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Bass Amps? Is Acoustic a good brand for Bass Amps?

I was thinkin of buying this today Http://… or something in the same price range better, i play punk rock and pop punk, blink-182, sum41, FOB, ATL, KOL, etc. Can you tell me if this is a good amp. Im diying to buy a bass amp i have always used a guitar one and sucks!


Posted by Manuel
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Back when I was butchering my Fender Precision, I had an Acoustic 260B that would knock down walls. I loved that amp and speakers but darn it was heavy to lug around.

I soon realized my talents lay as a music fan and could contribute by supporting acts by attending their shows. The amp is long sold but I kept the bass since it's a 1962 model.

I'm getting an acoustic guitar,what are some nice brands?

I'm sort of a beginner/intermediate and I'm buying an acoustic so umm..any suggestions would be great.And also how much would it cost?

Posted by Natalie
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Peavey is a really good brand we got two guitars and amps by peavey see if u like and 4rm the brand k hun.

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