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What the best/worse "Cheap" Guitars(for a semi-beginer)?

Well i recently got 500 dollars from working. And all i want is a guitar. I used to have an ibanez but an acoustic. It was great i loved it. Until i broke it. Now im looking to buy an electric but not exceding maybe 300 dollars because i still need to buy a nice amp and a cable, some good headphone, all that goodstuff. My parents told me to look around to see what i want i choose my self an Ibanez GrX20 it has got nothing but good reviews and is 150 at guitar center, but with all the accessories its gonna be about 330 . So what my question is what are the best and what are the worst cheap guitars and im talkin about 100- 300? Answering this would be a great help to me! So pleasee!!
Also is it a better idea to get a better known label guitar?

Posted by Melissa!
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Hello there,

If you do not know what to look for in a guitar, I suggest you stick to the better know brands. You can trust them to be good guitars.

To keep within your budget, I suggest you consider buying a used guitar and a used amp. You can make your money go farther that way. Check your local want ads, Craigslist, the Trader and the like. Also check eBay. I have picked up several good guitars and amps at eBay. I am a bargain shopper and watch for great deals.

As for guitars, the 2 most copied guitars in Rock are the Les Paul and the Strat. Must be a good reason for that. So to keep your search simple, go with which ever you like best. A Gibson Les Paul or a Fender US made Strat even used, are not going to be within your budget. But there are lots of alternatives, such as Epiphone LP and Squier and Ibanez Strats. The Ibanez is a good guitar; Ibanez makes several good guitars. I am fond of the RG Series. The GrX20 is really a Strat clone.

Here are the reviews on that model Ibanez at Harmony Central

Strat clone guitars other than Ibanez, I like the older Peavey guitars (US made). The Squier Standard is decent. I do not like the Squier Affinity or Bullet series. Those are too cheaply made. If you can find an older Squier made in Japan or Korea, those are very good. I also like the old Bullets series back when they were MIJ or MIK. The new Bullet series is nothing like the older ones. I have a couple of the older ones. They have a thin profile to the back of the neck and a flatter radius. They gives them a great feel (if you like thin necks).

As for amps, I am not fond of the small practice amps (10 to 20 watt jobs). The speakers sound tinny. A great guitar played through a lousy amp/speakers sound lousy. A mediocre guitar played through a good amp/speakers sound decent. If you are not planning on gigging, you can use a combo amp. A combo is where the amplifier and the speaker(s) are in the same cabinet. I suggest you limit your search to combos that have 1 or 2 12 inch speakers (1×12 and 2×12). Any known brand in a 1×12 or 2×12 is going to be a pretty good amp. Peavey, Crate, Fender, Vox, Marshall and Line 6 are all good amps. I see 2×12 combos going for well under $200 on eBay. If you take your time and watch, you can pick up a nice 1×12 or 2×12 combo amp at a great price. One note, the 2×12 combo amp is usually heavy (50 pounds or more). Just so you know they do weigh so.

Also, eBay is a good place to buy used pedals cheap. I have picked up quite a few there.

By picking up a used guitar and a used combo amp that will leave you some cash for other things. Grab a couple used pedals off eBay, like the Boss DS-1, and you still have cash left to buy what ever else you need, like cables, picks, strings, tuner, and gig bag.


Is the Luna Americana Classic AMF100 guitar any good?

I need a beginner guitar and was looking at this one its the folk acoustic-electric cutaway. It's in my price range, it's acoustic-electric (a must for me), and I simply love how it looks. The only problem is that I can't find any reviews on it. I would like to know:

1.) the pros and cons
2.) if its a good guitar
3.) if its worth it
4.) Are Luna Guitars good
5.) If not, any recommendations (not over $450)

Thank You in advance!!

Posted by Don't Call Me EMo
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Looks should be a long way down your priority list when buying a guitar. Also, unless you plan to buy a suitable amplifier, the electonics will be useless for you. Performers need amplification, but by the time you're ready to perform you'll be needing a better guitar.

The very best way to buy a new guitar is to visit a well-stocked music store (or several) and try a bunch of guitars out. That's the only way to find out what suits you. A reputable store will have the guitars checked and adjusted as needed when they arrive, and you can negotiate for further setup work at the time of sale. It is crucial that your first guitar should be in proper adjustment – that, and overall quality of construction, are far more important than appearance or bells & whistles.

Lunas are respectably built AFAIK, but tend to focus on eye appeal, which as I mentioned is probably the least important thing. The main thing going for the guitar you mention is that it has a solid spruce top. However, you could find a solid-top Yamaha (arguably the best entry-level brand) for over a hundred bucks less. A decent first guitar normally costs about $150-300. Your tastes and skills are not yet developed, so there's little point putting much more money than that into a guitar until you know what you're looking for. By the time you outgrew a really good entry-level guitar, you would also probably not find a $450 one to be tremendously better (I went straight from a Yamaha FG-160 to a vintage Martin – nothing else seemed to cut it).

At the end of the day, though, it's all about what suits your tastes and budget. BUT, you need to try the guitar personally to know whether it's OK for you.

Whats the difference in beginner guitar and pro guitar (10 points)?

I want to buy a Ibanez GRX20 with a Line 6 15W amp or something like that (due to budget). I am really new to guitar. This my first year, and been playing for about 4 months with an acoustic. I read the reviews online. People say its a good guitar and excellent for beginners. What about pros? My parents aren't going to buy me a new guitar as I get better, so I am pretty much stuck with this.
Can't I use it my whole music career with minor adjustments as in changing strings and stuff? What difference does it make? Will it still be able to do harder stuff? I am "guessing" all the guitars are somewhat the same, except the amp is different.

Would I be able to use this guitar for 5+ years and at gigs? I know nothing is meant to last forever, but I mean why can't pros use it?

Posted by EliteSoldier
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To make a long story short, the guitar will sound as good as you get. Once you get proficient, your guitar will sound like a million dollars. The reason is because people will listen to you play rather than judge the guitar.
I suggest you use .009 extra light to improve the action and playability. I started with a $79 guitar and manage to win a contest and competing against Fender owners etc… Goes to show you that, if you play good, the guitar will sound good and people will judge accordingly.

The difference with more expensive professional guitar is the workmanship, quality of wood, hardware, machine heads and pickups. The sound gets better with age compared to cheaper models which are at their max already as far as tonal quality. Take a Gibson or Martin or other top name, because of the quality of wood, the sound gets better and better just like a wine tastes better with age. Also, they are an investment which means, they go up in price 20 years down the line. Pros use known brands for the simple reason that they get fussy and look for a certain tone and certain characteristics in an instrunent which is developed through the years.
You will get to that point eventually. Yo will play a certain music, rock , country , metal and expect an instrument that will respond to your needs. That means investing ion a good instrument to fill the void. The instrument eventually becomes part of you becvause you will express through it by your leads.

An electric guitar depends on the hardware to make it sound good such as pickups and amplifier. That is why many change their pickups to seymour duncan to get a fatter, better tone on their axe.

The line 6 is a good little amp and the GRX20 is a good instrument. Like I said, lower the actionl put lighter gauge and you will be set for the next couple of years.

Littleton music store still playing the right notes

Happiness is doing what you love and wanting what you have. By those standards, Dan and Moocho Salomon are very happy, living and breathing guitars as the owners of Northern Lights Music.

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