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History of Guitar Amps

A guitar amp (short for amplifier) is an electronic device that takes the signal from a guitar and amplifies it so that it can be played through a speaker. The great thing about guitar amplifiers is that they can be used to play around with the guitar’s timbre by selectively amplifying specific frequencies and by adding different effects. Basically, the vibrations of the guitar’s metal strings are picked up by a microphone known as a pickup in an electric guitar. In acoustic guitars, a normal microphone is used to pick up the vibrations from the strings. Once this vibration is turned into an electrical signal, it can then be amplified by the amp.

The first electric amps for musical instruments were not specific to the electric guitar. In the 1930’s the first guitar amps started showing up. Thanks to new technologies in capacitors and rectifier tubes, it was now feasible to include a power supply that could simply be plugged in (rather than having to use huge, clumsy, and impractical batteries). Battery technology wouldn’t catch up until later. Because of this, the first guitar amps were used with acoustic guitars. Strangely enough, the first guitar amps became popular thanks to a huge boom in music from Hawaii! This music relied heavily on the Ukulele and a Hawaiian steel guitar, both of which required considerable amplification.

In early guitar amps, there were only very basic tone controls. While there was a lot of possible treble boost, the fact that most guitar amps were low in power before the 1950s and that loudspeaker technology was not very advanced meant that bass and treble controls were not all that effective. Early models sometimes included basic reverb and a built-in tremolo. The first Fender guitar amps referred to what we know today as tremolo as vibrato. Then they labeled the guitar vibrato unit as the tremolo bar.

Musicians in the 1960’s started using distortion in electric guitars by forcing amplifiers into overdrive. One way in which early distortion was achieved was by plugging more than one amplifier in a chain, taking the distorted output of one guitar amp and plugging into the input of another amplifier. Later on, electric guitars started to include pre-amp distortion and manufacturers started to build effects units so that musicians could produce effects and distortion safely and without resorting to these kinds of methods. Today, distortion is an integral part of many musical styles and one of the qualities that makes electric guitar music unique.

The first guitar amplifiers were designed to be used for keyboards or for bass. However, other instruments started requiring amps due to the wider range of frequencies, leading to the development of full-range speakers and advancements in guitar amp technology. Low frequencies and higher volumes tax the amp more. Because of this, guitar amps need to be combined with woofer or subwoofer speakers and specially-built cabinets to house them. Early amps were definitely not well suited for today’s high gain, high volume musical demands.  Article Source

Used Guitar Amps For-Sale

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Questions and Answers

Is the yamaha pacifica a good guitar for a beginner?

I'm starting guitar and i found a yamaha pacifica for sale online. It comes with strap, stand, case, picks, and amp. $150.

Is that a good price and is that a good guitar for someone just starting?

Posted by smiles on the outside
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Hello there,

Yamaha Pacifica a good beginner guitar? Well yes and no. The guitar itself plays all right. It is a cheap Strat clone that has reasonably decent tone. My objection to it, is that the parts are not interchangable with Fender. Let's say your guitar falls over and damages the neck. You need to put a new neck on. No big deal you think. There are lots of Strat necks on the market. Ebay has thousands of them. So you spend $50 on a Squier by Fender neck and try to put it on your guitar. It does not fit. The shape of the heel is different. Maybe you only want to do something as simple as change your pickguard. Yamaha comes with black or white basic pickguards. You want a white pearl pickguard to make your guitar look better. NO problem you think. There are thousands of Strat pickguards on the market. You buy one for $15 and it will not fit. Contours are wrong, the distance from the neck to the bridge does not match up with your body. If you want a new pickguard, you can either buy another Yamaha one (basic black or basic white) or have one custom made to fit your odd sized guitar. The Pacifica looks like a Strat, but it is not made to Fender specs.

Is this a good price and good deal? The price is about what other starter packs sell for. Some sell for a little more because they have a higher quality guitar, but this price is about right. However it is not a good deal even though it is priced like other starter packs. No starter pack is a good deal. You get a low quality guitar bundled together with a low quality small practice amp. Those amps are 10 to 25 watts of power with a 6 or 8 inch speaker. They sound lousy.

Most beginners under estimate the importance of the amp and speakers in how they will sound (so the companies can sell those starter packs). You only sound as good as your speakers, no matter what guitar you are playing. The small 8 inch speaker will make you sound thin and tinny. At 15 watts of power the amp will not be able to handle gain and distortion, and will not sound good. The amp runs out of head room under the load of gain and distortion. There is more to the power rating of an amp than just how loud it can get. It takes more power in an amp to handle the load from gain and distortion than most newer players realize. A good amp for a beginner is a 1×12 combo. It has enough power to handle gain and distortion. The 12 inch speaker will give you a richer fuller tone.

Also most of the small practice amps in those bundles are bare bones amps. Maybe they have some reverb, but that is about all. That means you need to buy pedals to get the basic effects, like delay, flanger, chorus and distortion (maybe even reverb). You can tie up hundreds in effects pedals. That makes those amps a bad buy.

Take a look at the Fender Mustang II. A 40 watt 1×12 combo. It is a modeling amp that is versatile. It has lots of built in effects. The speaker has decent tone.


If you buy a new amp, you will spend at least $200 to get a decent amp. If you buy a used one, you may only spend half that.

The Line 6 Spider 30 watt 1×12 combo is another good amp for a beginner. However, it is not quite as good a buy as the Mustang II because it has less built in effects.


Good beginner guitar?

Okay, so I'm 13 and and I want to learn guitar. Specifically, electric guitar. I'm doing self taught because it's just easier for me. Anyway I was wondering what type of guitar I should get. I mostly listen to rock music, but all kinds. You know, bands like Chevelle, 10 Years, Deftones, System of a Down, Relient K, Tenth Avenue North, This Providence, BarlowGirl, Safetysuit, Thousand Foot Krutch, Shinedown, Rise Against, Evans Blue, The Fray, Hoobastank, Seether, Skillet, Flyleaf, The Letter Black, Evanescence, Avril Lavigne and Within Temptation, just to name a few =] My absolute favorite band, though, is RED. I absolutely love their sound, though I'm sure they do alot of distortion, which I'm not even gonna try yet.

Anyway, I just wanted to know what type of guitar you experienced guitar people think I should get. I'm 5'2, not expected to get any taller, just putting that out there in case you think I should get a smaller guitar, though I really don't want to. So, I'm so in love with this Fender Standard Stratocaster: but it's $500. My parents are only giving me $400 for everything, including picks, cable, amp, tuner, stands, all that good stuff. I don't wanna get a kit cause I hear those are horrible. So yup, that's it. Any suggestions? And if you have suggestions for the accessories too, that would be awesome!

PS: I would prefer if the guitar is available in a white on white finish, because that's just beautiful. But if it isn't that's okay, as long as it sounds good.
Okay, I know alot of people are saying that starter packs are bad (Hell, I even said that) but what if it was a Gibson starter pack? See on the Gibson website, they have this Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Starter Pack. I already know that I want a Special II, I've been staring at the white one for hours, but is it okay to get the pack? I've read pretty good reviews about the guitar and the pack, so I dunno. Plus, I also saw the pack on Guitar Center for $269, which is awesome cause on the Gibson site, it was $432. I'm kinda torn cause I've heard horror stories about starters, but that one guy who answered and some other people have had pretty good experiences with them. What do you think?

Posted by Liza M
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I'd suggest you look at Ibanez ART or Epiphone Les Paul style guitars. Those are good beginner electric guitars for the money and would fit the musical style you described very well. You should be able to get one of those and a decent practice amp like the 15 watt Line6 amp for somewhere between $400 – $500. I've seen used MIM (made-in-Mexico) Fender strats for around $300 too and that would be a great option if you can find one for sale. Fender Mustang and the Fender Frontman amps are pretty good too. You're right to avoid the "starter packs". They just throw in a lot of cheap junk and you're better off buying things separately and getting quality gear that you like. I'd recommend a Korg electronic tuner (around $20), a good shielded cable (around $15), a strap you like (about $10), and an assortment of picks (about 25 cents each). You'll need about $100 to get a decent practice amp (try to get at least 15 watts and at least a 10" speaker). Then get the best guitar you can with what you have left (should be around $300 for a decent one). Schecter, Ibanez, Epiphone, Agile, and some of the cheaper used Fenders are good options. I'd avoid getting a Squier and just spend a bit more to get a MIM or Standard Fender if you want a strat.

How much should I sell my guitar for?

I don't know much about guitars, so just bear with me. It's a Cort electric guitar, 6 string. Comes with a Laney amp, 2 guitar picks, 3 sets of cords (the cord that plugs into the amp), and some other tools (which I'm assuming are to tighten something on the guitar). It's brand new, never been used. How much can I sell it for?

Posted by Simone
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Cort makes a lot of models of guitars and Laney sells a lot of sizes of amps. If you could specify what model of Cort guitar it is and what model the amp is, that would really be helpful. You could go on Ebay and see if any similar ones are for sale to get an idea what they're going for. ALso, if you know what you bought it for and it's still brand new, then you could probably knock 25% off of that price and try selling it for that.

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Electric Guitar Amplifiers For-Sale

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Questions and Answers

I have some questions on electric guitars…….plz help me….!!!?

I m totally new to guitars…..
Plz help me out in some of the questions……
1)is it really necessary to join some coaching class to
learn guitar(electric) or it can be learnt through video tutorials on internet
2)what items are necessary to be bought to play an electric guitar
3)is it possible that we can play on an electric guitar without amplifier…(i m talkin about the guitar having tremolo bar)
4)what is the price range for buying an electric guitar having tremolo bar( min-max for bigginer)
5)can we join a tremolo bar to an electric guitar separately.
6) if you have a electric guitar plz tell me the cost of it…

If you answer these questions i will be very grateful to you all…
May the light of music fall on you….

Posted by cyn0d
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1) L essons -yes you could learn online
if you don't want to pay to get them
depends on how talented you are
My Nephew taught himself 'he is awesome
2) & 3) up to you ,,you can check the ads in your paper
& get a cheap amp for sale you will need cords also
4) Look online @
you will get ideas there
5) idk
6) I got my nephew one for $400.
Check out the link I said ,good luck.

BEGINNER!!! I want to learn to play the guitar? HELP?

I still need to buy the guitar. I dont know where to buy a good guitar from! My mom kind of dissapproves of me playing it, so i need a really cheap one. Then when she gets used to it ill get a more expensive one. I am 14 am I too old to learn now? I dont know the difference between acoustic,classical and others? Are walmart guitars cheap?? I want to learn so bad, I love it! Help??:) Thank You!

Posted by AngelBoo
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Guitars found at Walmart or Target are only good for planters or to decorate a wall. At best, they could serve as toys for infants. They are cheap for a real reason: they have no value to a serious guitarist.

Your best option is to visit a music store and see if they have some used guitars for sale. I recommend you start out on a plain acoustic steel-string flat top guitar. If you can develop the needful calluses through daily practice, and develop some expertise within two years, then you might opt for an electric guitar and amplifier with all the bells and whistles. Right now you don't need to be distracted by the special effects of an amplifier so get an acoustic flat top.

You're not too old at age 14 to learn how to play guitar. But you must be dedicated and motivated to learn once you get your first guitar. Your fingertips will hurt until the calluses develop. Can you ignore temporary pain? If so, then you could learn how to play the guitar.

A kind of dumb question about guitars?

If I buy my kid a electric guitar, does he also need amplifiers, or can he learn to play without them, and how much do I need to spend for the outfit, are there used guitars for sale, and how good are they.

Posted by scrooge
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My parents got me a guitar for xmas last year. Its a fender squire ($100) plus a small fender amp which couldnt cost much. Its a good guitar, and yes your son needs an amp. Dont get him a used one either. Go to and search squire.

Littleton music store still playing the right notes

Happiness is doing what you love and wanting what you have. By those standards, Dan and Moocho Salomon are very happy, living and breathing guitars as the owners of Northern Lights Music.

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The Shop & Acoustic Café: New cafe in Lee is retro, campy, funBerkshire EaglePsychedelic splashes of white paint on a blood red backdrop frame half a dozen sleek electric guitars hung in the display window, as if Wayne and Garth or Bill and Ted finally got their acts together and turned a love of rock music into an imaginative …

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Small Amplifiers for Electric Guitars

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Questions and Answers

Acoustic electric guitars?


Posted by Prokopis
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A simple trip to any music website like Musicians Friend would show you, and the first three folks that answered, that there are indeed different amps for electric and acoustic. If you plug your acoustic-electric into an electric guitar amp it won't hurt a thing and sound will come out. It will not sound terrible or anything, but will sound far better through an acoustic amp. Some smaller practice amps like my Yamaha THR-10 have a setting for acoustic, but it is still a compromise. A real acoustic amp like the Fishman Loudbox will sound far better than plugging into an electric guitar amp.

Small, quality electric guitar amp?

I have a MIM Fender Standard Stratocaster. I am looking for a smaller amp that will not be a pain to take places. I will not be doing any gigs, just practicing with it. I would like it to be smaller and sort of portable, but still give me a good sound. I would like to stay under $500. Any suggestions?

Posted by Kristin
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Depends mainly on the type of music you play. The Blues Jr. Is a great little amp, but isn't a very high gain amp. It will cover a lot of classic rock and blues territory, but you need a pedal to get heavier distortion.

One of the first decisions you need to make is tube versus solid state. Tube amps generally sound a lot better, but are more expensive and you have to buy effects if you want them. In a tube amp the Blues Jr. Is a good choice, but if you play heavier stuff it may not fit the bill. For $499 new you can get a Blackstar HT-5R. It is one of he best deals on a small tube amp. It is plenty loud even for jamming with a drummer.

If you want a solid state modeling amp they will have all of the built in effects and you can get lots of different tones out of them The downside being they just don't sound as good. To me only part of this has to do with it being solid state. The other reason is that most solid state amps just aren't as expensive, so the tone is affected by lower quality parts, not just that it is solid state.

A 5 watt Blackstar tube amp is $500, a 20 watt solid state amp is $99…so you see my point. So if you decide on a tube amp I'd consider a new HT-5R, a used Peavey Classic 30 or a used Blues Jr. If you go solid state I'd probably go with the Fender Mustang II for $199.


For an electric guitar, what kind of Amplifier will I need?

I will be just playing around a house, practicing, etc.
What are all the differences ?
Could you tell me bit about amp (how does work, what it does, etc), I am so new to these things.

I will have Les Paul style of Guitar.
It is a Les Paul Studio by Epiphone.

Posted by
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Is it a Les Paul or only a Les Paul looking guitar? Amplifiers take the signal from an amp cord that is generated by the pick-ups, converts it into sound waves and pop goes the weasel. For a new player, look cheap…but not too cheap. Try to find a cheap Marshall 15 watt or a Crate amp. I find both amps to be good quality, and Crates are cheaper. If you are joining a band, you may want at least a 120 watt half stack. These can get expensive. Get a small amp, get good, save money, get a big amp. Ta da.

Littleton music store still playing the right notes

Happiness is doing what you love and wanting what you have. By those standards, Dan and Moocho Salomon are very happy, living and breathing guitars as the owners of Northern Lights Music.

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Electric Guitar Amplifier Types

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Questions and Answers

Types of guitars?

What types of guitars are there?
And give me some brief definition of each?

And prices etc.

Posted by LISA !
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There are Acoustic Guitars and Electric Guitars

An acoustic guitar is one not dependent on an external device to be heard but uses a soundboard which is a wooden piece mounted on the front of the guitar's body. The acoustic guitar is quieter than other instruments commonly found in bands and orchestras so when playing within such groups it is often externally amplified. Many acoustic guitars available today feature a variety of pickups which enable the player to amplify and modify the raw guitar sound.

Electric guitars can have solid, semi-hollow, or hollow bodies, and produce little sound without amplification. Electromagnetic pickups convert the vibration of the steel strings into electrical signals which are fed to an amplifier through a cable or radio transmitter. The sound is frequently modified by other electronic devices or the natural distortion of valves (vacuum tubes) in the amplifier. There are two main types of pickup, single and double coil (or humbucker), each of which can be passive or active. The electric guitar is used extensively in jazz, blues, and rock and roll, and was commercialized by Gibson in collaboration with Les Paul, and independently by Leo Fender of Fender Music. The lower fretboard action (the height of the strings from the fingerboard) and its electrical amplification lend the electric guitar to some techniques which are less frequently used on acoustic guitars. These include tapping, extensive use of legato through pull-offs and hammer-ons (also known as slurs), pinch harmonics, volume swells, and use of a tremolo arm or effects pedals.

Some Manufacturers, Type, and some famous users:
Les Paul: slash, jimmy page, billie joe, and more
SG: tony iommi, angus young, billie joe, and more
Flying V: Jimi hendrix, randy rhoads, dave davies, and more
Explorer: Marty Friedman, John entwistle, and more

Stratocaster: Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, George harrison, and more
Telecaster: Bruce springsteen, Keith richards, and more

The prices depends on where do you buy it
try or

cheers :)

People who play electric guitar? Help me:)?

I'm possibly getting a Guitar in a couple weeks, and I can't figure out what kind I should get. I want to get Electric because that's the sound I'm into and I know I'll have more fun with it, but I want Acoustic because I know I'll be able to write songs along with it (I'm a songwriter)
So my question is, can you write songs with Electric guitar that will sound good without other instruments? Or would I would I need some sort of pedal to make it sound like Acoustic, and if so, how much are the pedals?

Posted by –
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You can absolutely write songs on an electric guitar. Electric and acoustic guitars have the same notes and are played the same way. The only big difference is electric guitars require an amplifier while you can play an acoustic just about anywhere. For songwriting I prefer acoustic just because I can grab it off the stand next to my bed and fiddle around when I have an idea for a song, but there's really no reason you couldn't do the same with an electric guitar. It really depends what type of music you most want to play and write. If it's folky, ballady stuff then an acoustic would be great. If it's rock and pop stuff electric would be fine.

FWIW, they make hybrid guitars that are electric guitars with an acoustic piezo pickup in the bridge so they can sound like an acoustic. I have a Michael Kelly Hybrid that's quite nice for both acoustic and electric sound. They require an amplifier though to get any appreciable volume and tone, where just a nice acoustic or acoustic/electric guitar could be played anywhere without an amplifier. You should go to a guitar shop and just check out some of the options and see what you like. There are a lot of very nice acoustic guitars available these days that play very well and aren't a lot harder to play than an electric in terms of action and width of the neck. Maybe an Ovation or Stratacoustic would work for you.

How do i know what kind of amplifier BEST suits a type of electric guitar?

I have thought about getting an electric guitar.. It seems fun.. Haha.. But I don't really know what kind of amplifier will sound better with a certain type of electric guitar.. I want to have a better understanding of it.. ^^,

Posted by Nicole
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With electronics, "you get what you pay for" ALWAYS applies. The more expensive amplifier you get, the better it will sound. The more expensive the guitar, the better it will sound.

Your Ultimate Sound Goal: A Les Paul Guitar on a Marshall Stack Amplifier.

As for affordable amplifiers, the best sounding ones are those called "tube amps". Marshall, Crate and Peavey are the brand names you want to stick with.

If you buy an amplifier for cheaper than $200 bucks it will probably sound terrible. For a beginner, I would recommend something around $250-$300.


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Electric Guitar Amplifier Brands

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Questions and Answers

Electric guitars?

Im thinking about buying an electric guitar and im just wondering how much do they cost? And how much does an amp cost?

Best answer gets 10 points! XD.

Posted by N
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If you are just starting out, it's probably best not to spend too much, maybe get a cheap package deal on eBay with an amp and guitar to see if you like it or not. You can get packages like that for under £100 if you're not too picky about sound and build quality.
If you're a more experienced player, I'd reccomend getting one of the 'offshoot' brands; cheaper, budget versions of well-known brands. Fender have Squier and Gibson have Epiphone. Just make sure if you end up buying an expensive guitar, you don't waste it on a bad amplifier. If you're paying under £50, you're probably not getting all the quality. Good luck :)

Best brand for electric guitar and amplifier?

Maximum budget- $20

Posted by Human
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Good Guitar for its price range (1st link); High quality amp (2nd link). Keep on playing, wish you all the best

First Link = Good Beginners guitar

Choose the Blemished Item " * " of Line 6III spider. This is one of the best amps today, you can do U2, Metallica, Grunge, ALternative. No need to buy effects for the mean time. $86 >this is a very good investment, sound can occupy a hall or a small auditorium.

Electric guitar brand?

Hey, for many years now I've played acoustic guitar (but as in from actual Spain. Playing music from some of the master like Carcassi, Giuliani, Tarrega, and Sor). I also play the oboe and flute so I've got several years of experience. This year I would like to get an electric guitar. What guitar brand would you most recommend? I have a pretty low budget (No more than $250) and would have to buy an amplifier. I don't know anything about electric guitars but can read both regular music and tabs. (Chords I suck though…) Anyway, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
Also, where do you recommend buying them? Musician's Friend or Giardinelli or something….

Posted by musikmädchen
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I suggest going to www. and browsing or subscribing to a catalog. They have a large variety of guitars (and all things musical) from a wide variety of price ranges and styles. And decent prices as well.

Ovation guitar factory in Conn. Closing

An Ovation guitar factory in the western Connecticut hills that has produced instruments for music legends from Paul Simon to Cat Stevens to Glen Campbell will be closing after 47 years.

Electroplex Rocket 42 Review – Premier Guitar

Premier GuitarElectroplex Rocket 42 ReviewPremier GuitarSo while Fender never made an amp with four 6V6 tubes, brands including Dr. Z, Carr, and Tone King proved that you could capture the warm tonality of 6V6 Fenders at higher volume levels. Now, Electroplex, a boutique brand reborn after a decade of …

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Acoustic Electric Guitar Amplifiers

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Questions and Answers

Acoustic or electric guitar?

Well im thinking about learning how to play a guitar and would like to know which is easier to learn. I would also like to know the difference like do they both have the same notes or chords or is the finger placement difference. Another question is do you need an amp or anything extra to play the electric.

Posted by B
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A guitar covers a whole family of string instruments, but in most cases you're looking for just a standard, six-stringed guitar.

Acoustic guitars can be primarily divided between steel stringed or nylon string (aka classical) guitars, where besides the main difference besides the string's material is the the width and feel of guitars.
Nylon stringed are supposed to be easier on the fingers, and a little easier to learn to play on.
On the other hand, steel strings are a little harder on the fingers to someone just picking up the instrument
Out of the two, you have to look into the type of wood or material that the guitar is made of, and the overall shape, but for a beginner that shouldn't be your main concern

Moving to electric, this is the guitar that really is shaped and manufactured for various players' likings. However, these guitars are not built for the same reason as the acoustic guitar, they are typically made of more solid and denser wood, where the pickups are transferring the vibrations of the strings to the output into whatever amplifier you have it plugged into.

Really you shouldn't be going out on a whim to buy either guitar, but you should be keeping an open mind.
Go to a local guitar store, or a friend who owns a guitar, and play a few guitars in both acoustic and electric to get a feel of what YOU LIKE, cause all in all a guitar should never be for cosmetic use or just because it's the featured guitar on the market.
WHAT YOU SHOULD BUY is a guitar that feels the best in your hands, has the best sound to your ears, and something that you could pick up over and over again.

Once you have a guitar in mind, take some time to think over the guitar and possibly do research on reviews and comparisons between guitars.

ALSO ALMOST FORGOT, a guitar's positioning of notes/chords should be dependent on how YOU TUNE THE GUITAR, using the top tuners on the head stock of the guitar.
In most cases, a guitarist tunes in his guitar in E-standard.
However you tune it determines the positioning of the notes.

An electric doesn't necessarily mean you need an amp, but it does take away from the main reason you bought an electric when you don't buy any sort of amp. Just get a practice amp.

BUT most importantly buy some sort of tuner, so you're not playing an out-of-tune, off sounding guitar.
No one wants to hear that.

Acoustic guitar vs electric guitar?

I am planning to buy a Guitar, I am not a professional guitarist but a beginner and i was wondering which one should i take?

Posted by Libni Vlvr
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The key is getting a good (not necessarily expensive guitar). Some of the answers here are not quite accurate, or are generalizations that might be misunderstood. Generally, you get more guitar for the money with an electric. There are lots of very good (and light weight despite some comments here) Strat copies out there. Generally, the action (distance between the strings and the fret-board, which determines how much pressure needed to get a clear sound) is better. When learning you don't need much of an amplifier, even one of those little battery jobs and a set of headphones will get you through until you know what direction you are going (or if you will quit).

But, the key is to carefully examine each guitar you consider. The aforementioned action, curve of the neck (there shouldn't be much), and shape of the neck (it should feel good in your hands, even if you don't know how to play). If you buy from a smaller shop (vs a big box chain), they might "set it up" for you. This can sometimes make a not-so-good guitar great.

When i buy an acoustic electric guitar?

Does it come with an amp?

Posted by thisonegirl
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An acoustic electric guitar is just an acoustic guitar which has a pickup installed in it. You can play it quite fine without plugging it in to an amplifier. It is just an acoustic guitar in that case – the sound is produced by the vibration of the strings being amplified acoustically by the hollow body of the guitar and projected out the sound hole. If you plug an acoustic electric guitar into an amplifier, then the pickup converts the vibration of the strings into electronic signals which are sent through the cable into the amplifier where they are amplified and projected through the amplifier's speaker(s).

So, to answer your question – no, acoustic electric guitars do not come with an amplifier unless, as others said, you buy it as part of a package that includes an amplifier. But you honestly don't need the amplifier. Since you're obviously a beginner, I'd advise that you don't even get an acoustic electric guitar. Put the money you'd be wasting on the electronics into getting a better quality acoustic guitar. Unless you're playing gigs and need your acoustic guitar to be loud enough to be heard, it will be plenty loud acoustically for you to play it, sing along with it, and sufficiently annoy your neighbors while you're learning to play it.

When you do decide you need to amplify your guitar, you'll probably be ready to upgrade your guitar anyway and then you can buy one with electronics and get a nice acoustic guitar amplifier. I have a really nice Crate Acoustic amp that was relatively inexpensive and sounds very nice. You really want to get an acoustic guitar amplifier rather than an electric guitar amplifier for acoustic guitar. They have higher fidelity and really make acoustic guitar sound much nicer.

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