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Wats the difference from a standered guitar and a pro guitar?

Posted by help me
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It depends on the brands of guitars you are comparing. As for acoustic guitars, the materials will be of a better quality in a "pro" guitar. The type of wood used makes a difference in sound quality. And the little things,like how the guitar is put together, what kinds of strings are used. All of these things will affect the sound.
I imagine that an electric guitar is much the same, but in this case it's also the amplifier that will make a difference. But just because something is expensive, doesn't mean it's good quality. I suggest going to a local music store and listening for yourself. If they don't let you play it, I bet they'll play it for you so you can hear it. Also, be aware of the size of the guitar-there's a difference in sound between a "child" sized and the adult sized instrument.

Help Me With Buying My First Acoustic Guitar!!!?

I am going to buy my first guitar. I know i want it to be an acoustic guitar. How much should i spend? Where should i go to buy it? What exactly was your fist guitar? Thanks for any help ..

P.S – I am going to play songs like Michelle by The Beatles (if that changes anything)

Posted by NoOne
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You can get a very good acoustic guitar like Takamine Jasmine. Its reliable, nice sound, beautiful finish and easy to play. You would have to pay much more for another guitar manufacturer to get the same tone from this guitar.
I suggest getting the Takamine S34C cutaway. It will be easier to play on the upper registers, plus, the tone is very nice, bassy, and if you play with a band later on, you can always but a little amplifier. The model I am suggesting has a built-in pick-up which won't affect the tone in any way. Its a plus if you want others to hear you if you are playing in a group.

My first guitar was a $25 old Harmony acoustic. But it was good enough for me to fool around before stepping up to a better guitar.

Here is a good link



Acoustic guitar for begginers?

Hi i want to start learning to play acoustic guitar. And i want to ask some questions coz i am completely noob on this thread. I sthere any difeerence between acoustic and classic? And if i wan tto play rock songs eg nickelback three doors down etc. Which type of acoustic guitar is better for me to buy?

Posted by Grygera
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A classical guitar is an acoustic guitar with a wider neck, nylon strings, and is intended to play classical guitar songs using the fingers to pick the strings. That's not what you want for the type of music you want to play.

You would be looking for a flat top steel string guitar. There are a lot of them available. In the lower price range for beginners Ibanez, Yamaha, Takamine Jasmine, and Epiphone are probably the best brands for beginner guitars (between $100 – $200). If you really want to play rock music, you'll eventually want to get an electric guitar, but I think an acoustic guitar is better for beginners to learn on. You play them all the same way (same notes and style) but an acoustic is easier to lug around to lessons and doesn't require an amplifier and distract your learning to play guitar with a lot of electronic effects and stuff you have to mess with. Just grab the guitar and a pick and start playing wherever you want.

If you shop for a cheaper acoustic guitar, a couple things to look out for:
– a solid wood top will sound better (if it doesn't explicitly say "solid spruce top" then it's not solid wood). You'll be hard-pressed to find a guitar with a solid top under $300 though.
– Even if you don't play yet, check out the action and fret buzz as follow by playing all the open strings to make sure the don't buzz, then play with your finger on the 3rd fret of each string to see how hard the strings are to press down and whether there's any buzz when pushing down at the 3rd fret. Try the same thing at the 5th fret. Just press down the string with your ring finger on your left hand and pluck the string with your pick. If you hear a lot of buzzing or the string is hard to press down, then the guitar is not set up too well.
– Compare various guitars to see which ones seem to play easiest and have good tone with no fret buzz.

Good luck. Have fun with the guitar.

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