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Virtual Guitar Amp Software

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How can I play guitar through my pc?

I want to plug my guitar to pc and use the pc as a virtual what are the hardwares and softwares.

Posted by RedJohn
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I have heard Ableton has some emulators. You need to have an audio interface, that connects the Guitar to the Computer, then the Interface has an export to an amp. You can also get all the other effects, the chorus, delay etc.

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Guitar recording hardware/software?

Really wanna get into recording my own guitar sound and stuff, but i dunno where to begin. Anyone know of any USB type interface hardware and software which is really good? Doesnt matter about money. Btw, i dont have a mac >.> nor the money for one.

Thanks :D.

Posted by Matt M
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Line6 UX2. I don't find any latency and it comes with everything you need to record:

the is the line6 GX, UX1, UX2: here are the differences:

I think the higher you go, everything improves. I know many people had problems with their GX getting ruined too quickly. The others should last a really long time.

Of the three I would recommend the Line6 Pod Studio UX2. I bought the UX1 and regretted it lucky was able to return it and buy the UX2. The GX is the worst though.

The GX just has an input for guitar and one for headphones.

The UX1: has input for guitar, an input for mics so if you want to mic an amp or do vocals someday. 2 line inputs so you could also record keyboard and line instruments. A stereo input to hear music without it being recorded. A headphone input to use headphones and 2 analog outs to connect to speakers. That is so much more than the GX.

(GX and UX1, you could only record one instrument at a time)
(with both the GX and UX1 you might experience the sound clipping if the signal is too strong)

The UX2: 2 inputs for guitar. A headphone input. 2 mic inputs which is useful if you ever want to mic something. You could use two mics at once. Also has a button for phantom power to allow you to use condenser mics. (the UX1 does not let you use condenser mics). UX2 has 2 line inputs to record keyboard and line instruments. 2 analog outs for connecting to speakers, stereo input just like the UX1. Digital out. (not sure what it is) 2 footswitches inputs. So you can connect footswitches to it and send midi signals. For example: in pod farm you can save a set of gear lined up and play through it and set the foot switch to change between different gears ( clean to distortion) (like channels on an amp) ( i haven't tried this out yet but will sometime soon).

The GX comes with Pod Farm regular version, Ableton Live Lite 8-track (you only have 8 tracks to record- for ex: guitar, drums, piano, etc) also comes with riffworks. Small version. Does not save just loops and for jamming.

The UX1: comes with Pod Farm regular version: (plus you get a bonus of 35 effects and stompboxes= much more variety. Worth the extra money) Ableton live lite 8-track. Riffowrks small version.

The UX2: Comes with Pod Farm regular verison (plus you get a bonus of 35 effects and stompboxes= more variety) Ableton live lite 16-track (way more than the other two. You'll probably never need 16 tracks but you might want more than 8 one day. It also comes with Riffworks small version. And Reason Adapted which is a virtual studio with all the mixers. You get to create drum beats with it. ( also with ableton) reason also has syths.

I wouldn't recommend the GX at all.
I would recommend the UX2 because for the small money difference between it and the UX1 you get soo much more. 16 tracks to mix. Reason adapted. And also gives you the extra effects for pod farm (so does the UX1). You also get to use footswitches so you could use pod farm like an amp and make up your own channels and stuff. Phantom power. You'll be safe in the future.

I would also recommend you get some good speakers to use. It'll sound so much better. Don't use your amp as a speaker. It could mess it up and the sound will be different that you hear through your amp then after you record it and listen to it in your car or somewhere else. If you use your guitar amp you'll hear to sounds at times- the sound of pod farm and the amp- so it'll be like an echo.
If you need help choosing good speakers, let me know.

I would hightly reccommend the UX2. You can't go wrong. GX= wrong. UX1=good choice but might regret it in the future. UX2= perfect choice.

By the way. The UX2 lets you record two instruments at the same time. The Pad input gets rid of clipping if your experiencing it with the other input. Good to have.

Right now at guitarcenter they have the Pod Studio UX2 for 159.99. (10 dollars more than the UX1 at regular price) They have it that price this month. You should get it before it goes back up to 199.99.

I hope this helped.

If you have any questions you can send me a message and I'll try to help you out, weather its about this recording stuff or just guitars, amps, music theory, anything about music.

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Guitar help!!!? (hotel california)?

Hey, what kind of effects/distortion/pickups to i need to set to get the sound the the eagles manage on the solo from hotel california?

Posted by Adam P
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Im a Guitar Rig user, a virtual amp modeling software, it is great.

So, what I use for that solo is:

Valve Amp
Overdrive Pedal

Thats it. With that you get a nice sound, very Blues lead.

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Best Guitar Amp Simulator Software

How to use your PC/Laptop as a Guitar/bass AMP

Questions and Answers

Good free guitar amp simulator software?

I am looking for free software that can be used as a guitar amp, I intend to use this so I can play it through my TV speakers and through my headset if I need to be quiet for any reason. What I need is a piece of software that will play my guitar through the chosen sound output, I am looking for one with as many effects and settings as possible.

Also, it doesn't need it but if the software can also record and make songs it would be that much better.

Posted by Tsmith
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Amp Simulator

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Questions and Answers

Question about Behringer UCG102 Guitar-to-USB interface?

Would it be safe to connect it to an amplifier and record the amp rather than plugging it straight into the guitar? If not, are there any good amp simulators I can install for Audacity?

Posted by AnonymousJohn
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The UCG102 was designed to be exactly what it says it is – a guitar to USB interface. The UCG102 is expecting a low level audio signal. IF you have not already done so, you need to thoroughly read and understand the User Manual – Http://…

Behringer recommends using this device with Native Instruments software for guitar and I concur that is the best sounding computer software for the guitar. Http://…

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Repair

Questions and Answers

Can You Plug Electric Guitar Directly into Audio Interface?

And use amp simulator software? Will this sound good? Good way to spend money?
The computer (obviously) is in between.

Posted by Michael
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You need a guitar-to-USB interface like this one:


Good luck.

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Guitar Software

Blink 182 – Dammit (Guitar+ Keyboard Cover)

Questions and Answers

MIDI bass guitar software?

I just got a midi bass from a friend and I have all the cables i need, but im looking for software, (preferably free) to make music with.

Posted by Treadstone
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Any recording software with a midi connection should be ok.I use a Roland GR-20 when playing 'live',you'll need something like this from 'bass to pc' as an interface to the PC.I have a roland pick-up for midi fitted in my bass and uses a 13 pin cable.
Pirate bay is a good place to look into for recording software.

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What is the best guitar learning software ?

I have an electric guitar and I am taking a guitar class but I would also like to learn by myself.

Posted by Allie F
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Guitar pro is really good. I have written entire songs with this that i actually took to my band and made full band songs. This one is kool because it gives you the option of writing in tabs or sheet music scores. Also it is very easy to arrange everything with options of everything from crescendos to speaker panning. Plus on top of all that a lot of major tab sites for guitar have postings with this software that brings the song up on guitar pro so you can see everything.

Finale notepad is also good. I used this in music theory class. The only thing is that its kinda hard to use and you cant write in tabs. But it helps in the long run because you are forced to write on the staff.

Questions and Answers

Guitar software for absolute beginner?

I know nothing about guitar but would like to learn to play 1 or 2 songs. Is there a software that allows you to import music and teach you to play that song?

Posted by askqs
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Guitar Pro is the best software to learn guitar. Http://
Also go to for free music to us with Guitar Pro.

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Guitar Amp Emulator

Questions and Answers

Can i record guitar on my laptop with an emulator jack and a headphones adapter?

I have been trying to record some guitar on Magix music studeo for a few days now, I have an emulator adapter, just a jack that you can plug regular headphones into. I also have a double headed headphones jack. I plug one end into the jack, in the headphones jack on my amp, the other end goes into my line in jack on my computer, but all that comes across on my Magix software is a slight static. Please tell me what I am doing wrong!

Posted by Stewart
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You wanna actually go guitar to amp and then headphone jack from amp to line in this wont sound the best but you actually need a guitar preamp for it to really work well. Make sure that your volume control in windows has the line in as default input. Not microphone.

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Questions and Answers

I'm buying an amp, buying guide help.?

I'm aware that an amp can work with both a bass and guitar, but i'm a beginner, so im not sure how to really word this, but i want an amp that can really bring out the bass sound and guitar sound separately with different buttons and settings. Would there be an amp like that. I have a pretty low budget, so i just want one that can bring out the sound of my guitar and bass separately.can you tell me what to look for in an amp that can do this.

Posted by wanttolookbetter
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Simply put, no.

Well, I take that back. With at least a 100w power amp and the appropriate preamps (one for guitar, one for bass) and a speaker emulator if the preamp doesn't have one built-in, sure, its possible. You'd need to also get speakers that could handle the bass, though, and that part isn't going to be all that cheap.

I'm betting I could probably do it for under a grand, if I found used gear and was careful about my purchases.

The problem is that the guitar and bass have such different needs – the guitar needs lots of mids, the treble rolled off, and speakers that sound good when distorted, while the bass guitar needs lots of low end (which means a larger magnet, bigger box, bigger speaker, higher wattage rating, lower resonant frequency) with basically no treble roll-off and speakers that *won't* distort.

It is theoretically possible to do both, but difficult to do it easily or cheaply.


Questions and Answers

I have my electric guitar hooked up to my computer…?

Is there a program I can get that could add distortion to my guitar, or other sounds???

Please help!!!!

Posted by thankgodformaryjane
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Line 6 has a software program called Amp Farm that has loads of emulators that recreate classic distortion boxes like the Big Muff PI as well as various amp simulators like the Marshall plexi head. Who knows you might find a share ware version out there somewhere.

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Guitar Rig 5

Questions and Answers

Guitar rig pedal control?

I recently got guitar rig and i run it through fruity loops using a usb interface to connect my guitar.

I want to be able to control the pedals like wah wah but im not sure what to buy. Is there a type of pedal made for this. Can i use a sustain pedal?

On my interface there is a foot switch input. Would it go there?

And last how would i get guitar rig to read it?


Posted by QnAkid
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Everything in Guitar Rig can be controlled through standard MIDI. Any MIDI CC foot controller will work just fine. They are commonly marketed as "expression pedals". They should hook up with either a single 1/4" jack or a standard 5-pin MIDI cable.

Guitar Rig has a "learn" feature, where you can click on a parameter, adjust a MIDI controller, and that controller will be automatically mapped to that parameter. Read the Guitar Rig manual for more detailed instructions on how to do this (seriously, nobody ever reads the manuals any more).

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Questions and Answers

Can you use Guitar Rig Pro by Native Instruments without a guitar?? FL Studio?

I like the sounds on guitar rig 5 but I dont have a guitar and i was wondering if I could use it in FL Studio with just the keypad like you do with other VST's. I thought I read somewhere that it might be possible to use normal bass and guitar presets and still use the guitar rig pro's effects. Is that possible?

Basically, Is there any way I can use it without a guitar and just open up piano roll and draw out the notes while still getting the effects?? I know it has presets… Thanks in advance.

Posted by Brad
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Yes, the Guitar Rig Pro software can be used as an effect plug-in in FL Studio. You can put it on any audio source, including channels with native FL Studio instruments, 3rd party software instruments, sampler channels and audio recordings.

Questions and Answers

How can I record guitar rig 5 in audacity?

I can't figure it out, it's not popping up as a vst.
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Drivers installed? Yes.

Posted by Tom
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Audacity -> preferences -> Devices tabe, recording, does your Rig 5 show up there? The default will be line in normally.

What OS?
If it's Windoze have you installed drivers? Most other OS's won't need drivers usually. Windows ALWAYS needs drivers.

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Virtual Guitar Amp Free Download

Questions and Answers

Software for playing bass guitar in PC?

Hey, I need a software which allows me to play and listen my bass guitar on my pc
I´ve a 5 strings pasive bass, and i alreade have the necessary plug.

Posted by Juan V
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From a fellow bass player here.

Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp v1.2 is nice.

The thing is you're going to wanna play around on others before you find one that's great for you. This website shows a lot of programs that are free that you can download and try. Don't go off of what someone else says I would play with each to see which is more suitable for you.


Hope that helps : )

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Questions and Answers

How do i play my guitar on my computer?

How do record my guitar on my computer. Theres a plug on the back of my distortion pedal that looks like a phone cord can fit in it. Is there like a free music software program or something that i can download? How can i make my own music on my computer? Thank you.

Posted by Tommy
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Check out products from line 6. They have a unit called the ux1 that plugs into your computer and gives you a virtual amp and a whole slew of effects..

Questions and Answers

I need a Virtual Guitar Amp for vista please?

Hi, I'm trying to hook up a guitar i bought from micro center up to my PC. It's an electric guitar that hooks up via USB. I was wondering if anyone knew of a program I could use that would do real time playback. Or of a way to hook it up to fruity loops.

Posted by mrgamesid
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Amplitube is a good one.


Can you hook this guitar up without the USB — that is, with a real analog guitar output? If so, try a Line 6 Pod Studio GX or similar. It requires a dedicated piece of hardware that's included in the package, as well as dedicated software that's free for downloading. (One will not work without the other.) It's an awesome combination.


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Free Computer Guitar Amplifier Software

Questions and Answers

Which software to use to put the music i play, on my computer?

I play a guitar and I have an amplifier… What should i do to put/record the things I play on my computer. Do I need software/hardware for that?

Posted by Nouvelle Bug
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I've tried bunches of things to record guitar and this is what I know.

First of all, you need at least a guitar cable, and an adapter to take it from 1/4 inch (size of the guitar) to the size of the computer, which is 1/8.

Usually, so the sound from the guitar is audible, you need to amplify your guitar before you plug it into your computer's sound card. Now, you can't do that with an amp. If you have a multi-effects pedal, you might be able to plug your guitar into it and then your computer as normal with an amp. If you don't hear a sound, you should go to your volume control and see if "Microphone" is muted or turned down. If, once you turn it up, you still don't hear anything, then you can't play with your pedal. If it works, though, it will probably sound like crap.

One thing that matters is your computer. If you have a Mac, then you'll have no problem with plugging in your guitar with no amplifier, and open up Garageband. That will act as a software amplifier. I

If you've got Linux, I think you can just plug in your guitar with nothing and it will work fine. Again, you'll need to check the volume control to see if it's muted. Once your guitar is plugged in, you can hook up any pedals as if you were playing through an amp.

Now, with Windows, you can't just plug in your guitar (I know, I've tried). You will have to do the thing with the pedal, or download or buy a virtual amplifier. You can buy a program I know they sell at guitar center, which is a great amplifier with plenty of presets, and which will allow you to download or create new ones. Generally, it is around $200, though. Too much for me. There is a free program called Gfx, but it is very primitive and hard to use.

The best thing to do to record, I'd say is to use Ubuntu, and plug in any pedals you may have.

If you just want to record any way possible using a computer, you want to try a better sounding, slightly more expensive solution. Using a dynamic mic, such as a Shure SM57, an instrument mic designed to be placed an inch or so away from an amp.

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Questions and Answers

Using my computer as a Guitar Amp?

I want to be able to somehow connect my Electric Guitar to my computer so that I can use it as if it were an amp using the speakers I have.
What would I need?
How much would the cheapest setup cost? A decent one?
Anythign I should know about this would be very helpful. Thanks.

Posted by Bryan Lee
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If you've got 5 dollars and 15 minutes you can do this. And it'll sound amazing and be completely playable. No pirated software, nothing illegal or dodgy. And you'll be able to record your playing, multitrack it with other guitar parts you play, add effects, synthesizers, drums. Anything you want.

That price again? 5 bucks. Less than 2 packages of bacon.

Using top of the line gear the same thing could cost over 10 grand.

(dude, I hope you vote this best answer once you try it)

Let's assume you're using a pc. (If you're on a mac it's still possible but some details are different.) Here's what you need as far as computer hardware.

A computer
(If it's less than 5 years old it'll do just fine.)

A soundcard with an audio input jack
(look at the back of your computer, close to where you plug the 1/8" speaker cable in. There should be one or two other jacks that look the same. One of them is the audio input.)

You've probably got a 1/4" patch cable for you guitar. This is a mono cable. You're going to need a 1/4" mono female to 1/8" stereo male adapter. 2 bucks at Radio Shack. This lets you plug your guitar into the back of the computer.

Once you've gotten this far you can actually play the guitar through the computer speakers. Try it. You'll have to play with the soundcard control panel and make sure you have "line in" or "microphone" enabled. Just play around with it – there aren't a lot of options and it'll be easy to figure out.

Now you need to process the audio coming in with a simulation of a guitar amplifier. It turns out there is a really amazing one out there, and it's free.

(if they kill the link just google Free Amp VST)

This is actually a plugin, called a VST, which is compatible with all the high end, expensive digital music programs out there. And you can't run a VST by itself.

But it turns out that Audacity, a free audio tool, can host VST plugins.

I'm typing this on my mac and the download site won't let me see the PC download page. But just go to

Http:// and grab the pc version. Also download the VST enabler located on the same page.
(no link? Google audacity sound editor)

Ok. Install Audacity. You can actually use it now to record what's coming in off your soundcard. Tweak it a little and you'll figure it out in about a minute. It's simple.

Now you tell Audacity to load a VST plugin. When you do, the FreeAmp window will open up and you'll see an amazing array of guitar pedals and effects. They work just like the real things.

That's it. I'm sorry, you might have to spend 2 dollars to make this happen. And I have skipped a few steps and just said "figure it out." If you can't, I allow emails. Just send me one and I'll talk you through it.


KVR Audio's website has a searchable database of thousands of free VST plugins, including the guitar amp described above. But it's also got bass amps. Synthesizers, wacky effects pedals, tape delays, flangers, choruses, distortion boxes, wahs, and everything else you could imagine. All free. And they'll all work with Audacity. With about 10 minutes to set it all up you could go from your current setup to making your guitar sound like a herd of buffalo or Jimi Hendrix.

Questions and Answers

How can i create music and beats on my computer for free?

Posted by Aj G
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Before that, you have to understand that music and beats require more than just software. It requires talent, skill and taste.

I'm tired of idiots thinking they're producers, just because they have "Fruity Loops" or other software. They don't even know how to use it, and they produce trash.

If you just want to look cool by getting beat software, and have no talent or taste, then i'm not gonna help you.

If you really are interested in production and have talent, ideas, taste, and skill, then there is software that I recommend.

> Fruity Loops (FL STUDIO)
> Acoustica BeatCraft

and for recording, compiling, mixing, and editing:

> Adobe Audition
> Cakewalk SONAR 6

I seriously hope you're not one of these morons who suck at computers and try to make beats with their weak computers and no actual hardware or equipment, who don't fully understand the software and don't know how to use it.

Software I use:
Adobe Audition Pro
Cakewalk SONAR 6 Producer's Edition
FL Studio Producer's Edition
Acoustica BeatCraft Pro
SONY Acid 6 Pro

Hardware I use:
> Yamaha DGX-203 USB MIDI/XG Keyboard (i use it as a MIDI controller, and a synthesizer controller for FL Studio)
> Digitech RP-120 Effects Pedal (this can process any audio input and add effects as you want it as a precursor to software editing)
> Fender Frontman 15G Amplifier (guitar/microphone amplifier, with minor mixer functions, before outputting into the PC)

I bet you wouldn't be able to learn how to use this equipment, better yet the software.

Seriously I cannot stress to you enough, how stupid it is when complete wanna-be poser imbeciles think they're the best producers, and they're completely inexperienced and clueless as to HOW to use music software.

Visit my record site to listen to some of my work:

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Guitar Amplifier Software for PC

Questions and Answers

How to connect an electric guitar to pc ? (PC as amplifier)?

I dont want to buy any amplifier,so when i connct my guitar to pc in mic jack it only sounds like acoustic also i use software (guitar rig) for virtual amp.but still it doesnt recognize my guitar device and hence sounds like an acoustic.i want metal,jazz type music on comp .what do i do?

Posted by V Rock
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Guitar FX box 2.6 or 3 are virtual pedal and processor effect software's ….
Or try Guitar FX …… But if you get Fruity loops studio version ..full version …you get best setting for metal ..rock ..or overdrive ..even it has presets of famous band like Metallica …presets can be downloaded easily …and it comes with recording studio also….try it ….use full version they are available on torrent ….for guitar FX 3 use its keygen …Google it …..if u use trial version it would work like 4 minutes and restart … get full version.

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Questions and Answers

How do I record electric guitar with PC?

I have an electric guitar, an amplifier, an adapter that turns a 3.5 mm TRS Connector into a 6.35 mm connector (to use headphones with the guitar), and a cable whose one side is a 3.5 mm TRS Connector, and the other one two plugs, one yellow and one black. Can I use these things to record electric guitar in my PC?

Posted by Panos K
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Sure. Check if your amp has a "line-out" plug. If not, just use the headphones output, and connect it to your sound-card line in plug (usually blue). You will have to use the 3.5 mm to two 6.5mm and just leave one disconnected.
Then, you'll need a recording software. Audacity is good and free.

Questions and Answers

How do i connect my electric guitar with my pc speakers?

I bought a new electric guitar. I dont hav an amplifier. I want to connect my guitar wid my pc speakers which are intel with a subwoofer of 2600 watts. The cable of my guitar is too big for the port of my subwoofer. Wat is da solution? Do i need to get a pin converter? If so then where do i hav to connect the guitar cord. Is it line in, line out, or mic in? Plz provide a detailed answer.

Posted by roger
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You can use your PC as a digital guitar amp! Get a virtual amp software, like Native Instrument's Guitar Combos, get a 6.3 mm to 3.5 mm audio jack adapter (a few cents) plug your guitar into the Line In socket on your sound card, and viola, you have a working, awesome sounding guitar amp for your ax. I've been using virtual amps for some time now, and if you are composing music, this is the way to go.

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