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Acoustic/Electric guitar amplifier, pickups, etc..?

Well, i have an Epiphone acoustic/electric guitar..
I dont play live.. Just playing at home or with some friends
and i want to improve the quality of the voice when i play the guitar..

Some my questions are..
1. Can i use an acoustic/electric guitar amplifier to make my guitar sounds better? Or amplifier can only make it sound louder?
2. Should i buy an acoustic/electric guitar amplifier? Note that i want to make my guitar sounds better..
3. What does pickups do?
4. Does changing my guitar pickups can make it sound better?
5. What other things (except changing strings) that can make my guitar sounds better?


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An acoustic guitar amp/cabinet is designed specifically for an acoustic. It will give you the best sound for your acoustic. But that doesn't mean that you need that amp to get a good sound from an acoustic. Most decent electric guitar amplifiers will give you a good sound as well. You may want to use the on board preamp settings and the bass/treble/mid on the amp to tailor your sound to as close as it can get to what you are looking for. You can also try adding an EQ or an EQ pedal.
Your guitar most likely doesn't have a "pickup". Most guitars now use either piezo's or undersaddle transducers. You may get a different sound by changing that, but its expensive, and most middle of the road guitars have decent ones installed already. Consider that a last resort.
A pickup converts the movement of the string or sound of the string into electrical current.
Changing your strings will definitely make your guitar sound brighter. Personally, I like the way older strings sound on an acoustic. When playing acoustically, pretty much only the strings will give you a different sound based on the physical properties of the guitar. Plugging it in, as stated before, will give you a whole host of options to change that sound. You can try using different types of picks do get a different sound as well. But for the most part, acoustics each have their own sound based on wood and physical properties. Strings will make the biggest difference, and effects/amp will make the biggest difference plugged in.

Is there a steel stringed acoustic guitar that uses an amplifier?

I saw one of my classmates playing a steel stringed acoustic guitar(maybe…that's what I think it is) and he was able to plug it in an amplifier. If there is no such guitar, is it an electric guitar then?

I want to buy a guitar like that one.

Please answer…thank you!

Posted by katreena1995
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It's an acoustic/electric guitar. If you are a beginner here's something that might suit you well Http://…

What is an acoustic-electric guitar?

Posted by worryrock
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Hello there,

An acoustic electric guitar is a type of acoustic guitar. It has a pickup and controls added to the acoustic so you can use an amplifier to make it louder. With the guitar unplugged, it sounds just like any other acoustic guitar. The pickup is sort of a small microphone.

The acoustic electric guitar will not sound like an electric guitar. And because it has a different style pickup that what is used on an electric guitar, the acoustic electric guitar does not do distortion well.

The acoustic electric guitar is simply an acoustic guitar that you can plug into an amplifier.


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