Acoustic Amplifiers

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Acoustic guitar? Battery? Amplifier?

If I plug in my acoustic guitar to a switched on amplifier,will it charge the 9V battery inside the guitar?

Posted by amir
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No, and make sure you unplug the cable from the guitar when you're not playing it or you'll quickly drain your battery (it switches the preamp on when you plug the cable into the guitar). I don't recommend using rechargeable batteries either. You'll find they wear out too quickly. I actually find Rayovac batteries work quite well and last a long time in my acoustic guitar. Much cheaper than Energizer or Duracell and they seem to last just as long.

Should I get an acoustic amplifier?

I currently own an acoustic guitar with an acoustic pickup installed. I also have the ac3 boss pedal, which has an option to plug it into both an electric and acoustic amp (using the electic amp when its on bypass and the acoustic when active. I wanted to know if it makes a really big difference if I just plug my electric into my Fender Deluxe and my acoustic into the pa.

Posted by yoyoyodaman93yo
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You can go either way. If you get an amp for the acoustic, your sound will come from one place: the amp. This can be good or bad, depending on how you envision the acoustic fitting into your mix. You'll also be able to hear the acoustic because you'll be near the amp, but if you want to play at loud volumes, you'll have to be careful of feedback.

In many recordings, you hear the acoustic mixed in both channels to form a solid rhythmic fill. If you plug into the PA, you'll come closer to this mix than with an amp. The issue then is how to hear yourself. You need to have a good monitor system, and it's a challenge to get the monitor volume correct. You want it loud enough for you to hear, but not so it overpowers the vocals. Ideally you would carry your own amp for a monitor, then take a line out of there and run it through the PA.

A third option is to get an A/B box and plug both guitars through the Fender Deluxe. You can buy a graphic EQ pedal for the acoustic so you don't have to change the amp settings for each guitar.

Is this acoustic amplifier good?

Is this acoustic amplifier good?

So I have nowhere to start when it comes to amps. I've been playing acoustic guitar, with no electric or amp stuff, for about 4/5 years. I found a nice fender for a really good price, and I was thinking for a while of getting an electric acoustic. The only problem, like I said, is that know anything about acoustic amps. So is the link good, or would recommend another good (but somewhat cheap) one?

Posted by Jim
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Most of us around here do not recommend Fender acoustics to begin with, as they put their label on these models as to attract this segment of the market, and not so much for the quality or performance of those guitars.

Go for an acoustic/electric with: Alvarez; Art & Lutherie; Dean; Ephone; Ibanez; Lag; Simon & Patric; Takamine; Tanglewood; Walden; Washburn; or Yamaha. All good, mid-level and come in solid-top models for best resonance, volume (unplugged) and clarity.

An amp of around 30+ watts, 10' speaker. And with either a 'dedicated' acoustic system (coaxial speaker/tweeter) or, one that is a 'combo' (with the tube and solid state digital circuit provisions) would be best.

The 'acoustic/electric' amp will be a bit more expensive than the ones compared to standard amplifiers of the same power and close features. Several brands: Crate; Epiphone (rare); Fender; Genz-Benz; Ibanez; Line-6; Orange; Marshall; and Peavey

Like anything else in the guitar world… You have to go and try them all out first hand, to find what you are really looking for and expect. Shop all you like and do some research on the Internet, but go to a music store to try and buy!

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