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Electric guitar without Amplifier?

Is it possible to play electric guitar without an amplifier?

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Well, obviously you'd just hear the string tone vibrate from the guitar itself, maybe even feel the vibrations as well when you play on it.

Having an acoustic/electric (dreadnought) is getting the best of both worlds in the way of versatility, even a thin-body will have just enough volume without an amp. But still not fair to the instrument as a whole and what it can express.

But if you have a solid body or any other guitar that has the feature of an output jack, one can hook it up to a stereo system and even your PC, right off the bat. But all you need are some cable/adapters to size down to the proper plug ends in connecting up the guitar to these audio systems.

Realize you won't get the many effects or raw power as you would from a true amp designed for guitar circuit output (pickups). And this all would be a lesson in learning about impedance, resistance and compatibility between signal paths and sensitivity.

The results may be real noise, true distorted frequencies and maybe underpowered, or even, over sensitive outputs (signal) from the guitar. But great to experiment with. One can easily go through the audio inputs with an electric guitar 'bare footed'. Sometimes with the help of an audio interface. And once you have one of these, then there are a variety of software you can apply and create a whole 'virtual' sound and recording studio.

But then it gets expensive and the guitar amp will seem a whole lot more practical.

All a lot of fun once you get into it and important if you plan on building a home studio of your own for playing and recording.

Guitar amplifier settings.?

Does anyone know the amp settings (guitar) for these songs?

We the Kings – Secret Valentine
Paramore – Misery Business
Paramore – That's What you Get
JerryC – Canon Rock

You know… The mids, bass, gain… Etc.

Please. I really need them and if you can tell me how you got these. I mean, testing out the amp just doesn't work for me.

Posted by Bob
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You are not going to just be able to adjust your amplifier and get the perfect sound for those songs. Why? Well, first of all, you do not have the same amplifier that those bands use and each one likely uses a different amplifier anyway. The unique sounds that those bands come up with for specific songs come not from the amplifier but from a collection of guitar effects processors that produce various kinds of effects, tones and sounds and since you don't even know what effects they use, let alone how they set the controls on those effects, it's very difficult to come up with the exact sound. Now, having said that, I can reproduce almost any sound I hear on a recording (given the right amount of time) but, I'm using a BOSS GT-10 guitar effects processor with COSM technology which I can use to create almost any sound for the guitar. I also have a Roland Juno-G synthesizer that I can plug my guitar into to get even more unique sounds not found on the BOSS GT-10. But, in the final analysis, you need to figure out those sounds by trial and error using the right equipment and that just takes too much time. My advice is don't try to reproduce anyone else's sound. Instead, create your own unique sounds and your own music and start making some real money. When you play other peoples music, you don't make much money but, when you have your own music and your own unique sound, you can sell that and you are much better off in the long run.

Guitar Amplifiers?

Can you use the same amplifier for acoustic and electric guitars or would I have to but to seperate ones??
I have an acoustic amp now so will that work for an electric guitar.

Posted by Maya M
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Depends on several things. Acoustic amps have a different crossover system that is designed for the harmonics, etc you get from an acoustic guitar. In theory, that means you wont get that brassy "miked" acoustic guitar sound. However, a good pickup and eq between the guitar and amp will solve that problem, and will probably be less expensive than buying a different amp. So if you've got a good electric guitar amp, I'd go that way rather than buying an acoustic guitar amp.

EDIT: It may or may not. You see, the input impedence of the acoustic amp may not be able to handle the output of the electric guitar, so you may get some overdrive. Can you borrow someone's electric to try it? Most times, you can adjust this kind of thing with settings on the axe.But since I dont know the equipment involved, it's hard to say. Then again, you might get some sweet distortion!

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