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History of Guitar Amps

A guitar amp (short for amplifier) is an electronic device that takes the signal from a guitar and amplifies it so that it can be played through a speaker. The great thing about guitar amplifiers is that they can be used to play around with the guitar’s timbre by selectively amplifying specific frequencies and by adding different effects. Basically, the vibrations of the guitar’s metal strings are picked up by a microphone known as a pickup in an electric guitar. In acoustic guitars, a normal microphone is used to pick up the vibrations from the strings. Once this vibration is turned into an electrical signal, it can then be amplified by the amp.

The first electric amps for musical instruments were not specific to the electric guitar. In the 1930’s the first guitar amps started showing up. Thanks to new technologies in capacitors and rectifier tubes, it was now feasible to include a power supply that could simply be plugged in (rather than having to use huge, clumsy, and impractical batteries). Battery technology wouldn’t catch up until later. Because of this, the first guitar amps were used with acoustic guitars. Strangely enough, the first guitar amps became popular thanks to a huge boom in music from Hawaii! This music relied heavily on the Ukulele and a Hawaiian steel guitar, both of which required considerable amplification.

In early guitar amps, there were only very basic tone controls. While there was a lot of possible treble boost, the fact that most guitar amps were low in power before the 1950s and that loudspeaker technology was not very advanced meant that bass and treble controls were not all that effective. Early models sometimes included basic reverb and a built-in tremolo. The first Fender guitar amps referred to what we know today as tremolo as vibrato. Then they labeled the guitar vibrato unit as the tremolo bar.

Musicians in the 1960’s started using distortion in electric guitars by forcing amplifiers into overdrive. One way in which early distortion was achieved was by plugging more than one amplifier in a chain, taking the distorted output of one guitar amp and plugging into the input of another amplifier. Later on, electric guitars started to include pre-amp distortion and manufacturers started to build effects units so that musicians could produce effects and distortion safely and without resorting to these kinds of methods. Today, distortion is an integral part of many musical styles and one of the qualities that makes electric guitar music unique.

The first guitar amplifiers were designed to be used for keyboards or for bass. However, other instruments started requiring amps due to the wider range of frequencies, leading to the development of full-range speakers and advancements in guitar amp technology. Low frequencies and higher volumes tax the amp more. Because of this, guitar amps need to be combined with woofer or subwoofer speakers and specially-built cabinets to house them. Early amps were definitely not well suited for today’s high gain, high volume musical demands.  Article Source

Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Compare

Fishman Loudbox Artist Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
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Questions and Answers

Wats the difference from a standered guitar and a pro guitar?

Posted by help me
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It depends on the brands of guitars you are comparing. As for acoustic guitars, the materials will be of a better quality in a "pro" guitar. The type of wood used makes a difference in sound quality. And the little things,like how the guitar is put together, what kinds of strings are used. All of these things will affect the sound.
I imagine that an electric guitar is much the same, but in this case it's also the amplifier that will make a difference. But just because something is expensive, doesn't mean it's good quality. I suggest going to a local music store and listening for yourself. If they don't let you play it, I bet they'll play it for you so you can hear it. Also, be aware of the size of the guitar-there's a difference in sound between a "child" sized and the adult sized instrument.

Help Me With Buying My First Acoustic Guitar!!!?

I am going to buy my first guitar. I know i want it to be an acoustic guitar. How much should i spend? Where should i go to buy it? What exactly was your fist guitar? Thanks for any help ..

P.S – I am going to play songs like Michelle by The Beatles (if that changes anything)

Posted by NoOne
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You can get a very good acoustic guitar like Takamine Jasmine. Its reliable, nice sound, beautiful finish and easy to play. You would have to pay much more for another guitar manufacturer to get the same tone from this guitar.
I suggest getting the Takamine S34C cutaway. It will be easier to play on the upper registers, plus, the tone is very nice, bassy, and if you play with a band later on, you can always but a little amplifier. The model I am suggesting has a built-in pick-up which won't affect the tone in any way. Its a plus if you want others to hear you if you are playing in a group.

My first guitar was a $25 old Harmony acoustic. But it was good enough for me to fool around before stepping up to a better guitar.

Here is a good link



Acoustic guitar for begginers?

Hi i want to start learning to play acoustic guitar. And i want to ask some questions coz i am completely noob on this thread. I sthere any difeerence between acoustic and classic? And if i wan tto play rock songs eg nickelback three doors down etc. Which type of acoustic guitar is better for me to buy?

Posted by Grygera
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A classical guitar is an acoustic guitar with a wider neck, nylon strings, and is intended to play classical guitar songs using the fingers to pick the strings. That's not what you want for the type of music you want to play.

You would be looking for a flat top steel string guitar. There are a lot of them available. In the lower price range for beginners Ibanez, Yamaha, Takamine Jasmine, and Epiphone are probably the best brands for beginner guitars (between $100 – $200). If you really want to play rock music, you'll eventually want to get an electric guitar, but I think an acoustic guitar is better for beginners to learn on. You play them all the same way (same notes and style) but an acoustic is easier to lug around to lessons and doesn't require an amplifier and distract your learning to play guitar with a lot of electronic effects and stuff you have to mess with. Just grab the guitar and a pick and start playing wherever you want.

If you shop for a cheaper acoustic guitar, a couple things to look out for:
– a solid wood top will sound better (if it doesn't explicitly say "solid spruce top" then it's not solid wood). You'll be hard-pressed to find a guitar with a solid top under $300 though.
– Even if you don't play yet, check out the action and fret buzz as follow by playing all the open strings to make sure the don't buzz, then play with your finger on the 3rd fret of each string to see how hard the strings are to press down and whether there's any buzz when pushing down at the 3rd fret. Try the same thing at the 5th fret. Just press down the string with your ring finger on your left hand and pluck the string with your pick. If you hear a lot of buzzing or the string is hard to press down, then the guitar is not set up too well.
– Compare various guitars to see which ones seem to play easiest and have good tone with no fret buzz.

Good luck. Have fun with the guitar.

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Jimmy Page: The Protector of Led Zeppelin's Legacy and His Own – News NewsJimmy Page: The Protector of Led Zeppelin's Legacy and His News“And because we weren't in the singles market, where there's an immediate point of reference all the time, by the time the third album comes out they're going, 'Well, they've gone acoustic, because Crosby, Stills and Nash are acoustic,' or whatever. It …and more »

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Acoustic Amplifiers Website

NAMM 2010 Radar: ZT Amplifiers Booth | Muzicosphere
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Questions and Answers

High End Vaccum or Hybrid Amplifier Brands?

Can some on tell me all the brands that sell high end reall good sound High End Vaccum or Hybrid Amplifier Brands???
I know the following:
-Peach Tree Audio
-Napa Acoustics
I forgot some other couple I know

So Can ya put as an answer all other brands that sell amps like these. No guitar or bass BS amp. I mean for speakers,

Posted by Racing Legend
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Among the resources listed below you will find that the World Tube Audio Portal Website is one of the most comprehensive sources of tube audio information available. It includes their extensive Tube Power Amplifiers directory, though as one might suspect it contains a few unfortunate omissions. It does not currently include Kaye Audio, inheritor of the NYAL / Julius Futterman OTL legacy, Manley Laboratories, Trafomatic Audio, Mystère, German Tube Amps (aka Weber Röhrenverstärker,) or Abbingdon Music Research. It does not include Shuguang Audio, a long-time Chinese manufacturer of vacuum tubes, who also manufactures their own tube amplifiers, nor does it have a separate entry for E.A.R. USA, which is somewhat different than its EAR-Yoshino counterpart. And the Tube Power Amplifiers directory also does not include several of the well-known classic tube audio equipment manufacturers, such as Dynaco, LEAK, Marantz, Mullard, Williamson, and the latest inductee to the group, Beard Audio, to name a few, whose sought-after vintage products continue to circulate on the used and collectible audio equipment markets.

Fatman by TL Audio, Peachtree Audio, both of which are best known for their iPod docking stations and headphone amplifiers, as well as Napa Acoustic and Mistral Audio (a David Audio Design & Manufacturing company,) are also not included in the Tube Power Amplifiers directory of the World Tube Audio Portal. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive resource for fans of tube audio equipment, as is the World Tube Directory by audioXpress.

World Tube Audio Portal – The Directory

audioXpress – World Tube Directory

Kaye Audio

Manley Laboratories

Trafomatic Audio


German Tube Amps (Weber Röhrenverstärker GmbH)

Abbingdon Music Research


Beard Audio Products

Originally an electric but given a pickup to make it an acoustic electric? Still Good?

I was thinking about buying a guitar on this one website…
I want an acoustic electric guitar and this person is selling an acoustic guitar with Piezo passive pickup for electric sounds and chrome hardware (<< by the way what is that??) .
Would this guitar still fit my wants, would the electric part last as long as a normal electric guitar would, and can i plug it into an amplifier?
…and by the way if anyone is selling an acoustic electric guitar for less than 110 buck on ebay or ksl or something please let me know! :)
Oh wow i'm just realizing i sounded dumb about guitars in the question…
Well ya, i know an acoustic electric guitar only makes the acoustic part louder i just wanted to know how a pickup that you add to your originally acoustic guitar works like.
Thanks for all the answers
and also does a pickup make it so you can switch an on or off button to play it loud without an amp sort of like a built in pre amp or does that depend on the type of pickup or what..
Does the cord you connect from your guitar to amp connect with the pickup.

Posted by Lala
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So, here's the deal. No acoustic/electric guitar is going to sound like a Strat or any other electric. What the pickup allows you to do is plug into an amp (or straight to the PA) when you need more volume. You could run some Fx but acoustic/electrics tend to hate most Fx. It's already a very full sound.

Your other option for amplifying an acoustic is to stick an SM57 mic right in front of the opening in the body. The nice thing about acoustic/electrics is that they have fewer feedback issues, you don't need to hold the guitar still for the mic, and it's just a little easier. The sound quality with the mic can be a bit better and capture more of the guitar's texture.

But, yeah. The guitar you're describing sounds like a standard acoustic/electric. They use piezoelectrics for that. And yes, it's very easy to turn an acoustic into an acoustic/electric. Just slap a pickup in. I've seen people run the wires weirdly though.

Good guitar website(s)?

I am moving from ecoustic to electric guitar. Please can anyone advise a good website that gives info and advice?

Posted by Alex
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Making the transition from acoustic to electric is much easier (in terms of technique) than doing the opposite.

The key difference is that you are no longer focussing on just the individual notes/chords you are playing, but the 'sound' you are making. The guitar itself is only a small part of the sound made when playing electric. You're about to enter the wonderful world of distortion pedals, amplifiers and speakers.

Electric guitars are to acoustics in the way that pianos are like electric organs: the mechanics of the chord shapes are the same, the strumming techniques transfer, but the actual practice of producing a useful sound is far more complex.

When it comes to buying an instrument, remember that in order to create a good sound, you need a good guitar with good electrics (don't be sold on attractive bodywork rather than substance) as well as a good combo amp (i.e. Combination amplifier and speaker).

If you spend more on the guitar than the amp, you'll find the sound is disappointing, even though it feels like what you're playing should be better. If you don't spend enough on the guitar, the instrument will let you down. You'll find the octaves go out of tune, or the tuning pegs get loose.

I've never found a decent website with this information on it, which is why I'm posting it here. If I get bored I'll put the same schpiel on my website, and link you to there :-)

Good luck!

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The Byrds' Roger McGuinn is music pioneer –

The Byrds' Roger McGuinn is music pioneerSalina.comAccompanied by his famed 12-string Rickenbacker, banjo and 12-string acoustic guitar, McGuinn will play classic Byrds songs and solo material and tell stories behind the songs. It started with Elvis. Born Jim McGuinn in 1942 in Chicago, McGuinn's …and more »

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Guitar Amplifiers

Guitar Amps | Guitar Center
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Questions and Answers

Electric guitar without Amplifier?

Is it possible to play electric guitar without an amplifier?

Posted by
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Well, obviously you'd just hear the string tone vibrate from the guitar itself, maybe even feel the vibrations as well when you play on it.

Having an acoustic/electric (dreadnought) is getting the best of both worlds in the way of versatility, even a thin-body will have just enough volume without an amp. But still not fair to the instrument as a whole and what it can express.

But if you have a solid body or any other guitar that has the feature of an output jack, one can hook it up to a stereo system and even your PC, right off the bat. But all you need are some cable/adapters to size down to the proper plug ends in connecting up the guitar to these audio systems.

Realize you won't get the many effects or raw power as you would from a true amp designed for guitar circuit output (pickups). And this all would be a lesson in learning about impedance, resistance and compatibility between signal paths and sensitivity.

The results may be real noise, true distorted frequencies and maybe underpowered, or even, over sensitive outputs (signal) from the guitar. But great to experiment with. One can easily go through the audio inputs with an electric guitar 'bare footed'. Sometimes with the help of an audio interface. And once you have one of these, then there are a variety of software you can apply and create a whole 'virtual' sound and recording studio.

But then it gets expensive and the guitar amp will seem a whole lot more practical.

All a lot of fun once you get into it and important if you plan on building a home studio of your own for playing and recording.

Guitar amplifier settings.?

Does anyone know the amp settings (guitar) for these songs?

We the Kings – Secret Valentine
Paramore – Misery Business
Paramore – That's What you Get
JerryC – Canon Rock

You know… The mids, bass, gain… Etc.

Please. I really need them and if you can tell me how you got these. I mean, testing out the amp just doesn't work for me.

Posted by Bob
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You are not going to just be able to adjust your amplifier and get the perfect sound for those songs. Why? Well, first of all, you do not have the same amplifier that those bands use and each one likely uses a different amplifier anyway. The unique sounds that those bands come up with for specific songs come not from the amplifier but from a collection of guitar effects processors that produce various kinds of effects, tones and sounds and since you don't even know what effects they use, let alone how they set the controls on those effects, it's very difficult to come up with the exact sound. Now, having said that, I can reproduce almost any sound I hear on a recording (given the right amount of time) but, I'm using a BOSS GT-10 guitar effects processor with COSM technology which I can use to create almost any sound for the guitar. I also have a Roland Juno-G synthesizer that I can plug my guitar into to get even more unique sounds not found on the BOSS GT-10. But, in the final analysis, you need to figure out those sounds by trial and error using the right equipment and that just takes too much time. My advice is don't try to reproduce anyone else's sound. Instead, create your own unique sounds and your own music and start making some real money. When you play other peoples music, you don't make much money but, when you have your own music and your own unique sound, you can sell that and you are much better off in the long run.

Guitar Amplifiers?

Can you use the same amplifier for acoustic and electric guitars or would I have to but to seperate ones??
I have an acoustic amp now so will that work for an electric guitar.

Posted by Maya M
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Depends on several things. Acoustic amps have a different crossover system that is designed for the harmonics, etc you get from an acoustic guitar. In theory, that means you wont get that brassy "miked" acoustic guitar sound. However, a good pickup and eq between the guitar and amp will solve that problem, and will probably be less expensive than buying a different amp. So if you've got a good electric guitar amp, I'd go that way rather than buying an acoustic guitar amp.

EDIT: It may or may not. You see, the input impedence of the acoustic amp may not be able to handle the output of the electric guitar, so you may get some overdrive. Can you borrow someone's electric to try it? Most times, you can adjust this kind of thing with settings on the axe.But since I dont know the equipment involved, it's hard to say. Then again, you might get some sweet distortion!

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Silverface Bassman 50 to Tweed preamp conversion

Jimmy Page: The Protector of Led Zeppelin's Legacy and His Own – News NewsJimmy Page: The Protector of Led Zeppelin's Legacy and His NewsI was fascinated, as much as playing guitar, as how things were recorded. I learned a lot, I made it my business to learn a lot. Even from the very first studio date that I did, I had to be very disciplined. So I had that whole studio discipline. If …and more »

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Bose Acoustic Guitar Amps

Fishman Soloamp vs. Bose L1 - The Acoustic Guitar Forum
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Questions and Answers

Can you play any guitar in an amp?

I know you physically CAN play any type of guitar in an amp, for example gibson guitar/fender amp…but my question is, will if affect the sound? Does it even matter?

Posted by Tina
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1. Some guitars are set up for amps. Some aren't. Some guitars have a pre-amp built in, as well as equalization. Some just have a pickup. There are many different types of pickups:

Coil – the type of pickup you see on electric guitars.
Transducer – usually placed underneath the bridge of an acoustic electric guitar
Condenser type mike – Not a pickup at all, but a microphone that usually includes some feedback canceling protection

Where you place the pickup affects the sound as well. Some guitars use a combination of pickups, multiple pickups, or even a combination of a pickup and an internal microphone to mix the sound.

The type of signal you feed into the amp matters. You want the most signal with the least amount of noise you can get. You have to decide whether you want the sound of the string, or the sound of the guitar. You also have to decide whether you want to feed the raw or processed sound into the amplifier.

The amplifier is the next stage in the equation. You have so many options that I can't begin to get into them here, but here are a few. Warm analog tube sound, precise controlled transistor sound, digital effects, springs capacitors and old fashioned analog effects. Straight signal, processed signal, pre-amped signal, so many choices that you just have to try a few and make your own call. The last step is the speaker. Sometimes that choice is included with the amp, and sometimes you are running through a public address system, or are running through a "head," which is an amplifier that does not contain a speaker. In that case, you can get a cabinet, seperate woofer, tweeter and midrange (even on stage) or a "Bose type system that has baffles inside the cabinet to process the sound and make it sound fuller and more three dimensional.

If the guitar has no pickup in it, you can have one installed, put in a detachable pickup, or just mike the guitar. If you mike the guitar, you have to be prepared for feedback issues. Sometimes it can be solved by plugging up the sound hole,


and sometimes you can solve the problem by using special mikes and filters. It is an issue that you definitely want to think about in advance however.

I hope that this addresses most of your questions and gives you a direction to go in to find the solution to the rest of them. I use an Ovation Adamas with special holes cut into the upper bout of the guitar instead of under the strings. It has a three band EQ and preamp that is powered by a 9 volt battery.


I also use an old Yamaha FG-75 that has a transducer placed under the bridge, with the plug built into the endpin. It has no preamp, so I have to process the signal when I amplify it. It's an old friend, and spent many years on my back, so it deserves a place at my side as long as I'm around. My kids are already fighting over it. I round it all out with an East German Classical nylon string, a Gibson ES335 (jet black) and several house guitars for my various experiments (five string guitar tuned in fifths, etc.)

I use a Yamaha CG 40 and CG101 at school, along with a Yamaha strat copy and a Les Paul copy that Best Buy was selling for $99 bucks during a back to Christmas sale. It's an inexpensive guitar and I wish I could replace the bridge, but I haven't gotten around to it. My students like it though, and it gives us something to demonstrate with.

Looking to buy a sound system for my room/dorm?

(Theres a long explanation below, if you don't have the patience to read it all, skip to the bottom)

I'm 16, and last year for Christmas I got a Kenwood KDC HD545U radio, and I installed it in my car and couldn't be happier. But with college coming up and feeling a little sad that the only speaker I have is a mini-amp ( in my bedroom, I want a sound system/speakers for christmas. Yes, its far away, but I'm thinking ahead. I'd like a sound system that hits bass hard, but also manages to keep the mids and highs equal too. I'd like a sound system that, when inside my dorm room in the future, hits so hard I get yelled at by the dorm manager.

But here's the catch: this is for Christmas. Last year I skipped my birthday present and my parents were still a little sketchy about buying me the radio. But I asked for more last year, so I'm thinking I could convince my parents to get me a system ranging from $300-$400. The MAX (and I mean MAX, because I guarantee my parents won't go any higher, unless I did some major ass-kissing, and even then…) is $500. I have no amp, no speakers, and no reciever. Nothing. Just an IPod nano, a playlist, and a shitty ass speaker (seen above).

Here's some questions you may have, so I'll answer them now.

A. What % of your usage will be music vs. HT (home theater)?

[100% of the usage will be for music]

b. What types of music do you listen to the most? (classical/jazz, rap, rock, etc.)

[I listen to a lot of rap, but I also love hardcore techno, rave, and dubstep. However, I probably listen to rock music just as much, so I'd like a speaker thats versatile. Right now my car speakers (OEM) do fine with rap and have great bass (Kenwood stereo makes it fine), but with rock the treble is so high that I can only have the music at half the volume i'd like it without the drums and cymbals blowing out my eardrums (adjusting the treble does nothing), so I'd like some speakers that not only hit the lows and mids, but also manage the highs so the guitar hits hard and sounds crisp.]

c. How big is your listening/viewing room?

[I'm not positive on the use of these speakers for sure, but anywhere ranging from a small dorm room to a medium-sized bedroom is my best guess. Not going to be trying to fill the gym with sound here.]

e. What kind of receiver/amp will you have?

[This was another one of my concerns. I'd like a reciever that can connect to an IPod via USB because my stereo in my car (at least) has better quality with the USB rather than the AUX cord. A CD changer isn't necessary, just IPod connectivity.

F. Do you have a subwoofer or plan to get one?

[If it's necessary I will. I have no speakers or recievers or amps right now period. I'm starting fresh.]

To elaborate:

*$500 MAX
*Reciever, Speakers, Wiring, etc.
*Dorm Room/Medium Sized Bedroom
*Rap, Rock, Techno, Dubstep
*Hits hard without distorting, puts out crisp and high quality guitar sound without popping my eardrums with cymbal noise
*Can be any type of speaker, floor, bookshelf, etc.
*If necessary, I could possibly get a friend to build a box, but we'll see.

If you have any other questions, please ask and I will answer.
Carl I was looking for a different system, I've heard some bad reviews about Bose when it comes to louder music (with hard-hitting bass), so I was looking for reccomendations on speakers and recievers. Thanks.

Posted by !//Q@
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Okay, so I paid a bit more for mine, I have a Bose Acoustiic Wave, but we also have the clock radio. I hate the fact that the new onse don't have buttons on them, but if you get a chance to listen to one, it might be something to own. They're really close to that $500 tag.

EDIT: My Acoustic Wave doesn't have that problem and we've used it to fill up a small hall. True, there's no bass or treble controls (IFM how it works) but the audio is true, even at high volume. I think in the order of things, the radio was about $500, the 321 system with sub-woofer was about $800 and the AW was $1200. The last time I checked, our living room is larger than any dorm room, and there's only so much power you can ever use. Find a reasonable amp with equalizer and a pair of kick azz speakers and you'd be good to go.

How can I accomplish this?

I'm hosting a little graduation party concert for my best friends and there'll be about 12 people. I need to rent small speakers(it's going to be outside) and a little set up. What equipment do I need(I have the instruments) to make this happen? Any price range estimates? And is there such thing and a very light autotuner to hook up through a mic. While I'm up singing? (my voice is not terrible, but not great.). I'm not a musician and am learning the songs and all that for this event, so all of these things are foreign to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Posted by bradley
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If you just need a small set-up with a guitar and mic, I'd go with one of the Acoustic amps. They put out 50-75 watts, have 2 combination XLR/Line inputs, full EQ on both channels and around 2 dozen effects. They have an Aux In 1/8" jack for using a laptop, notepad, cell phone, or MP3 player for playing backing tracks. They weigh around 40 pounds. They are actually made by Marshall, and are very reliable. I have one that I use for very small coffee-house gigs, and they are plenty loud for that. You can get a used one for around $100.00 at Guitar Center. It would cost you close to that to rent any kind of PA from a local Music Shop, and most rental systems are junk.

My next choice would be the Fender Passport 150 PA system. I used to have the Passport 250 system (until I upgraded to the outstanding Bose L-1 system) and it worked flawlessly for over a decade of hard professional use. One of my friends is still gigging cruise ships with it as we speak.

PRS Guitarist NEAL SCHÖN to Release New Fusion and Blues-Inspired Hard Rock Album

So U” Due Out May 19th Via Frontiers Records (PRWeb April 29, 2014) Read the full story at Http://…

Bose® RoomMatch® Loudspeakers And PowerMatch® Amplifiers Chosen For … – Music Indistry News Network

Bose® RoomMatch® Loudspeakers And PowerMatch® Amplifiers Chosen For …Music Indistry News NetworkFramingham, Massachusetts, April 29, 2014 – The Sundance Film Festival, the premier showcase for independent film, held each January in Park City, Utah, has seen its live music element increase substantially in recent years. And each evening, through …

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Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Jazz Guitar Amps | Jazz Tube Amps | Acoustic Image - Sound Island ...
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Questions and Answers

What is an electric acoustic guitar?

Im getting a new guitar soon, and Im wondering what is an electric acoustic guitar, can u play acoustic tunes and electric tunes, can you finger tap on it, how much does it cost to buy a decent electric acoustic guitar?

Posted by Yes
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An acoustic electric guitar is really an acoustic guitar with an electronic pickup installed in it. It has all the properties of an acoustic guitar and can be played purely as an acoustic guitar. If you plug it in to an amplifier though, it will amplify the sound of the guitar (it's still an acoustic guitar though). There are different types of pickups, but most use a thin strip (piezo) pickup that's installed under the saddle (the white plastic piece on the bridge that the strings run across). Some more expensive ones will have a combination of piezo and internal microphone which can be blended. The piezo won't pick up your finger tapping, but one with a microphone would. You can get a decent quality acoustic electric guitar for $300-$500, but you probably won't find one with a blended pickup system (you'll likely just get the under-saddle piezo for that price range). Ovation, Takamine, and Ibanez would be some good brands to look at in that range.

What is an electro acoustic guitar?

I want to learn guitar and am going to buy an electric guitar, I want to learn songs by bands lime rise againsy, fall out bou, bring me the horizon, paramore, my chemical romance, blink 182, the kooks etc they do mainly rock music and some acoustic and i eant to learn acoustic songs too but i dont want an acoustic guitar.

More info i posted on another questio : I am buying my first guitar and it will be electric, I was wondering which I should get, I want one that will last. I will be committed and my parents will pay lessons amp etc. I know nothing about guitars or amps, I am 14 and want a nice one :) I like the look of vintage electric guitars, I saw epiphone ones theyre nice I was wondering if theyre good? I want to learn songs by bands like fall out boy, bring me the horizon, the kooks etc. I was also wondering what semi acoustic guitars are I saw them under electric guitars on a site, are they good? Should I get one? As I want to learn acoustic songs as well. And what is an electro acoustic guitar are they good? I use to learn acoustic guitar for a month but it wasnfrustrating! Please help me :) and any additional tips and info about beginners are welcome! Thank you! X.

Posted by
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Hello there,

Electric acoustic guitars are acoustic guitars that have pickups and a preamp on the guitar. The pickups are not like the pickups used on an electric guitar. These are like little microphones that catch the sound of the acoustic guitar and send it to an amplifier. You can play an electric acoustic guitar without plugging it into the amp and it sounds just like any other acoustic. The electric acoustic has a body and neck similar to any other acoustic and plays exactly the same.

Because of the different style pickups, electric acoustic guitars do not handle distortion well. They are intended for a clean sound. If you want the distortion or high gain sound of an electric guitar, you need to go with an electric guitar.

Some folks argue that you need to learn first on an acoustic guitar because it is more forgiving and you do not have to hassle with the controls (both on the guitar and the amp). Others argue you should learn on an electric guitar because it is easier to play (thinner narrower neck and lower action). There is merit to both arguments. The bottom line is you can learn on either the electric or acoustic. So I feel you should learn on the one that interests you the most. Why learn on an acoustic if you really want to play an electric (or vice versa).

What do you want to know about electric guitars and amps. Be glad to answer your questions. I got my first guitar in 1957, so I have been playing for quite a while.


Acoustic guitar…..?

Ok so which guitar is better the fender or the acoustic???

Posted by Sydney S
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ima explain this for you since nobody else will

soo first off, a fender isnt a type of guitar
theres Electric, Acoustic, and electric-acoustic

Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Etc. Are all brand names
In other words, They are the manafacturers

Soo, if your question is what is better, electric or acoustic, then the answer is :

Electric guitar and acoustic guitars arent really better than each other because the better guitar for you depends on your style. If you like natural sounds with clean strums and you want to take that guitar t ogo, then choose acoustic.

If you are planning on playing metal (my favorite xD), rock, etc, then choose an electric guitar. Pretty much all electric guitars are the same because their sound depends highly on the type of amplifier you choose. I prefer electric guitar because its also alot louder.

Electric- Acoustics are sort of like a hybrid because you can take them anywhere without an amplifier and still get that beautiful natural acoustic sound that would normally come from a standard acoustic guitar. When your at home and you feel like playing some rock or metal or etc., then you can just plug into your amp and shred.

If your question is "What is the best brand/manifacturer acoustic or electric guitar?" then heres your answer:

There are 3rd party (cheap) guitars who make remedy guitars off of the top-of-the-line makers, Mid class guitar makers or divisions of the high end brands, and the high end (best) brand names. Third party makers such as johnson, brownsville, and vineyard are low quality brands but they are very inexpensive. Then, there are Branches or divisions off of the high end brands. These include Epiphone, Squire, etc. These brands are a part of the high end companies such as fender and gibson, They are pretty good quality guitars and they are mid priced. Then come the high end guitar brands such as Fender and Gibson and Dean and Jackson. These are the highest quality guitars but they may come with such a huge price tag, you can buy 2 used cars with. Fenders can range from poor quality $80-$200 to high quality $1200-$4600. They are over-rated in a way. You would be better off buying an epiphone or squire guitar because they have almost the same quality but come at much, much lower prices. Jackson guitars are my favorite because they have amazing quality and are mid-priced like epiphones.

This applies to both acoustic and electric guitars.

Sooo take this info and share it

My names John V, im 14, and i hope to become a famous guitarist one day. Everyone deserves a chance to play the guitar sooo pass this on. XD.

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Acoustic Brand Amps

Review: Acoustic G120 DSP Combo Amp | Guitar World
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Questions and Answers

Bass Amps? Is Acoustic a good brand for Bass Amps?

I was thinkin of buying this today Http://… or something in the same price range better, i play punk rock and pop punk, blink-182, sum41, FOB, ATL, KOL, etc. Can you tell me if this is a good amp. Im diying to buy a bass amp i have always used a guitar one and sucks!


Posted by Manuel
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Back when I was butchering my Fender Precision, I had an Acoustic 260B that would knock down walls. I loved that amp and speakers but darn it was heavy to lug around.

I soon realized my talents lay as a music fan and could contribute by supporting acts by attending their shows. The amp is long sold but I kept the bass since it's a 1962 model.

I'm getting an acoustic guitar,what are some nice brands?

I'm sort of a beginner/intermediate and I'm buying an acoustic so umm..any suggestions would be great.And also how much would it cost?

Posted by Natalie
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Peavey is a really good brand we got two guitars and amps by peavey see if u like and 4rm the brand k hun.

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Budget Acoustic Guitar Amplifier Review

What is the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp? | Best Acoustic Guitar Guide
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Questions and Answers

What the best/worse "Cheap" Guitars(for a semi-beginer)?

Well i recently got 500 dollars from working. And all i want is a guitar. I used to have an ibanez but an acoustic. It was great i loved it. Until i broke it. Now im looking to buy an electric but not exceding maybe 300 dollars because i still need to buy a nice amp and a cable, some good headphone, all that goodstuff. My parents told me to look around to see what i want i choose my self an Ibanez GrX20 it has got nothing but good reviews and is 150 at guitar center, but with all the accessories its gonna be about 330 . So what my question is what are the best and what are the worst cheap guitars and im talkin about 100- 300? Answering this would be a great help to me! So pleasee!!
Also is it a better idea to get a better known label guitar?

Posted by Melissa!
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Hello there,

If you do not know what to look for in a guitar, I suggest you stick to the better know brands. You can trust them to be good guitars.

To keep within your budget, I suggest you consider buying a used guitar and a used amp. You can make your money go farther that way. Check your local want ads, Craigslist, the Trader and the like. Also check eBay. I have picked up several good guitars and amps at eBay. I am a bargain shopper and watch for great deals.

As for guitars, the 2 most copied guitars in Rock are the Les Paul and the Strat. Must be a good reason for that. So to keep your search simple, go with which ever you like best. A Gibson Les Paul or a Fender US made Strat even used, are not going to be within your budget. But there are lots of alternatives, such as Epiphone LP and Squier and Ibanez Strats. The Ibanez is a good guitar; Ibanez makes several good guitars. I am fond of the RG Series. The GrX20 is really a Strat clone.

Here are the reviews on that model Ibanez at Harmony Central

Strat clone guitars other than Ibanez, I like the older Peavey guitars (US made). The Squier Standard is decent. I do not like the Squier Affinity or Bullet series. Those are too cheaply made. If you can find an older Squier made in Japan or Korea, those are very good. I also like the old Bullets series back when they were MIJ or MIK. The new Bullet series is nothing like the older ones. I have a couple of the older ones. They have a thin profile to the back of the neck and a flatter radius. They gives them a great feel (if you like thin necks).

As for amps, I am not fond of the small practice amps (10 to 20 watt jobs). The speakers sound tinny. A great guitar played through a lousy amp/speakers sound lousy. A mediocre guitar played through a good amp/speakers sound decent. If you are not planning on gigging, you can use a combo amp. A combo is where the amplifier and the speaker(s) are in the same cabinet. I suggest you limit your search to combos that have 1 or 2 12 inch speakers (1×12 and 2×12). Any known brand in a 1×12 or 2×12 is going to be a pretty good amp. Peavey, Crate, Fender, Vox, Marshall and Line 6 are all good amps. I see 2×12 combos going for well under $200 on eBay. If you take your time and watch, you can pick up a nice 1×12 or 2×12 combo amp at a great price. One note, the 2×12 combo amp is usually heavy (50 pounds or more). Just so you know they do weigh so.

Also, eBay is a good place to buy used pedals cheap. I have picked up quite a few there.

By picking up a used guitar and a used combo amp that will leave you some cash for other things. Grab a couple used pedals off eBay, like the Boss DS-1, and you still have cash left to buy what ever else you need, like cables, picks, strings, tuner, and gig bag.


Is the Luna Americana Classic AMF100 guitar any good?

I need a beginner guitar and was looking at this one its the folk acoustic-electric cutaway. It's in my price range, it's acoustic-electric (a must for me), and I simply love how it looks. The only problem is that I can't find any reviews on it. I would like to know:

1.) the pros and cons
2.) if its a good guitar
3.) if its worth it
4.) Are Luna Guitars good
5.) If not, any recommendations (not over $450)

Thank You in advance!!

Posted by Don't Call Me EMo
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Looks should be a long way down your priority list when buying a guitar. Also, unless you plan to buy a suitable amplifier, the electonics will be useless for you. Performers need amplification, but by the time you're ready to perform you'll be needing a better guitar.

The very best way to buy a new guitar is to visit a well-stocked music store (or several) and try a bunch of guitars out. That's the only way to find out what suits you. A reputable store will have the guitars checked and adjusted as needed when they arrive, and you can negotiate for further setup work at the time of sale. It is crucial that your first guitar should be in proper adjustment – that, and overall quality of construction, are far more important than appearance or bells & whistles.

Lunas are respectably built AFAIK, but tend to focus on eye appeal, which as I mentioned is probably the least important thing. The main thing going for the guitar you mention is that it has a solid spruce top. However, you could find a solid-top Yamaha (arguably the best entry-level brand) for over a hundred bucks less. A decent first guitar normally costs about $150-300. Your tastes and skills are not yet developed, so there's little point putting much more money than that into a guitar until you know what you're looking for. By the time you outgrew a really good entry-level guitar, you would also probably not find a $450 one to be tremendously better (I went straight from a Yamaha FG-160 to a vintage Martin – nothing else seemed to cut it).

At the end of the day, though, it's all about what suits your tastes and budget. BUT, you need to try the guitar personally to know whether it's OK for you.

Whats the difference in beginner guitar and pro guitar (10 points)?

I want to buy a Ibanez GRX20 with a Line 6 15W amp or something like that (due to budget). I am really new to guitar. This my first year, and been playing for about 4 months with an acoustic. I read the reviews online. People say its a good guitar and excellent for beginners. What about pros? My parents aren't going to buy me a new guitar as I get better, so I am pretty much stuck with this.
Can't I use it my whole music career with minor adjustments as in changing strings and stuff? What difference does it make? Will it still be able to do harder stuff? I am "guessing" all the guitars are somewhat the same, except the amp is different.

Would I be able to use this guitar for 5+ years and at gigs? I know nothing is meant to last forever, but I mean why can't pros use it?

Posted by EliteSoldier
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To make a long story short, the guitar will sound as good as you get. Once you get proficient, your guitar will sound like a million dollars. The reason is because people will listen to you play rather than judge the guitar.
I suggest you use .009 extra light to improve the action and playability. I started with a $79 guitar and manage to win a contest and competing against Fender owners etc… Goes to show you that, if you play good, the guitar will sound good and people will judge accordingly.

The difference with more expensive professional guitar is the workmanship, quality of wood, hardware, machine heads and pickups. The sound gets better with age compared to cheaper models which are at their max already as far as tonal quality. Take a Gibson or Martin or other top name, because of the quality of wood, the sound gets better and better just like a wine tastes better with age. Also, they are an investment which means, they go up in price 20 years down the line. Pros use known brands for the simple reason that they get fussy and look for a certain tone and certain characteristics in an instrunent which is developed through the years.
You will get to that point eventually. Yo will play a certain music, rock , country , metal and expect an instrument that will respond to your needs. That means investing ion a good instrument to fill the void. The instrument eventually becomes part of you becvause you will express through it by your leads.

An electric guitar depends on the hardware to make it sound good such as pickups and amplifier. That is why many change their pickups to seymour duncan to get a fatter, better tone on their axe.

The line 6 is a good little amp and the GRX20 is a good instrument. Like I said, lower the actionl put lighter gauge and you will be set for the next couple of years.

Littleton music store still playing the right notes

Happiness is doing what you love and wanting what you have. By those standards, Dan and Moocho Salomon are very happy, living and breathing guitars as the owners of Northern Lights Music.

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Acoustic Amplifiers

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Questions and Answers

Acoustic guitar? Battery? Amplifier?

If I plug in my acoustic guitar to a switched on amplifier,will it charge the 9V battery inside the guitar?

Posted by amir
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No, and make sure you unplug the cable from the guitar when you're not playing it or you'll quickly drain your battery (it switches the preamp on when you plug the cable into the guitar). I don't recommend using rechargeable batteries either. You'll find they wear out too quickly. I actually find Rayovac batteries work quite well and last a long time in my acoustic guitar. Much cheaper than Energizer or Duracell and they seem to last just as long.

Should I get an acoustic amplifier?

I currently own an acoustic guitar with an acoustic pickup installed. I also have the ac3 boss pedal, which has an option to plug it into both an electric and acoustic amp (using the electic amp when its on bypass and the acoustic when active. I wanted to know if it makes a really big difference if I just plug my electric into my Fender Deluxe and my acoustic into the pa.

Posted by yoyoyodaman93yo
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You can go either way. If you get an amp for the acoustic, your sound will come from one place: the amp. This can be good or bad, depending on how you envision the acoustic fitting into your mix. You'll also be able to hear the acoustic because you'll be near the amp, but if you want to play at loud volumes, you'll have to be careful of feedback.

In many recordings, you hear the acoustic mixed in both channels to form a solid rhythmic fill. If you plug into the PA, you'll come closer to this mix than with an amp. The issue then is how to hear yourself. You need to have a good monitor system, and it's a challenge to get the monitor volume correct. You want it loud enough for you to hear, but not so it overpowers the vocals. Ideally you would carry your own amp for a monitor, then take a line out of there and run it through the PA.

A third option is to get an A/B box and plug both guitars through the Fender Deluxe. You can buy a graphic EQ pedal for the acoustic so you don't have to change the amp settings for each guitar.

Is this acoustic amplifier good?

Is this acoustic amplifier good?

So I have nowhere to start when it comes to amps. I've been playing acoustic guitar, with no electric or amp stuff, for about 4/5 years. I found a nice fender for a really good price, and I was thinking for a while of getting an electric acoustic. The only problem, like I said, is that know anything about acoustic amps. So is the link good, or would recommend another good (but somewhat cheap) one?

Posted by Jim
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Most of us around here do not recommend Fender acoustics to begin with, as they put their label on these models as to attract this segment of the market, and not so much for the quality or performance of those guitars.

Go for an acoustic/electric with: Alvarez; Art & Lutherie; Dean; Ephone; Ibanez; Lag; Simon & Patric; Takamine; Tanglewood; Walden; Washburn; or Yamaha. All good, mid-level and come in solid-top models for best resonance, volume (unplugged) and clarity.

An amp of around 30+ watts, 10' speaker. And with either a 'dedicated' acoustic system (coaxial speaker/tweeter) or, one that is a 'combo' (with the tube and solid state digital circuit provisions) would be best.

The 'acoustic/electric' amp will be a bit more expensive than the ones compared to standard amplifiers of the same power and close features. Several brands: Crate; Epiphone (rare); Fender; Genz-Benz; Ibanez; Line-6; Orange; Marshall; and Peavey

Like anything else in the guitar world… You have to go and try them all out first hand, to find what you are really looking for and expect. Shop all you like and do some research on the Internet, but go to a music store to try and buy!

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Marshall AS80R acoustic #18

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 20 is a high-end audio Dalek –

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 20 is a high-end audio… 12m x 13m. After the speakers' acoustic response has been checked to minimise distortion, cabinet resonances and diffraction effects, they're taken to a room for subjective listening tests – just to make sure they sound right to the human ear …and more »

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