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High End Vaccum or Hybrid Amplifier Brands?

Can some on tell me all the brands that sell high end reall good sound High End Vaccum or Hybrid Amplifier Brands???
I know the following:
-Peach Tree Audio
-Napa Acoustics
I forgot some other couple I know

So Can ya put as an answer all other brands that sell amps like these. No guitar or bass BS amp. I mean for speakers,

Posted by Racing Legend
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Among the resources listed below you will find that the World Tube Audio Portal Website is one of the most comprehensive sources of tube audio information available. It includes their extensive Tube Power Amplifiers directory, though as one might suspect it contains a few unfortunate omissions. It does not currently include Kaye Audio, inheritor of the NYAL / Julius Futterman OTL legacy, Manley Laboratories, Trafomatic Audio, Mystère, German Tube Amps (aka Weber Röhrenverstärker,) or Abbingdon Music Research. It does not include Shuguang Audio, a long-time Chinese manufacturer of vacuum tubes, who also manufactures their own tube amplifiers, nor does it have a separate entry for E.A.R. USA, which is somewhat different than its EAR-Yoshino counterpart. And the Tube Power Amplifiers directory also does not include several of the well-known classic tube audio equipment manufacturers, such as Dynaco, LEAK, Marantz, Mullard, Williamson, and the latest inductee to the group, Beard Audio, to name a few, whose sought-after vintage products continue to circulate on the used and collectible audio equipment markets.

Fatman by TL Audio, Peachtree Audio, both of which are best known for their iPod docking stations and headphone amplifiers, as well as Napa Acoustic and Mistral Audio (a David Audio Design & Manufacturing company,) are also not included in the Tube Power Amplifiers directory of the World Tube Audio Portal. Nevertheless, it’s an impressive resource for fans of tube audio equipment, as is the World Tube Directory by audioXpress.

World Tube Audio Portal – The Directory

audioXpress – World Tube Directory

Kaye Audio

Manley Laboratories

Trafomatic Audio


German Tube Amps (Weber Röhrenverstärker GmbH)

Abbingdon Music Research


Beard Audio Products

Originally an electric but given a pickup to make it an acoustic electric? Still Good?

I was thinking about buying a guitar on this one website…
I want an acoustic electric guitar and this person is selling an acoustic guitar with Piezo passive pickup for electric sounds and chrome hardware (<< by the way what is that??) .
Would this guitar still fit my wants, would the electric part last as long as a normal electric guitar would, and can i plug it into an amplifier?
…and by the way if anyone is selling an acoustic electric guitar for less than 110 buck on ebay or ksl or something please let me know! :)
Oh wow i'm just realizing i sounded dumb about guitars in the question…
Well ya, i know an acoustic electric guitar only makes the acoustic part louder i just wanted to know how a pickup that you add to your originally acoustic guitar works like.
Thanks for all the answers
and also does a pickup make it so you can switch an on or off button to play it loud without an amp sort of like a built in pre amp or does that depend on the type of pickup or what..
Does the cord you connect from your guitar to amp connect with the pickup.

Posted by Lala
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So, here's the deal. No acoustic/electric guitar is going to sound like a Strat or any other electric. What the pickup allows you to do is plug into an amp (or straight to the PA) when you need more volume. You could run some Fx but acoustic/electrics tend to hate most Fx. It's already a very full sound.

Your other option for amplifying an acoustic is to stick an SM57 mic right in front of the opening in the body. The nice thing about acoustic/electrics is that they have fewer feedback issues, you don't need to hold the guitar still for the mic, and it's just a little easier. The sound quality with the mic can be a bit better and capture more of the guitar's texture.

But, yeah. The guitar you're describing sounds like a standard acoustic/electric. They use piezoelectrics for that. And yes, it's very easy to turn an acoustic into an acoustic/electric. Just slap a pickup in. I've seen people run the wires weirdly though.

Good guitar website(s)?

I am moving from ecoustic to electric guitar. Please can anyone advise a good website that gives info and advice?

Posted by Alex
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Making the transition from acoustic to electric is much easier (in terms of technique) than doing the opposite.

The key difference is that you are no longer focussing on just the individual notes/chords you are playing, but the 'sound' you are making. The guitar itself is only a small part of the sound made when playing electric. You're about to enter the wonderful world of distortion pedals, amplifiers and speakers.

Electric guitars are to acoustics in the way that pianos are like electric organs: the mechanics of the chord shapes are the same, the strumming techniques transfer, but the actual practice of producing a useful sound is far more complex.

When it comes to buying an instrument, remember that in order to create a good sound, you need a good guitar with good electrics (don't be sold on attractive bodywork rather than substance) as well as a good combo amp (i.e. Combination amplifier and speaker).

If you spend more on the guitar than the amp, you'll find the sound is disappointing, even though it feels like what you're playing should be better. If you don't spend enough on the guitar, the instrument will let you down. You'll find the octaves go out of tune, or the tuning pegs get loose.

I've never found a decent website with this information on it, which is why I'm posting it here. If I get bored I'll put the same schpiel on my website, and link you to there :-)

Good luck!

Skyworks and Panasonic Form Joint Venture for High Performance Filter Solutions

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. , an innovator of high performance analog semiconductors enabling a broad range of end markets, today announced the creation of a joint venture with Panasonic Corporation, one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in the world, to design, develop and deliver high performance filters including surface acoustic wave and temperature compensated SAW devices.

The Byrds' Roger McGuinn is music pioneer –

The Byrds' Roger McGuinn is music pioneerSalina.comAccompanied by his famed 12-string Rickenbacker, banjo and 12-string acoustic guitar, McGuinn will play classic Byrds songs and solo material and tell stories behind the songs. It started with Elvis. Born Jim McGuinn in 1942 in Chicago, McGuinn's …and more »

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