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Questions and Answers

What is an electric acoustic guitar?

Im getting a new guitar soon, and Im wondering what is an electric acoustic guitar, can u play acoustic tunes and electric tunes, can you finger tap on it, how much does it cost to buy a decent electric acoustic guitar?

Posted by Yes
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An acoustic electric guitar is really an acoustic guitar with an electronic pickup installed in it. It has all the properties of an acoustic guitar and can be played purely as an acoustic guitar. If you plug it in to an amplifier though, it will amplify the sound of the guitar (it's still an acoustic guitar though). There are different types of pickups, but most use a thin strip (piezo) pickup that's installed under the saddle (the white plastic piece on the bridge that the strings run across). Some more expensive ones will have a combination of piezo and internal microphone which can be blended. The piezo won't pick up your finger tapping, but one with a microphone would. You can get a decent quality acoustic electric guitar for $300-$500, but you probably won't find one with a blended pickup system (you'll likely just get the under-saddle piezo for that price range). Ovation, Takamine, and Ibanez would be some good brands to look at in that range.

What is an electro acoustic guitar?

I want to learn guitar and am going to buy an electric guitar, I want to learn songs by bands lime rise againsy, fall out bou, bring me the horizon, paramore, my chemical romance, blink 182, the kooks etc they do mainly rock music and some acoustic and i eant to learn acoustic songs too but i dont want an acoustic guitar.

More info i posted on another questio : I am buying my first guitar and it will be electric, I was wondering which I should get, I want one that will last. I will be committed and my parents will pay lessons amp etc. I know nothing about guitars or amps, I am 14 and want a nice one :) I like the look of vintage electric guitars, I saw epiphone ones theyre nice I was wondering if theyre good? I want to learn songs by bands like fall out boy, bring me the horizon, the kooks etc. I was also wondering what semi acoustic guitars are I saw them under electric guitars on a site, are they good? Should I get one? As I want to learn acoustic songs as well. And what is an electro acoustic guitar are they good? I use to learn acoustic guitar for a month but it wasnfrustrating! Please help me :) and any additional tips and info about beginners are welcome! Thank you! X.

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Hello there,

Electric acoustic guitars are acoustic guitars that have pickups and a preamp on the guitar. The pickups are not like the pickups used on an electric guitar. These are like little microphones that catch the sound of the acoustic guitar and send it to an amplifier. You can play an electric acoustic guitar without plugging it into the amp and it sounds just like any other acoustic. The electric acoustic has a body and neck similar to any other acoustic and plays exactly the same.

Because of the different style pickups, electric acoustic guitars do not handle distortion well. They are intended for a clean sound. If you want the distortion or high gain sound of an electric guitar, you need to go with an electric guitar.

Some folks argue that you need to learn first on an acoustic guitar because it is more forgiving and you do not have to hassle with the controls (both on the guitar and the amp). Others argue you should learn on an electric guitar because it is easier to play (thinner narrower neck and lower action). There is merit to both arguments. The bottom line is you can learn on either the electric or acoustic. So I feel you should learn on the one that interests you the most. Why learn on an acoustic if you really want to play an electric (or vice versa).

What do you want to know about electric guitars and amps. Be glad to answer your questions. I got my first guitar in 1957, so I have been playing for quite a while.


Acoustic guitar…..?

Ok so which guitar is better the fender or the acoustic???

Posted by Sydney S
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ima explain this for you since nobody else will

soo first off, a fender isnt a type of guitar
theres Electric, Acoustic, and electric-acoustic

Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Etc. Are all brand names
In other words, They are the manafacturers

Soo, if your question is what is better, electric or acoustic, then the answer is :

Electric guitar and acoustic guitars arent really better than each other because the better guitar for you depends on your style. If you like natural sounds with clean strums and you want to take that guitar t ogo, then choose acoustic.

If you are planning on playing metal (my favorite xD), rock, etc, then choose an electric guitar. Pretty much all electric guitars are the same because their sound depends highly on the type of amplifier you choose. I prefer electric guitar because its also alot louder.

Electric- Acoustics are sort of like a hybrid because you can take them anywhere without an amplifier and still get that beautiful natural acoustic sound that would normally come from a standard acoustic guitar. When your at home and you feel like playing some rock or metal or etc., then you can just plug into your amp and shred.

If your question is "What is the best brand/manifacturer acoustic or electric guitar?" then heres your answer:

There are 3rd party (cheap) guitars who make remedy guitars off of the top-of-the-line makers, Mid class guitar makers or divisions of the high end brands, and the high end (best) brand names. Third party makers such as johnson, brownsville, and vineyard are low quality brands but they are very inexpensive. Then, there are Branches or divisions off of the high end brands. These include Epiphone, Squire, etc. These brands are a part of the high end companies such as fender and gibson, They are pretty good quality guitars and they are mid priced. Then come the high end guitar brands such as Fender and Gibson and Dean and Jackson. These are the highest quality guitars but they may come with such a huge price tag, you can buy 2 used cars with. Fenders can range from poor quality $80-$200 to high quality $1200-$4600. They are over-rated in a way. You would be better off buying an epiphone or squire guitar because they have almost the same quality but come at much, much lower prices. Jackson guitars are my favorite because they have amazing quality and are mid-priced like epiphones.

This applies to both acoustic and electric guitars.

Sooo take this info and share it

My names John V, im 14, and i hope to become a famous guitarist one day. Everyone deserves a chance to play the guitar sooo pass this on. XD.

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