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Fender Guitar Amp Reviews

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20-40 watt gigging guitar amp. Under $1000?

Hello ladies and gents.

I'm in search of a really good tube combo amp. Looking to spend between 600-900. I play all types of rock. I'm just looking for some suggestions so I can locate these in shops and play around on them. Not into super high gain(peavey, line 6) I'd prefer boutique distortion from Mesa, orange, Marshall, or other like brands.

I play a fender roadhouse deluxe.

Thanks in advance!

Posted by Clinton
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Bugera has recently come to my attention, So with a bit of research I've found the reviews are pretty good, Although it only takes a couple of gear snobs to knock the rating down on any piece of equipment, so always take the reviews with a grain of salt, But by looking at the price and features my guess is there taking a jab at the big boys in the game, Although I'm just looking at them, I already have too much gear, if I were to bring another amp home there's no telling how long I'd be sleeping on the couch. But that little BC30 caught my eye. Http://…
Might go check it out at Guitar Center, and sneak it in if I like it. Oh no honey that's Dave's amp. Dave's not married so that could work out pretty well.

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Which Guitar Amp Should I Get?

I have been playing guitar for almost 6 years and its time for me to upgrade to a tube amp. I am looking for an amp that i can find for 500-600 bucks new or used. I play mostly classic rock, blues, and jazz. I want an amp that i can use to get a Clapton sound, or a John Mayer sound, or a bluesy sound. I don't need an amp that has crazy distortion, but i would like one with a decent overdrive channel. I have been looking at the Fender Hot Rod Deville. Is this a good amp for me? Please offer advice and suggestions for amps i should get. Thanks.

Posted by Mr. Cool
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The Deville is a good amp for that type of stuff. Eric Clapton has used many amps in his years, and most of them are thousands of dollars. Some more affordable one though are the Vox AC-30, and the Fender Blues Deluxe. John Mayer uses the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and the Blues Deluxe, among other gear that will blow the bank. Jet City amps are good all around amps, that are made by Soldano and are very nice. Do some research and watch reviews and demos online before you get an amp. I have bought a lot of gear on Craigslist, for good prices. You might want to think about looking there for an amp before you spend full price on a new one.

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Buying Electric Guitar (Laguna?)?

Im looking at this package here : Http://…

I am beginner electric player, I've played only acoustic.

And after reading reviews about the amp inside the pack, etc, it sounds pretty good. I want to play a wide range of music… Looking for a nirvana/fender sound but i am also looking for other sounds like Guns and Roses, and i think slash uses les paul which has humbucklers if im not mistaken, which is i guess kinda similar to this guitar?
So do you guys think this guitar in the package would kinda sound both like a fender and a les paul? I heard laguanas sound somewhere in between. Im too broke to buy 2 different guitars. I heard someone play the laguna on youtube and it sounded really raspy, but i dont know if thats just because of the tone he is on or what, because I dont think that sound would be very great for like sweet child o mine or something. I'm just very mixed up at the moment as to what i want… Does anyone have this package that can give some review?

Posted by The Purple Dolphin
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It looks fine. Although, Fenders are known for single coil pick ups, usually. And this one doesn't have any. If you can find a similar package where the Laguna has some single coils to go along with the humbucker, that might be the best bet. But if you can't, you're probably fine with this. I think many of the guitars Kurt played might have been Fender but they had humbuckers?

It's hard to predict exactly how a guitar will sound, but a friend had a S S H Laguna(two single coils, one humbucker) and it had a great hard rock sound when cranked..but when it was clean, it was nice..different, kind of..Fender-y.

One thing I'll say..a great deal of your sound will come from the tone you shape, your EQ. When I started I mistakenly looked at EQ like on a stereo. But then when I looked up how some musicians would adjust their bass/middle/treble I realized how much I was missing out on. Everybody knows about the Metallica thing now with the "Scooped Mids", and that's just one possibility. I'd almost recommend an EQ pedal for more options, but now that I see the guitar package comes with a Line 6 amp, I can say you probably won't need one. With all the digital amp settings, you'll have all the EQ options you need I'm sure. In any case, play with the amp models and the EQ a LOT to see what you like. Some things will work better for certain tones than others. Even if you had a crappy guitar/amp, control over EQ can redeem the tone sometimes.

But yeah, this looks like a great start.

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Best Affordable Guitar Amps

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Affordable guitar tube amps?

I am looking for an affordable guitar tube amp or tube simulator amp combo.
Im not looking for a effect processor or pedal .
Music style is metal , rock

By affordable I mean under $500.
So whats out there?

Posted by greg x
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Hello there,

I am with Lucasman on this one. I like the Jet City amps. For metal that would be a good choice. Problem is, it's only 20 watts (for under $500). The more powerful model is over $500. Don't know of a true tube amp with a lot more power for less than $500.

For rock and blues the Fender Blues Jr would be a good choice. Don't think much of it for metal. It also is a low power amp.

If you can go with tube simulation, the solid state B-52 100 watt head as about as good a tube simulation sound as their is.


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What do you recommend for a affordable guitar Mini Amp?

I have a Fender Strat (standard) and I plan on buying a mini amp for it. Problem is I would like to buy one prefrebly under 50-55 dollars, and I haven't had the best luck. I am aware of the Fender Mini Deluxe amp however it runs on batteries, and not an outlet.

What are some good mini amps out there that I can purchase with an affordable price? (list the actual model name if you can)

I will mainly be using it for practice in my room and not in a band of any sort.

Posted by YH
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I have a Marshall MS-2 mini-amp. It fits your price range, and is comparable to the Fender mini-amps. Of the mini-amps I've tried in that price range (mainly Marshall and Fender), I couldn't tell much difference in sound or quality. I wouldn't expect a great tone out of one of these, though. They're more of a novelty than anything. Most run on one 9-volt battery, but all that I've seen have an optional AC power supply. It won't be a very loud amp (don't expect to be able to play over drums or horns), but it is really handy for practice. If you want a more serious amp which will deliver real tone in a compact form, try the Roland mini-cube. It will cost quite a bit more than the other mini-amps, and isn't quite as portable, but it sounds much better.

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Good bass guitar amps?

Can someone help me find a good amp??I dont like to order online so can u find a store thats close to Hoffman estates? I am looking for a 70-80 watt amp thats less then 200 but has to b good for a beginner and good sound. Please give me some links to some stores and if its a lil bit over 200 thats ok.

Posted by Matt
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Behringer Ultrabass BXL900 90W 1×12" Bass Combo
Behringer's ULTRABASS BXL900 delivers a ton of great features in an economical package. A wedge-shaped bass combo with a powerful 12" speaker and 90W.-$179.99

Behringer Ultrabass BX1800 Bass Combo 180W
Behringer's BX1800 is a truly affordable 180W bass combo with an original BUGERA 1 X 15" high-impact cone speaker and a custom-made horn tweeter-$199.99

Online. I know that you said that you are uncomfortabe ordering online but for the amount of money you wish to spend this is your best bet to get the biggest bang for your buck! I would at least mention this amp to my local music store and see what they will do for you. Sometimes if you mention that you are thinking about ordering it online they will "magically" lower the prices for you. Just don't let them know how much money you have to work with or they will try to get every penny that they can.

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Cheap Electric Guitar with Amp

Digital multimeter tutorial (old version)

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Acoustic-electric guitar amp?

I'm planning on buying an ibanez acoustic-electric guitar and I'd have to buy an amp separately of course. When I buy the amp will it come with the cord I need to plug it into my guitar? Or do I have to buy the cord separately? I'm a beginner guitarist. Been playing on acoustic for about 6 months.

Posted by Courtney
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Well i have an electric guitar but it came with the amp and the cord and guitar all in one , but usually when you buy an acoustic electric or just an electric it comes with a lead already, but if not they are very cheap to buy seperately, hope i helped x.

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Electric guitar + amp?

Hey, I'm looking for a really low-priced guitar that includes an amp. I'm alright at playing, just a beginner so I'm not looking for anything really nice, something simple. I also don't need a big amp, maybe even just like 10 watts. Does anyone know where I could go or even better, a site I can look at. Right now I'm checking out costco and their stuff. ( Http://…. ) looking for something like this, not sure if its good or not though. So if anyone has any suggestions where I should look let me know!(:

oh and im a 17 year old girl so I want something with color:P haha. Thankss(:!

Posted by kk
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Please, please, please….do yourself a favor and don't throw your money away on a guitar from Costco, Walmart, Best Buy,Target, or any other non-music dealer. Even a beginner needs an instrument that meets certain minimum levels of quality and playability. Beginners are often reluctant to spend much on a guitar for fear that they might not be able to learn to play it. Since you apparently already know how to play, you shouldn't be worrying about that. A cheap box store guitar will play horribly and sound bad.

The Squire by Fender Affinity Stratocaster is a good choice for a guitar. This is not to be confused with the cheaper Squier "Bullet" Strat. The Affinity is reasonably priced and yet good enough quality that it will take you awhile to outgrow it. I gig with a guy who uses one. Http://…

For an amp, you can get a small practice amp. If and when you decide to play out with other musicians, you'll need a bigger amp. A Roland Cube would be one good choice for a practice amp: Http://…

Behringer XENYX 802 product review and gear update

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Where to get cheap electric guitars?

I want to get an electric guitar pretty cheap. I've seen some websites for some decent guitars for about 100-150. That's pretty reasonable but id like to find something cheaper. If anyone has any ideas that would be great! Also a decent amp too!

Posted by Robert
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You can't get a good guitar for that kind of money. You'll never be able to play well on a guitar that cheap. They'll just sound shitty.

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Best Guitar Amps

Northwest Guitars: Tom Anderson Drop Top in trans orange

Questions and Answers

What is the best professional way to record guitar amps?

I am a home recording producer and a drummer and i am about to start recording an album with my band and i need to get the best sound out of an amp, if anyone can give me an idea of how to do it that will be great amp settings mic placements anything, i can get pretty good drum sounds but im just struggling on guitars for now… Please help me out.

Posted by jzdrentan
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Guitar amps are as easy or as hard as you want to make it.

I've had really good luck putting a Shure SM57 and a Sennheiser MD-421 right up on a speaker, about half-way between the edge and the cone. A nice large diaphragm condensor about 5-10' back to pick up the room is a good addition as well.

I've also been using the Sennheiser e609's on my guitar live lately and been really happy. I've got a session later this week that I'm going to try those on.

If you're recording very distorted guitar tracks, then do yourself a favor and record a clean track directly from the guitar (using a DI box). That way, if you need different tonal options, you can re-amp the track and not have to re-cut it. Sometimes just adding a touch of that clean track back into the mix will give the notes the definition they need.

Good luck.

Greetings from Austin, Tx


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Questions and Answers

Whats the difference between Practice, Combo, Head and Cab guitar amps?

Im just looking into buying a guitar amp. But I've only just started guitar and i have no idea what these different types do. They just popped up when i clicked on guitar amps on a website. Thanks :)

Posted by >:D
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Hello there,

1. Practice amps. This name is commonly used on small amps that in reality are not practical for use. The name practice I guess means you can use them in your room by yourself, but they are not suitable for any other purpose. These amps generally have 10 to 25 watts of power and have 6 or 8 inch speakers. The small speaker will made you sound thin and tinny. At 10 or 15 watts, the amp does not have enough power to handle gain and distortion. The amp runs out of head room under that load. I would not recommend a practice amp to anyone.

2. Combo. This means the amplifier and the speaker(s) are in the same cabinet. All small practice amps are combo amps because the amplifer and speaker are in the same cabinet. Combo amps can be as large as a 150 watt 2×12.

3. Head. A head is an amplifier in a cabinet by itself. You need to connect a head to a speaker cabinet to hear the sound. Never use a head that is not connected to a speaker cab. That will damage the head.

4. Cab. Short for speaker cabinet. This is a stand alone cabinet that contains only speakers. You generally have a head connected to the cab. But you can use a speaker cab with a combo amp. For instance you have a 1×12 combo amp and want a wider sound. So you plug the a line into the output (external speaker) jack on the combo amp and run that line to a speaker cab. On most combo amps when you do that, it cuts the sound to the internal speaker and runs it to the external speaker cab.

Other factors to consider.
Effects. Some amps have several built in effects. Some have none. For beginners, I think it is a good idea to get an amp with some built in effects so you do not have to buy separate effects pedals. You can tie up hundreds of dollars in effects pedals. Amps with distortion, delay, reverb, chorus and flanger effects are a good idea for a beginner. If you spend $50 on each effect pedal (that is very cheap) an amp with those 5 built in effects will save you $250 in pedals.

Modeling amps. These are solid state amps that have digital programs to simulate the sounds of various classic amps. For a beginner a modeling amp, is a good idea.The amp is versatile in that it does many different amp sounds and this is an inexpensive way to get the sound of some very expensive amps.

I believe the 1×12 combo amp is a good beginner amp. The 12 inch speaker will give you a richer fuller sound than the small speakers in the little practice amps. You only sound as good as your speaker, no matter what guitar you play. I have never heard a lousy speaker in a 1×12 combo amp from Fender, Vox, Marshall, Peavey, Crate, or Line 6. All are slightly different sounding amps; but all are good. 1×12 combo amps usually start at 30 watts and go up. At 30 watts you have enough power to play with others. There is more to the amp's power rating than just how loud it gets. It takes more power in an amp to handle gain and distortion. At 30 watts, the amp will handle gain and distortion without running out of head room.

A good choice for a beginner amp is the Fender Mustang II, 40 watt 1×12 combo. It is a digital modeling amp with several built in effects.


Northwest Guitars: Vox VT 80+

Questions and Answers

Advice for a person trying to learn guitar?

Ok so i always wanted to learn guitar. This game came out called rocksmith. Its supposed to teach you guitar and what not. The review were all great and i was planning on getting it when i have more money. Anyway i never even touched a guitar before but do you guys have any advice on a starter guitar? It would be amazing if it was red since thats my favorite color and it would also be great if you didnt suggest expensive guitars since my budget probably wont be very high in the future.anyway any advice would be great thanks in advance everyone and happy new years!
If it helps i will probably be playing rock music.

Posted by Aaron
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Playing rock music means you'll want an electric guitar, and a small budget means an inexpensive guitar such as an Epiphone (Gibson) or Squier (Fender). You'll also need an amp and a few other accessories.

If you know an experienced guitar player see if they'll help you find something on Craigslist, a pawn shop, or a music store that sells used gear.

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Practice Guitar Amp Reviews

Questions and Answers

New Guitar Amp ?

I was on Ebay looking for an amp. I noticed that Pyramid Amps are pretty cheap. I was wondering if they're good quality or if they break easily or something. And if Pyramid amp's aren't good. Then what brand would be?

Posted by anonymous
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If you want a practice amp it might suffice, check harmony to get the low down, use a Kustom quad 100 dfx myself, they make less expensive models as my son has one, mod unknown at this time, but it sounds really good, and I haven't heard, Dad it's broke yet so that's a plus, believe me you get what you pay for in the music world, if you have $500 I highly recommend a quad 100, sucker makes my Gretsch scream for more.

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Can I use this amp with this guitar?

I told my parents I would like a new guitar for Christmas. I found the one I want and its an acoustic-electric. Can I use this guitar with this amp, or does it even matter what amp I use? And what chord do I use to plug the guitar into the amp?



I have another question. I have a guitar strap already and I cant use it because I have a classical guitar. Do all acoustic guitars have the peg at the bottom? Does this one?

Posted by mosdef
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The guitar you've chosen can be plugged through any guitar amp. You can use a standard guitar cable, and it will have pegs for your strap. BTW, you can buy screw-in pegs for any guitar very inexpensively.

There are better choices for an amp. Do you realize how wimpy that amp is? It's 9.75 inches high and runs off a 9v battery! It will just about fit in the palm of your hand. Your acoustic-electric will make more noise unplugged. Which brings up another point: a "practice amp" is really unnecessary with an acoustic-electric. That's what the "acoustic" part of the guitar is all about. You only need an amp if you're going to gig and need to be heard over a band. Get the guitar but save your money for a real amp…something in the 50-100 watt range.

Better still, forget the amp and put the extra money into a slightly better guitar. For $20 more, you can get an Ibanez with a solid spruce top….. It'll give you a much better acoustic sound. You realize that if the specs don't specify "solid" wood that it's plywood veneer, right?

When you have the need to be amplified, you can either plug into the PA system or get a powerful amp. Expect to spend at least a couple of hundred on that……but not till you need it.

Questions and Answers

Which guitar practice amp should I get?

I still consider myself a beginner, I've been playing a little over a year. I'm about to get an ibanez art100 for my first electric, and I cannot decide between two amps. Which is better, a Peavey Vypyr 15w or a Roland Micro Cube?

Posted by
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Hello there,

I my taste in practice amps runs to the Fender Bullet Reverb. However, that was not one of your choices. Here are the links to the reviews of your choices at Harmony Central.





By the way, if you are not familiar with Harmony Central, it has great reviews for equipment.


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Good Cheap Guitar Amps

Questions and Answers

Guitar Amp Question?

A microphone into a Crate 10 watt amp. Thoughts and how clear will it sound?

Posted by yoyoyo
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If you plug a microphone into a guitar amp it will not sound good no matter what mic you use.

Guitar amps have a very limited frequency response, far lower than that required to accurately reproduce natural sounds like voice. Full spectrum audio is generally considered to be 20 Hz to 20 kHz; Very few guitar amps produce frequencies much above 8kHz, and their response curve is exceedingly non-linear. Wide frequency and linear response are the prime characteristics of good sound… That is good natural sound. Guitarists like the sound of severely attenuated highs and radically non-linear response. That's what compensates for the magnetic picukps

It is highly unlikely that a microphone will "blow" the amp or speakers. The sound may be distorted, which is never good for speakers. The sound may be weak, which may inspire you to turn the amp up too high. That too is a bad idea. But, unless you are totally deaf, you will notice a problem and stop before you do any damage.

If you are using a HIGH impedance mic ( the cheap kind with a 1/4 inch "phone" plug) there are no impedance issues to worry about. The real issue is how you set the gain on the amp. Guitar amps, (especially cheap beginner amps like a 10 watt Crate,) are designed to distort easily. Setting the gain too high will distort any signal, guitar, mic or other. That might be desirable if you are miking a a blues harp. You might want that distortion. Another reason you might want distortion is if you want to intentionally distort your voice. (Some kids think that is so cool!)

That amp produces so little power that you probably can't blow the speaker no matter how much distortion you use. If you ever decide to use good equipment though, remember that distortion is the enemy of speakers, because it makes them work too hard and cool inefficiently. Excess work and heat lead to premature failure.

A professional low impedance mic, ( the kind with three prong "XLR" connectors) is low impedance, and so, will have even less likelihood of damaging the amp. The amp could damage the microphone though!

High impedance means that the signal requires more power to travel down the cable. It does NOT mean that the signal is high or hot or louder.

Besides, if you were trying to use a low impedance pro mic, you would have to use an adapter to switch the XLR connection to a 1/4 inch phone plug.

For future reference, most audio equipment is designed to be "idiot proof." Gear that is supposed to connect to certain other types of gear, always has the matching connector. Things that are NOT supposed to be connected ( say… A power amp to a preamp) have completely incompatible connections. So, it is unlikely that you could damage anything by just trying it.

Of course, some idiots are more persistent than others. If you ever want to try hooking one piece of gear to another, you probably can, IF it comes with the right connector. If it does not have the right connector, don't.

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Questions and Answers

Cheap intermediate guitars.?

I have a Squier Strat but it isnt cutting it anymore. I play alot of punk and garage. Ive gotten to the point where I need a better guitar, but I dont have alot of money to go tossing around. Im gonna sell my Squier, gdec amp, and frontman 15g amp. What are some quality but cheap electric guitars, pedals, and amps? (I would like to stay in the $250ish range with the guitar)

Posted by Chase
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Good but cheap? You can spend many months to find appropriate good but cheap instrument. Good intermediate guitar will cost you about 500 – 600 bucks. You can keep the gdec amp. It's fine. Fender Highway one will be good for that price range. But soon you can realize that Highway one isn't enough because it's not the best in this price range.
Perfect instrument for high quality practice would be Fender American Special (800 – 900$), Fender American Standard (1000 – 1150$), Les Paul Studio (800 – 900$), Gibson Studio (800 – 900$), and many more (can't help you more). These all are American made and sound very very very good.

Questions and Answers

Where can i get a cheap electric guitar and amp?

My acoustic broke and it was crap anyway, so now i need something less delicate. Where can i get one used? Also I'll only need a small amp.
Thank you!

Posted by emily
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Check the Guitar Center Website. About a month ago, my nephew bought a Squire with an amp for $200. I can't tell you if it's any good, but he likes it a lot. He's 12 and been playing for about 6 months now. He hardly ever picks up the acoustic one anymore.

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Cheapest Guitar Amp

Questions and Answers

Where can i get a cheap guitar amp?

I have a guitar amp but its only 11.5 Watts i want a bigger amp around at least 20 Watts but am only going to spend 100.0

Posted by Trevor
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Here are what I consider the best choices in that price range, but try to play them first if possible since everyone has different taste. I have played the Frontman and Line 6, only read reviews on the others or heard good word of mouth form other local players.





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Questions and Answers

Bass Guitar Amp?

Hey y'all.

I jus bought a bass guitar (one of those cheap ones, yes i know, but its im absolute beginner).

But, i need a decent amp, cuz the one my friend gave me is only a 5w amp, made for normal electric 6-strings. And it doensnt sound very bassy at all.

Does anyone know of any good amps (preferbly below £30), and where i can get them from. (in UK).


Posted by bass player
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Because bass is more powerful than 6 string guitar, you need a purpose built bass amp, you are not going to get one for less than £30.

There are many different makes, like Marshall, Fender etc, but the best amps that are purely made for bass are: Trace Elliot, Hartke, and Warwick.

They are all expensive (you could easily pay £1000 for one) but they are worth it if you really want to feel the bass- they are the ones that will make the floor boards shake!

Questions and Answers

What is a nice/cheap guitar amp?

Okay, so i got around $200 to work with. I don't care about brand names I will take a first act as long as it has a decent sound. The guitar I am going to use it for the time being is an epiphone les paul. I want this guitar to last me a long time. I want some form of reverb, chorus, flanger, delay or whatever on it. I just want to know what do you all think is a decent amp to get. Thanks a lot ^^
to make it clear i have a guitar already for it.. I was just borrowing it from a friend and he took it back and i just dont have an amp now.

Posted by josh e
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Nooo, you don't want a first act LOL

your best bet for $200 is the Line 6 Spider III 30 amp.

I have the spider III 15 practice amp and this is basically the same except twice the power.
I tried every amp they had and the Line 6 blew them all away. Best effects and best distortion. There are 4 separate channels and 4 more user presets, plus you can tweak the factory settings and save that too. Plus you can get a footswitch to change the channels, the only drawback of the 15 is no footswitch.

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Best Inexpensive Guitar Amp

Questions and Answers

What's a good beginners amp for playing heavier music?

I'm looking to buy a guitar amp to learn how to play, though I have no idea where to begin. I want an amp that is inexpensive.

I like to listen and hope to play music from the following bands,

Avenged Sevenfold
Bullet for my Valentine
All That Remains
Five Finger Death Punch
Lamb of God

What's a good, inexpensive amp for playing music by those artists or similar to that type of music…

Thank You.

Posted by Jakk
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I just got a guitar today and I got a 10 watt Fender amp. It good for beginners (me) and intermediates. It was fairly cheap and it works really good too. It's better to just start off with a small amp (no matter what music) then when you get better, you can get a higher watt one.

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Questions and Answers

What's a good, inexpensive guitar amp?

I want to buy my husband an amp for Christmas, but I don't know what kind to get or what brands are good quality! He mainly plays an electric accoustic guitar, but also likes to play his electrics…what specific things do i need to look for in an amp for him? He plays praise and worship at church a lot and a transportable amp would be perfect.
Thank you for your help!!

Posted by Amber Lynn
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I'd say look for a solid state amp. Tube amp would be awesome, but they are way more expensive.

I like Marshall, some Fender, and some VoX amps. I'm not too fond of Line 6 or Crate. They seem to focus more on effects than quality. Personally Marshall is always a safe bet. It's quality and comes with a wide range.

All amps you look at will say a number next to them. This is how much power they have. The Higher the number, the more power. A 50 watt is about as small as you want to go for performing in small places, like a church. But no need to go beyond a 100. 15-30 watts are good practice amps.

Here's a nice one under $400, a 50 Watt Marshall

If that's too high. Then look at the 15 or 30 watt Marshall.

Questions and Answers

What is a decent inexpensive electric guitar/amp?

I dont need anything fancy… Just somting that i can play and learn on.

Posted by sas_fanatic
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Maybe a yamaha guitar the simple black and white one my brother used it when he was learning it cost him about 100 and the amp is expensive if it has more wats i think not sure how much mine cost around 60-80 but it isnt so good but almost everything is really expensive

hope it helped.

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