, and I want something better.

Posted by trogdor505
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I used to ONLY USE Marshall and Mesa/Boogie exclusively only those 2 amplification products but with the American Economy right now my job has been slow so money is tight and Marshall and Boogie are not Cheap Products they are expensive especially Boogie. So I went out looking for an amp and my main Dealer showed me a VOX AD50VT because he uses one and I was blown away its SWEET, KILLER TONE, Tube preamp, Killer effects just Sweet and I walked out with it for 300 bucks and its good enough and perfect for jamming with a band and gigging.

I recommend you take a listen to the AD15VT (15 wats) or the AD30VT (30 wats) they sound great Clean and Dirty killer for both Rock and Metal hands down.

Questions about the Marshall MA100C amplifier.?

Im looking to buy a new amp and im thinking about getting the Marshall MA100C.
1. Is the amp good and worth buying?
2. Can it be used and is it good for gigging?

If not, any suggestions please. Should I look to get a stack maybe?

So. Would you recommend it?

Posted by bawls
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First off it's a discontinued amp, which doesn't necessarily mean anything. As far as a good gigging amp, it would depend on what type of music you are going to play. Marshalls tend to not have a very clean sound but if you are planning on playing hard rock then that shouldn't make any difference in the long run. These are good, practical and the most important thing luggable amps. Unless you are just dying to haul a half stack or full stack around, which by the way, only makes sense if you have a road crew do it for you, then get the combo. A half stack, and significantly more in a full stack, are very hard to control at lower volumes and will, in a lot of clubs, get you more attention soundwise than you really want. Most bar owners will start telling you to turn down before you even play one note with those monsters. If for some reason you need more volume then you can always mike the amp but that really only applies if you plan on playing auditoriums or you work in a band that mikes everything and uses the front of house sound for their volume.

Music Q&A: Trevor Shelley de Brauw of Pelican

A chat with Trevor Shelley de Brauw, 35, of Chicago, the guitarist for Pelican. This week, Paul Wood chats with Trevor Shelley de Brauw, 35, of Chicago, the guitarist for Pelican, which is back together after a hiatus of several years with a new album, "Forever." Who are the members of your band? Any new ones? Larry Herweg, Bryan Herweg and Dallas Thomas, who just joined the band prior to …

Da Capo Al Fine- Opressão

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Marshall Amps Prices

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Questions and Answers

What is the starting price for Marshall amplifiers?

Posted by Scotty Lamb
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Hello there,

There is a lot of difference in Marshall amps and therefore a wide price range. You can pick up a used MG series practice amp for $25 used. See this example.

I do not like those small practice amps. I think the speakers make you sound thin and tinny.

The other end would be a Marshall JCM 800 head or a plexi or any of the other tube heads. Used those start around $800 and do up. Those are fabulous amps.

What size amp are you looking for and what do you need it for (home play, recording, in a band) ?

Marshall amps are not over rated. That is a silly statement. That is like saying the Fender amps are over rated. Just as silly. I have played on vintage Fender black face amps and vintage Marshall leads, those are as good an amp as they come. The amps that have models of classic amps always have a model of both. They are great.


Are Orange or Marshall amps better for classic rock?

Favourite guitarist is slash, and i like all classic rock sounds, also mark knopfler and t rex. Which make of amp provides the best sound for the job?

Posted by
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In general, both brands are good and will do what you want. You can find better value-for-the-dollar with Marshall because of sales volume. Orange tends to keep it's price point at the store because it's a smaller company and they have to make more money per-unit. As a result, dudes on the street think they're made out of gold so the used prices suck. I'd go with Marshall unless you're rich.

CoreLogic Reports First Quarter 2014 Financial Results

IRVINE, Calif., April 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — CoreLogic (NYSE:CLGX), a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled services provider, today reported financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2014. "CoreLogic continued to execute against its strategic…

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Marshall Amps On eBay

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Questions and Answers

How much could I sell this Marshall Amp of mine for?


I bought a the Marshall Valvestate 2000 AVT 150 watt amp 6 years ago. It is too big for me, and also there are so many settings that I always get confused. I need smaller and simpler!

At the time, I paid $1500. I've only played on this amp in my house, and, for about 3 years I didn't play it at all. Therefore, it really hasn't been used that much and is in good condition.

How much should I ask for when reselling it now? (Prices are in Canadian, but I don't think it makes that much of a difference)

Here is a pic:

Posted by Catherine
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Here is a link for ebay and the similar amps for sale .


Acclaimed Drummer Gavin Harrison's recent Cambridge workshop at Ananda Studios reveals secret of a great drum take

Internationally acclaimed drummer Gavin Harrison, pictured, who has worked with a wide range of artists including Iggy Pop, Sam Brown and King Crimson, recently held a drum workshop at Ananda Studios in Cambridge, during which he revealed the secrets of creating a great drum take.

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Marshall AS50D Amp Review

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Questions and Answers

Marshall or Orange guitar amplifiers?

I'm looking to buy a new 15 watt amp for my bedroom. Which one shall I get? A Marshall or an Orange?


Posted by mr.t-shirt
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I didn't know that Orange made a 15w. I have played on many different amps in my life and prefer the Marshall sound. Orange amkes an awesome amp as well and if you can afford either, I would go with the proven winner in the 15w class….Marshall. I have a 30watt Marshall that I even use for gigging with my church praise band. It more than does the job in a fairly large church….but the little old blue haired ladies can't take full volume anyway.

Guitar/Amplifier relation?

Now I own a cheap knockoff stratocaster made by Behringer and the guitar sounds decent with the little 15 watt amp I bought with it. I'm looking at getting an epiphone SG, a much nicer guitar than the one I currently own and has many different features. To be completely honest, I love music and making music, but I'm not really well educated about the instrument itself other than a few things, but I was told SG's are great for rock music. Would I have to purchase a bigger better amplifier to hear the full potential of this guitar, or if I use the one I currently have, will I notice some distinct differences in how they sound?

Posted by
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If u really want to rock, pump that
Gibson thru a Marshall to realize the potential of your gear.

IF not try a multi-effects processor to really hear what you can do.

Either way an SG is one of the greatest rock guitars ever created.

Acclaimed Drummer Gavin Harrison's recent Cambridge workshop at Ananda Studios reveals secret of a great drum take

Internationally acclaimed drummer Gavin Harrison, pictured, who has worked with a wide range of artists including Iggy Pop, Sam Brown and King Crimson, recently held a drum workshop at Ananda Studios in Cambridge, during which he revealed the secrets of creating a great drum take.

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Marshall Guitar Amps For-Sale

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Questions and Answers

I want to get sponsored by a guitar amp company?

So about half a year ago, I brought a long and grueling process of searching for the right amp. My band wanted to start playing, and finally, after having worked the 3 or 4 months since November, we have 5 songs ready to record.

How can I get an endorsement? Half of our sound comes from the Blackstar ht60 2×12 that I decided on. I was looking at a used Orange rocker 30 for about 1000, the ht-60, originally 900, but 500 on musiciansfriend, used Marshall JCM 800, and some older Mesa amps (looking at used because of my budget).

But I settled on the Blackstar, just because the amount of tonal options, effects loops, and 3 footswitchable channels. Plus, I'm starting to believe in their product, some unreal sounds and bands are playing through Blackstars, and everyone who's borrowed my amp for shows, be it metalcore, indie/post-rock guys have been thoroughly impressed. On top of all that, the customer service was great. I emailed the regional manager because I wanted to buy a footswitch. They didn't have any shipping until later this year for sale, but he understood my plight of wanting to get a band together and start playing, and got me a free footswitch just for asking.

I understand that for a band this early in its stages probably won't get a deal, or even free stuff. But how hard is it to get something like this or even be considered? My friend who's a drummer got an endorsement from Dark Horse drums, and his band has self-produced an EP and havent really gotten out of the local scene. Would it be this easy? Or are there some other things I hsould think about as well? Sorry for rambling, but hopefully this gives you an idea of how important an endorsement would mean to me.

Posted by
[display_name id=”1″]

Since you're interested in being sponsored by Blackstar amps, it might not be that difficult to do however, it's not a slam dunk kind of thing. It could take a long time to get them interested in having you represent them. What I would suggest is this: Write down everything you like about Blackstar amps and why you chose them in the first place over all the other amplifiers and then write it out as a presentation and then rehearse that presentation until it sounded really good. Then get a video camcorder and record it and upload it to YouTube. You might even consider including a sample of what your band sounded like before the Blackstar experience and what it sound like now. Then get your band on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and other Internet places where you can blog about Blackstar and include a link to your YouTube video. In The September/October issue (2010) of Bloomberg Businessweek there is an article entitled On You Tube, Seven-Figure Views, Six-Figure Paychecks … Http://… – READ IT! Now understand that even you you do not get sponsored by Blackstar, you can make a lot of money from YouTube by creating videos of music gear that you like. Who knows, maybe Guitar Center or Musician's Friend will sponsor you if you can sell enough Blackstar amps or other gear for them.

A word of caution – Your initial Blackstar Video, MUST BE EXTREMELY Professional. It needs to sound as good as these video reviews …

Http://… (Alex is now sponsored by Roland) notice the expression on his face … He is really into the music and his conviction about the product comes though

Http://… – Robert is sponsored bu BOSS and Roland.

The bottom line is Blackstar is only interested in you if you can actually sell amplifiers for them. You are going to have to prove to them that you can.

You do not want to sound like this guy and yet he has more than 66,000 views on YouTube – Http://…

Which guitar combo amp is a better choice: Line 6 Spider Valve 112 or Marshall AVT150?

I have recently been able to upgrade to a better amp and have rounded them down to either the Line 6 Spider Valve 112 and a Marshall AVT150. The Spider Valve cost around $450 used and the Marshall cost $400. Here is the link to the Marshall AVT150 for sale: Http://…
and this is the link to the Line 6 Spider Valve for sale: Http://…
They are both Valve-State amps but each one varies a lot. Please if you have any advice or comments, please write them down and post them here for me. Thank you very much for your help and time.

Posted by Douglas M
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Well i play drums and i know you
could prolly find both for cheaper on
musicians friend but the line 6 hands down
marshell is rad but your pick alot less amp

so line 6 lqtm

also musicians friend its worth it.

Sound Listings


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